The exclusive restaurant where you end up dancing on the tables

If you are looking for something completely different from dining at a grill, of which there are many in Buenos Aires, there is a hidden restaurant in the Hipodromo de Buenos Aires that offers something totally different.

Dinner takes place quietly in the Bagatelle main hall until suddenly the lights dim, the music turns up, and two young men in their early twenties walk into the room, one on the other’s shoulders with a bottle of champagne in one hand and a sparkler in the other. With the passing of the night, this will be repeated several times: it is the forced ritual for the tables that ask for a french champagneno subtleties for those willing to shell out between $15,900 for a Mumm Cordon Rouge and $74,000 for a Dom Pérignon Luminous Label).

The tables that spend the most will have a special recognition, with waiters and waitresses who will enter in disguise ready to honor the diners. Meanwhile, until 11 p.m. illumination in the living room will be dim but will reveal the dishes, the music will allow conversation and overall climate It will be pleasant as you would expect from a good restaurant.

Bagatelle is an exclusive place with a lot of personality

After that time, the night gets hot, the DJ raises the volume and the party is set. First there is a certain shyness in the atmosphere, people begin to get up from their tables, grab the glass and shyly set the rhythm of the music. But the restraint is short-lived, as soon as the most daring begin to dance, the entire room stops and the night begins.

The funny thing is how the youngsters join the celebration and while they serve drinks and take selfies with the diners too join the dance that is not limited to the corridors of the room but extends to the chairs and, in some cases, to the tables. The dress code It is informal but you can see some sequins, long dresses and high heels, it is definitely not a place to go in flip flops or worn sneakers, the disapproving looks can be lethal.

EN Bagatelle

Bagatelle was born in New York from an idea that two Frenchmen had

Bagatelle’s story

Bagatelle was born in New York Led by two Frenchmen, the success was immediate and they opened new stores in Los Cabos, Saint Tropéz, London, St. Barths, Tulum, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Dubai and Bahrain, among others. cities that are characterized by their nightlife.

In Buenos Aires, the restaurant is located in the Hipodromo de Buenos Aires, half hidden and away from the prying eyes of anyone who does not know that things happen there. Its public is varied, from politicians and businessmen to athletes and young people, who are just scratching 30 and want to spend a different night. Without Rio de Janeiro carnival but with some costumes (Slash, Wonder Woman and Napoleon bite en pointe), bagatelle proposes an evening that at times resembles a kind of venetian carnival (there are some masks going around) and that can extend until the early hours.

Bagatelle's menu

Bagatelle’s menu is designed by chef Julián Del Pino

How is the Bagatelle menu

In addition to French and national wines, champagnes and sparkling wines and a good bar with signature drinks, La Bagatelle has a menu designed by the chef Julian del Pino.

The Mediterranean-inspired dishesThey are looking for that mix of local products with a French touch and the result lives up to the proposal. One of the most popular is the classic truffle pizza, characteristic of Bagatelle in the world; there is also a tuna tartar with guacamole, jalapeño vinaigrette and sweet potato chips, and some sautéed prawns with kiwi and pineapple tartar, watermelon soup and vodka.

Among the main dishes, the braised roast with mushrooms and baby potatoes and the lamb in cooking juices with buffalo cheese gnocchi stand out but are closely followed by the seafood risotto and the grilled salmon with hummus, Greek salad and spiced yogurt. . For him dessert The frozen nougatine with Belgian chocolate soup and Cointreau or the caramelized peaches with thyme cream prevail.


Bagatelle has many Mediterranean-inspired dishes

All the details are taken care of in Bagatelle, cocktails are served in a delicate glassware from Natchmann, Spiegelau and Chef&Sommelier; the paintings in the room were selected by the muralist Alfredo Segatori, are renewed every six months and are for sale.

The music is in charge of recognized Resident DJs like Pico Bussoli, Agustín Chesko and Choppe Dávila. On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 8:30 p.m. they play lounge music to then go on to Deep, Afro and Organic House, and culminate the night “upstairs” with classic remixes and current House and Electro Pop hits.