The death of Freddy Rincón: the video that would prove that it was he who was driving at the time of his tragic accident

In the early hours of Monday, April 11, 2022, the former Colombian soccer player Freddy Rincon He suffered a shocking accident that left him in a desperate state of health and that led to his death three days later. Once the author of the most important goal in the history of his country was dismissed with all honors, all the questions about that night with a fatal destiny came to light, above which one was placed: Who was driving the wrecked vehicle at the time of the tragic crash?

While witnesses claimed that it was Rincón who was driving, his family firmly supported the hypothesis that the former soccer player was as a companion. A video that appeared in the last few hours shows a sequence in which he is seen leaving a bar and getting into the truck that would take him to death on the driver’s side. minutes before what happened, which would confirm the version of the Prosecutor’s Office.

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Prosecutor says that Freddy Rincón was driving the van in which he had an accident

The Attorney General of Colombia, Francis Barbosa, He assured last Wednesday that former soccer player Freddy Rincón was driving the car in which he suffered a traffic accident on Monday of last week that caused his death two days later in a clinic in Cali.

“The vehicle in which Freddy Rincón was transported was driven by him. This conclusion was reached supported by (what was said by) the Forensic Legal Medicine, in the technical studies and corroborated with the witnesses who were inside the vehicle and the cameras in the area, ”said Barbosa in a statement in Medellín.

The truck in which the former player of the Colombian team was mobilized crashed early Monday morning last week against a public service bus near the Pascual Guerrero stadium in Cali, capital of the department of Valle del Cauca.

Rincón, 55 years old, was admitted to the Imbanaco Clinic for a severe head trauma for which he underwent surgery that lasted two hours and 45 minutes, after which he worsened until he died.

The questions asked by the National Prosecutor’s Office about the Freddy Rincón accident

Who was driving? Was Rincón at the wheel or was he moved? Who were the women in the truck? Why did a man run away from the place? Who and why threatened a witness who recorded images after the accident at the scene?

Of these issues, the first that is sought to be reliably determined is if, as is believed, it was Freddy Rincón who was driving the damaged truck at the time of the accident. It happens that a version that is taken into account indicates that the first witnesses who arrived at the scene saw Rincón’s body in the passenger seat, for which it is being investigated whether he was moved.

It should be remembered that the security cameras of the municipality of Cali recorded the moment of the impact of Freddy Rincón’s truck against an urban bus after violating the red light of the traffic light at an intersection near the Pascual Guerrero stadium, at 4:30 in the morning. on Monday, April 11. The initial report from the ambulance company that took Rincón out of the cab of the 2015 model truck indicated that he took him out from the passenger side.

Video is key in the investigation into the death of Freddy Rincón (El Tiempo newspaper).

For Sebastián Rincón, son of the former Colombian soccer player, it was not his father who drove

“My dad was not driving, he leaves me very calm in the face of false accusations. May the driver come clean, may God do justice and may the Prosecutor’s Office do its job.” said Sebastián Rincón, a Barracas Central player, as he left the Legal Medicine headquarters in Cali on Thursday of last week.

Freddy Rincón with his sons Fredy Steven Rincón (right) and Sebastián Rincón (left).

What did Freddy Rincón do before the accident?

According to the version of Diana Lorraine Cortes (40), One of the women who was in the truck at the time of the tragedy, the former player of the Colombian National Team and other friends met to watch a soccer game, and then went to dance. Around 11:30 at night, Rincón and seven other people went to a dance hall.

The last photo of Freddy Rincón before his fatal accident, at a private party

The last photo of Freddy Rincón before the fatal accident (@elpaiscali).
The last photo of Freddy Rincón before the fatal accident (@elpaiscali).

Who were the women who were with Freddy Rincón at the time of the accident

The identities of both were confirmed as Lorena Cortésm, 40 years old, and who had known Freddy Rincón for a long time. The other, a young woman named María Manuela Patiño, 20, met Freddy Rincón at the bar where the former soccer player arrived with his friends and agreed to leave in his vehicle shortly after.

The man who would have escaped

Justice investigates a video sequence in which at least one man would be seen getting out of the wrecked truck who would be the one who threatened a passer-by who arrived at the scene minutes after the accident and began to record images, which caused that a male -who would be the person you are looking for- pounced on him and yelled: “Don’t go recording because I’ll take your cell phone, I’ll take it from you (…) Come on, come on, you’re not going to move”, It is heard in the fractions of a second that were recorded while the man pounced on the citizen and was recorded on video.

A serious legal scene

If there were people who fled the place, as the Justice tries to determine, they could be guilty of manslaughter or, at least, abandonment of person.

The National Prosecutor’s Office works on the following key points of the investigation

  • Who was in the driver’s seat at the time of Freddy Rincón’s accident.
  • The body of Freddy Rincón, still alive but unconscious, could have been moved from the driver’s seat to the passenger’s seat.
  • In the first instance it was indicated that Rincón was traveling with two women at the time of the accident, but testimonies and videos that appeared in the last hours would confirm that among the companions there would be at least one more male person who fled.
  • The identity of the women on board: Lorena Cortés (40 years old) and María Manuela Patiño (20 years old). What relationship did they have with Rincón and in what context were they with him.
  • One of the men whose identity is being discovered pounced on a passer-by who recorded the aftermath of the accident and threatened to take away his phone if he continued to take pictures.

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