the food that helps reduce levels naturally

There are different types of sugars: Sucrose, also known as table sugar, which combines glucose and fructose, can be extracted from sugar cane or is also found in most fruits and vegetables. Glucose and fructose are also present in this group of foods and in honey.

Other sugars are lactose, or called milk sugar, since it is contained in milk and its derivatives, and maltose, present in malt beverages and beer.

There are several types of sugars: sucrose, also known as table sugar, which combines glucose and fructose. – Photo: kitchen week

The body receives and processes all these types of sugars, which are used for different tasks in the body. In fact, blood sugar, or glucose, is the body’s main source of energy.

Although it is an essential compound for various processes within the human being, unbalanced blood sugar levels can lead to serious health consequences, such as diabetes. Therefore, it is important to maintain adequate glucose levels.

Among the recommendations of the experts, having an adequate diet, which meets the required amount of sugar recommended for each person according to their health condition and that is rich in nutrients, is one of the most important.

What are the appropriate blood sugar levels?

According to the portal on health healthline, People, especially those with diabetes, need to pay attention to their glucose levels. Also, they explain, a healthy range is between 90 and 130 milligrams per deciliter before eating. After normal food intake, these levels should not exceed 180 milligrams per deciliter.

Some factors that can unbalance glucose are heavy meals, lack of exercise, poor treatment of diabetes and other emotional conditions, such as stress. Likewise, among the consequences of this unevenness are heart disease, dehydration, skin infections, neuropathy and other joint problems.

Benefits of Celery to Lower Glucose Levels

Before knowing the benefits of celery to regulate blood sugar levels, it is crucial to remember that only doctors can indicate a treatment for the underlying conditions that generate this imbalance in the body. In this sense, the suggestions of natural options should only be complementary to the indications of professionals and in no way replace them.

According to research published in the Saudi Medical Journal, referenced by the media earth, Celery is one of the foods that are characterized by having properties that can be beneficial for controlling blood sugar levels. The findings of this work showed that the intake of this vegetable could reduce glucose values ​​in the body by up to 20%.

These results were obtained from an experiment with elderly prediabetics, on whom the effect of celery leaf extract on their blood glucose was studied.

One group consumed this extract in capsule form, while the other group served as a control, treated with placebo. The first group showed about a 20% reduction in blood sugar levels. Based on these results, experts from the team at Syiah Kuala University Faculty of Medicine who conducted the study point out that a regular intake of celery can bring about the same benefits.

It should be noted that celery is a vegetable that helps to regulate the diet and provide nutrients to the body, mainly because its composition is rich in water (approximately 90%), in turn it contains a low caloric component.