The Don’t Heat Insurance Is Hiring for Fortnite’s Summer Don’t Heat!

Summer is the time to break a sweat having fun… and working hard. Fortunately, Don’t Warm Up is here to help! Dive into the Summer Doesn’t Heat — 10 am (BRT) July 21 to 10 am (BRT) August 9, 2022 — and enjoy Special Tasks, temperature-boosting rewards, Neighborhood rebuilding, and more. The Não Esquenta street team welcomes you with open arms!

Summer Tasks Don’t Heat

As part of the Don’t Heat Street team, you’ll be responsible for the Don’t Heat Sponsorship Tasks, the Don’t Heat Up Propaganda Tasks and a third type there… we’ll explain later.

Don’t Heat Sponsorship Tasks

They will be available gradually between the 21st and 23rd of July.

You’ll need to break a sweat to show that you deserve to be a part of Don’t Heat. In the Don’t Heat Sponsorship Tasks you’ll have to carry Don’t Heat signs and… well, physical chores, that’s all you will have to do. You will also need to go through the boat race circuit and do another person dance to the beat of the music. That’s how it’s done at Não Esquenta!

Don’t Heat Sponsorship Task Rewards:

Don’t Warm Up Propaganda Tasks

They will be available gradually between the 24th and 27th of July

Once all the Don’t Heat Sponsorship Tasks have been unlocked, it’s time for the Don’t Warm Up Propaganda Tasks! You thought marketing was done from an office desk, didn’t you?! Wrong! It is on the streets that real propaganda is made. In these Tasks, you you will need to dance to the beat of the music (you can’t leave EVERYTHING in the hands of others). Insist on door-to-door sales, do boat maneuvers and “hand out” sweets as a gift. For legal reasons, Não Esquenta chose to purchase the sweets from elsewhere. Thank you for understanding.

Don’t Heat Propaganda Task Rewards:

Product Recall Tasks Don’t Heat Up

They will be available gradually between July 28 and August 3.

We don’t want to have to say that this is inevitable, but…

Product Recall Task Rewards Don’t Heat:

Standard, Meowsculitan, Fishy Flurry and Flurry Styles from the Seu Amigoinho Sorvetinho Back Accessory and Nem Suei Lobby Music.

Lucky for you, good performance doesn’t go unnoticed at Não Esquenta. Completing three Don’t Heat Tasks unlocks the Banana Sorbet Style of the Back Accessory Seu Amigo Sorvetinho. Completing seven Tasks unlocks the Hang glider Parasol of Don’t Warm Up. Completing 14 Tasks unlocks the Hot Rotation Gesture for you to do some tricks with plates!

Fortnite No Sweat Summer Completing Quest Rewards

All Summer Don’t Heat Assignments will be available until 10:00am PDT on August 9th.

Tasks Rebuild the Neighborhood

PT BR 21BR Block 2 0 SocialAnnouncement Social

Não Esquenta is known for working in the insurance business, but it also helps in the reconstruction of Torres Tortas. Leading the work on Bairro 2.0, the insurance company will reward players who contribute! complete the Tasks Rebuild the Neighborhood to get rewards including EXP, a Smoke Trail, a Pickaxe and a Back Attachment. The Assignments, which will be available from 10:00 am (BRT) on July 21st to 10:00 am (BRT) on August 9th, will be divided into three categories:

  • Donate Bars to vote on Neighborhood construction projects.

  • Survive Phases of the Storm during the Rebuild the Neighborhood Event. (Event runs from 10:00am PDT on July 21st to 10:00am PDT on August 9th)

  • Eliminate opponents during the Rebuild the Neighborhood event.

Who created the construction projects that will receive your votes? From 10 am (BRT) on July 21st to 4 pm (BRT) on July 27th, voting will be open to decide the design for “Restaurant”:

  • Project ninjah_dj (Island Code: 1932-4990-0032)

  • Project Xdark (Island Code: 3538-4323-0965)

  • Project Benmac (Island Code: 5043-6143-9582)

From 4pm (BRT) on July 27th to 2am (BRT) on August 3rd, voting will be open to decide the design for “Apartment”:

  • Project charlee brown (Island Code: 1434-9352-4208)

  • Project Destruction (Island Code: 2865-2667-0486)

  • Project ashurrii (Island Code: 6081-7966-2506)

Finally, from 2am (BRT) on August 3rd until 10am (BRT) on August 9th, voting will be open to decide the project for “Store”:

  • Project Mrstruelegen (Island Code: 0740-3787-7849)

  • Project Justafrog (Island Code: 1997-0531-3795)

  • Project 0ricent (Island Code: 6614-7150-2309)

Completing 3 stages of the Rebuild the Neighborhood Task will unlock the Phytaplankton Smoke Trail. Completing 7 stages will unlock the Picartroska pickaxe. Completing 12 stages will unlock the Accessory for the Ouro-Boris Back.

Fortnite Rebuild the Block Quest Rewards

To learn more about the Bairro 2.0 vote and see images of all the projects, take a look at the recent blog post about the Bairro 2.0 vote. Observation: Slash Vote winners will appear in Tortas Towers starting with patch v.21.40.

Fortnite Club Rewards

Have your taste buds been confused by so much flavor available for Your Little Ice Cream Friend? Then taste one more flavor! Fortnite Club members will automatically receive the Gelato hug style of the Back Attachment during the Summer Don’t Heat (in addition to the standard Style).

Fortnite Cuddle Cerise Style

Standard Styles and Gelato Hug from the Back Accessory Your Little Friend Ice Cream.

Summer Islands Don’t Warm Up

Fortnite No Sweat Summer Callout

Working for Não Esquenta is an adventure just like a summer vacation, so why not take a break from your vacation? From 10 am (BRT) on July 21st to 10 am (BRT) on August 9th, the Summer Doesn’t Heat will be available on the Discover page, highlighting Select Islands from the Summer Open Invitation Don’t Heat Up. Thinking about “not getting hot”, these islands made by creators are all about relaxation and enjoyment in the summer mood. Have a good time in between battles on the Island!

New Summer Costumes

Fortnite Riptide Raz, Medley, Slayer Charlotte, and Undercover Kor

Is summer the time to watch the sunset, surf, swim and… kill demons? Get in the summer mood with new Outfits, debuting in Summer Don’t Heat, including Charlotte — Reaper, Kor — Undercover, Raz — Countercurrentthe professional swimmer Medley and more! Kor — Departed and Raz — Riptide are part of the Wharf Warriors Pack, which will be released at 21:00 (BRT) on the 21st of July and features another new Outfit. Keep an eye out too, because there are summer hits coming back!

PT BR 21BR NSS Social Keyart

In the mood for fun, the Sanctuary became the main point for beach parties during the Summer Don’t Heat. Take your squad to Sanctuary when you’re off duty at Don’t Heat!