The “curse” that the Argentine National Team will seek to break in Qatar 2022

From the 1962 World Cup in Chile, through Spain 1982 and continuing with Korea-Japan 2022. We all arrived with the nickname of candidate, but we left prematurely in the group stage.

With the winning of the Copa América 2021 at the hands of Leo Messithe Argentine National Team managed to lift a title after 28 years, but well as he said Lionel Scalloni “The World Cup is something else.” In fact, the national team does not reach Qatar 2022 only with the cross of not climbing to the top of the soccer world since 1986, but also must face a peculiar damn with years ending in 2. is that since Chile 1962going by Spain 1982 and following with Korea-Japan 2002, the selected He arrived as the candidate and ended up leaving prematurely in the group stage.

In Chile with the “Toto” Juan Carlos Lorenzo as a coach and in the first World Cup on Asian soil with Marcelo Bielsathe national representative was eliminated in the first round, while in Spain, with Cesar Luis Menotti, it was left out in the second group stage, according to the format of the World Cups at the time.

It should be noted that the albiceleste team arrived at the World Cups in Chile and Korea-Japan after qualifying first in the South American Qualifiers, while Spain did so no less than in its capacity as world champion in Argentina 1978.

The “curse” of the years ending in 2 that the Argentine National Team will seek to break in Qatar 2022

Chile 1962: from almost organizing it to the Argentine National Team being “the worst team” that Rattin was part of

in 1962 Argentina was about to be the organizer of that World Cup, which had to return to America after two successive editions in Europe (Switzerland 1954 and Sweden 1958), but ended up losing heads-up with Chili during a vote held in a FIFA congress by 32 to 10, two raised phrases being vital as a closing of the presentations of the representatives of both countries.

The then president of AFA, Raul Colombosentenced: “We can hold the World Cup tomorrow. We have everything”, while Charles Dittbornhead of the Chilean Federation and simultaneously also of the South American Football Confederation (CSF), expressed: “Because we have nothing, we will do everything.”

This last statement and a lengthy presentation made in three languages: English, French and Spanish, was more convincing for the congressmen gathered in the Finnish city of Helsinki than in Colombo. So, Chile became the second South American country in housing the then called Jules Rimet Cupafter Uruguay in the first edition of 1930.

Argentina, due to its performance in the eliminatory phase and its quasi locality, appeared as a candidate among 16 participants to fight for the title. It was endorsed by soccer figures of the time such as the xeneizes Antonio Roma, Ubaldo Rattin and Silvio Marzolini; the racinguistas Federico Sacchi, Ruben Sosa and Raul Belenthe riverplatenses Martin Pando and Jose Ramos Delgado or the saint lorencists Jose Francisco Sanfilippo and Hector Facundo.

However, the performance was so disappointing that in the face of failure, Rattín himself, very confused, stated that this team had been “the worst team” that he had integrated. The champion was Brazil, Argentina was third out of four members of Group D below Hungary (they tied goalless) and England (lost 3-1) and just above Bulgaria (they beat them 1-0).

Argentina Chile 1962

Spain 1982, the base of the Argentine National Team of ’78 plus Maradona and Ramón Díaz

What happened in Iberian lands had an even stronger start, because the The Argentine national team not only arrived as world champion, but was also reinforced by none other than Diego Maradona and Ramón Díaz.since Menotti had managed to keep the 1978 base, with Mario Kempes and Daniel Passarella like banners.

It should be noted that Argentina fell into Group C, the same one that will now contain it in Qatar. At that time, the national team began with a defeat against a Belgium exaggeratedly highlighted by Menotti and ended up qualifying second to the next group stage behind her and above Hungary and El Salvador, beating both.

However, in the next round the selected team was in a triangular zone with Italy (future champion) and Brazil, ended up losing with both and their aspiration to reach the semifinals was cut short, as well as Menotti’s cycle at the head of the national representative. The Bilardo Era was coming.

Maradona Spain 1982

Korea-Japan 2022, the Argentine National Team was sweeping, but the result was the same

On Asian soil, everything made us think with certain foundations in the recovery of the ecumenical title after a sweeping South American Qualifiers that ended up qualifying the Argentine team three dates before of its end and some very good performances against leading European teams in preparatory friendlies.

The draw gave Argentina Group F, where they debuted with a 1-0 win over Nigeria, and then lost by the same scoreline to England and tied 1-1 with Sweden, which ended up condemning them to third place behind both European teams. and plunging it into a frustration that, due to its unexpectedness, ended up shaking the foundations of the entire Argentine soccer, although the president of AFA, Julio Grondona, decided to renew Bielsa’s contract and with that he mitigated some collateral damage.

The fatigue caused by a previous World Cup with excessive physical demands on players who came from an intense and exhausting European season What Juan Sebastián Verón, Claudio Caniggia, Gabriel Batistuta, Diego Simeone or Hernán Crespo, was the argument put forward to justify such a setback.

That was the last feeling of great frustration suffered in a World Cup played in a year that ended in 2. In the first of those named there were 16 participants, in the second 24 and in East Asia there were 32, the same amount that there will now be in Qatar, another country on that same continent that will host a World Cup for the second time.

Argentina Korea and Japan 2002

The Argentine National Team, Qatar 2022 and the “curse” of the years ending in 2 that it will seek to break

The Argentine National Team arrives in Qatar as one of the favorites after winning the Copa América last year and the Finalissima against the European champion, Italy, with the captain Leo Messi like flag and coach Lionel Scalloni like the sober and wise driver that nobody imagined he could be two years ago.

Those attributes of the coach endorsed by his managers when it comes to turning off the lights of any a priori triumphalist speech, make the renewed hopes of fighting for another World Cup title travel along paths of solid foundations, in pursuit of leaving behind and breaking with that abstract and elusive curse of the World Cup years ending in number 2, like this one that is taking place today.

Argentine champion

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