The expulsion of a youth from Lanús Mateo Sanabria for groping a Vélez player who warned the VAR

At least it could be described as a strange and curious situation. These kinds of actions don’t usually happen. But in the meeting between Lanus Y Velezwhich ended tied 2-2, one of the footballers from the garnet club saw the red card because the VAR He warned that the methods he used to try to take the ball from the rival were far from being the most appropriate.

At 18 minutes into the second half, on one of the sides of the playing field, the defender from Vélez, Francis Ortegaprotected the ball from Matthew Sanabria who put pressure on him to try to keep the ball. However, in that action, the footballer from Lanús began to touch his private parts in the struggle, perhaps seeking to make him react. The Fortín player got angry and wanted to take revenge on the young garnet, but was restrained by his teammates.

In the first instance, the referee charged a foul, but did not know what had really happened. He received the call from the VAR to analyze the action on the monitor and, seeing the incident, decided to expel Sanabria. In the reiterations you can see how the local team player, when he was trying to dispute the ball in the touch, grabbed Ortega’s testicles from behind. The referee charged the foul due to the reaction of the Vélez player who turned around and pushed the Lanús player.

Sanabria’s teammates complained to the referee who admonished Lautaro Acosta in that commotion, but the one who was most angry about the situation was the interim coach of Lanús, Rodrigo Acosta, brother of Laucha, who has been directing the Reserve for six years. His anger caused him to also receive the red card. It should be remembered that the leadership closed the arrival of Frank Kudelka as technical director.

The situation was reminiscent of an episode that involved Juan Román Riquelme twenty years ago, when he was expelled for hitting the Banfield player, Fabián Santa Cruz, who groped him in a match played on the Drill court. In that action, who today is vice president of Boca, reacted with a tremendous blow on the face of his rival and for that reaction the soccer player of the xeneize entity was expelled.

No differences were found

Lanús and Vélez drew 2-2 last night, at the Néstor Díaz Pérez stadium, for the ninth date of the Professional Football League, which left both of them in debt due to the opaque campaigns they have been dragging on. Maximum Perrone opened the account for the whole of Liniers and Leonardo Jara added the second; while, Lautaro Acosta Y Franco Ortellado they scored for the garnet.

In the run-up to the match, in Lanús it was finally confirmed that the new technical director Frank Darío Kudelka will assume leadership of the team from next Monday, so Rodrigo Acosta, for the first time directed his brother Lautaro, and will do so again in the commitment with Gimnasia, in La Plata, next Sunday.

Once the game started, little by little, Vélez settled into the field and began to predominate in the development through the very good work of midfielders Julián Fernández and Máximo Perrone. The latter, precisely, was in charge of marking the opening after his partner sent a cross from the right, to connect with his left foot when entering from the left to overcome the resistance of Fernando Monetti, at 38 minutes. Precisely, the local goalkeeper offered a couple of saving interventions by disrupting a couple of dangerous charges by Abiel Osorio, which permanently complicated the defense of Lanús.

Lanús came out with another energy in the second half and thus reached the tie. After a good collective combination, Julián Aude sent a cross from the left that Acosta headed in and left Lucas Hoyos without options.

Despite being left with one player less due to Sanabria’s expulsion, the local team did not falter in their actions and the show continued to be more entertaining and emotional, with both teams preparing to go for victory with great intensity. Vélez returned to the front with a powerful shot from Jara, from 25 meters, to the left of Monetti, 25 minutes into the second half.

To all this, striker Brian Blando entered Lanús, from Agropecuario Argentino, from the First National, replacing the historic scorer “Pepe’ Sand, who was heard exclaiming, annoyed by the exit, “this is a lack of respect” . In any case, the homeowner did not stay and that is why he reached equality when a free kick executed by Samuel Careaga was connected by defender Ortellado to beat Hoyos and mark his first goal in the first division.

They could not take advantage, so Lanús added 8 games without winning, including the two round of 16 of the Copa Sudamericana and the 16th final of the Copa Argentina -eliminated in both competitions-, and Vélez, in the same line, has 5 without prevailing, including the tie with River for Copa Libertadores.