The future of Sebastián Battaglia in Boca Juniors: behind the scenes of a key decision of the Football Council

Riquelme and the Football Council debate the continuity of Battaglia at the head of the team

In Boca there were signs that predict an end. To suspension of the press conference that Sebastián Battaglia I had to toast last night after bland draw against Godoy Cruz in the Bombonera an extraordinary meeting of directors that make up the dome of the Football Council was added. For a long time there have been no football responses in a squad that competes on three fronts and shows no signs of being able to react. The time has come to decide: support the technician at any cost or give a change of direction with another ship’s captain.

The only official voice heard so far after the weak match against tomb it was that of Javier García, a figure of the team and the key to the situation not being worse. “You never want to be the figure, we have to be self-critical and start winning at home. We know that the players are not doing well and we have to start to overcome this “, was the analysis of a goalkeeper who showed that he returned to the club not because of his close relationship with Juan Román Riquelme or the Council, but because of conditions. Every time he was called upon to replace one of the starting goalkeepers, he delivered.

Javi He tried to be politically correct when giving his opinion of Battaglia: “You (journalists) put the criticism, we do not question what the DT does (…) We are the players who have to be self-critical, the criticism of Battaglia you put them, who have a lot of opinions. We don’t have an opinion inside Battaglia’s locker room”. The reality is that from the CDF They are not at all satisfied with the latest performances by Boca and the questions are for the players, but also for the coaching staff.

There is a soccer axiom that says that when the leaders come out publicly to support the coach, it is because he is on the tightrope: yesterday Bermúdez banked Battaglia in an interview (Fotobaires)
There is a soccer axiom that says that when the leaders come out publicly to support the coach, it is because he is on the tightrope: yesterday Bermúdez banked Battaglia in an interview (Fotobaires)

Already in the skin of a fan, García assured that he did not listen to the murmurs that supposedly came down yesterday from the stands of the Alberto J. Armando, but there were, there were. The Boca fanatic adopted Battaglia as an untouchable figure regardless of the results. Few would dare to ask for his head and even for much less other technicians have been destroyed on social networks. The badge of being the footballer with the most titles in Boca gives him back, although not immunity. For several games, the Boca World has questioned Sheba team building, decisions and operation. The obligation of fidelity towards the idol does not generate blindness.

Prior to the match against Godoy Cruz, Jorge Bermudez talked with ESPNclarified that the Council has a daily dialogue with Battaglia, gave an account of the effort made by his coaching staff on a weekly basis, highlighted that there is a constant debate over Boca’s football proposal and used concepts such as “The results are going to come.” The numbers indicate that Xeneize He has nothing to spare on any of the fronts. Waiting for a date and venue for the match against Ferro for the 16th final of the Argentine Cup, Boca was left in the abyss of Zone B of the League Cup (it will have to visit Central Córdoba in Santiago del Estero, receive Barracas Central and close in victory with the exalted Tigre) and develops in the Libertadores in a group of total parity, being its next decisive commitment the Corinthians in San Pablo.

Battaglia chose to suspend last night's conference to think cold
Battaglia chose to suspend last night’s conference to think cold

And if the good results do not come? The central debate of the Council is to support Battaglia as the Patron stated in the last few hours or to give a change of direction in time to go in search of the sporting objectives set, something similar to what happened with the Uruguayan national teamwhich went from being almost out of Qatar 2022 to being classified directly after the dismissal of the Teacher Tabárez and the assumption of Diego Alonso. Boca, in the coming weeks, will define its classification to the final phase of the League Cup and the eighth of the Libertadores. If the DT continues, the hypothetical setbacks of the team could give the CDF the excuse to promote his departure; If the DT is fired now, the new one will have the responsibility of directing everything as soon as possible under the pressures of the case.

As he was able to find out Infobae, there are representatives who have already begun to sound out the names of alleged substitutes for Battaglia. Without the endorsement of the Council, but with arrival at it. The Cacique Alexander Medina, who has just left Inter de Porto Alegre, is one of them. The alternative of promoting the Reserve duo Hugo Ibarra-Mauricio Serna sounds like kicking the problem forward.

Today the Boca squad is summoned to train in Ezeiza starting at 4:00 p.m. (tomorrow the contingent will travel to Santiago del Estero after noon to concentrate thinking about Saturday’s duel against Central Córdoba for Date 12 of the League Cup) . Vibrations have been recorded on the property for several hours and are not the steamrolling machines that move the courts where the inferiors train, simulating being the Bombonera but the cell phones in the offices do not stop ringing around the continuity of Battaglia.


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