The former head of the Barrabrava de Estudiantes Omar “Hache” Alonso died

Former head of the Student Bar Omar “Hache” Alonso passed away in the last hours due to an illness that had afflicted him for several weeks and for which he was hospitalized in a serious state of health. His family confirmed the sad news, after a serious worsening of the medical condition that he suffered.

His relatives had confirmed weeks ago that Hache suffered from an intestinal infection, against which he had been fighting for several weeks. In the last hours this condition worsened and, despite the efforts of the doctors, nothing could be done to avoid the fateful outcome.

The well-known red-and-white ex-barrabrava was admitted to the Rossi hospital. His condition had worsened in recent days, also affecting his kidneys. El Hache underwent surgery, but the surgery did not turn out as expected, so the medical team in charge of him decided to induce a pharmacological coma, hoping that his body could fight the infection and his evolution was finally favourable. Unfortunately, his clinical picture did not improve.


Omar held the pinnacle of power in the Student Tribune through blood and fire during the two long periods between 1993 and 1995 and from 2000 to 2004. In both cases he lost control of the Pincha barrabrava after being arrested and ending up in jail. . In his file there are numerous criminal records, but the most serious is that of the murder of a taxi driver in 1995, in the midst of a fierce inmate of the bar: charles benini was wounded in the middle of a shootout between Alonso and Paul Meadow, who used the victim as a human shield and managed to escape, although years later he died in another violent confrontation with the police. Hache was detained for more than a decade in the Olmos prison for the homicide of the driver.

During his years at the head of that group he confronted and allied himself, depending on the moment, with the historic Paul CabreraBrothers Tobar and with Adrian “the Cat” Partner, to continue having interference in the bar. They gave life to the group of the loyalwho waged a war with the so-called Tunnel Gangled by a former police Fabian Giannotawhich had the city in suspense for many years and left a trail of corpses until Los Leales prevailed.


The renowned former barrabrava had just lost his 29-year-old son, Gonzalo “Pipi” Alonsovery recently. The young man was murdered on Sunday, November 14, 2021, when a group of unknown persons attacked him with gunfire from a car on 143 between 78 and 79, just in front of the property of the former Glider Club that was usurped and became the mega-take of largest active land in the entire province of Buenos Aires.

Close friends of the young man believe that “they made him a bed” and assure that he arrived at the scene of the event that fateful day because someone asked him for help to “recover” a piece of land or to “run a container.”

The alleged murderers were recorded by a security camera from the Operations and Monitoring Center (COM) of the Municipality, which made available the images that were key to being able to find the suspects. According to official sources, the occupants of a black Volkswagen Gol Trend and a Ford Escort would have parked at 143 and 78, in front of a house, and shot at Alonso and then fled until they were recorded fleeing at the intersection of 143 and 66.

“They were moving along 143, descending. Ten minutes later, they were seen at 143 and 44 in the direction of 38th Avenue, where they were lost from sight,” spokesmen for the investigation explained at the time.

In the midst of the investigation, the young man’s family wrote a letter asking for justice:

“Pipi is the kid who, despite all the things he experienced as a boy, was a kid with a big heart above all things. A big fan of Estudiantes. Helping each person, each boy and each family. That’s Pipi.

When we were flooded -in 2013- he was one of those who put on the shirt. He went out to help each neighbor in the pandemic, he made dining rooms so that each family has a plate of food.

Great person who helped the La Plata Quinta club with shirts and boots. Super loved by adults and children. A kid who was never in prison, never had any complaints. A super hardworking person.

Today, that kid was murdered, leaving his wife and two daughters alone. The whole neighborhood cries for you, we will never forget you, Pipi Alonso.”

Investigators believe that the crime would be linked to the possession of a piece of land or a box somewhere in the 150 hectares that make up the mega-take that began more than 20 months ago and in which more than 3,000 families live.