The Colombian soccer player who could leave Ecuador without its quota to Qatar 2022

The Colombian right-back, Byron Castillo, could leave Ecuador without a quota for Qatar 2022 / (Instagram: byron4590)

Of the September 2, 2021 to the March 29, 2022the Argentine coach Gustavo Alfaro summoned and lined up the right back Byron CastilloColombian soccer player by birth, who at 26 years old has problems at the Ecuadorian Football Federation (FEF), with a view to their participation in the World Cup in which they will face Taste, Netherlands Y Senegal.

Although the South American qualifier on the way to Qatar 2022 ended about a month ago after a long judgment carried out on Ecuadorian soil, justice was able to verify that defender Byron Javier Castillo Segura does not have his information correctly registered in the Conmebol and Fifa databasesand that Both the date and place of birth that the FEF has in its possession do not correspond to reality.

As recorded by the portal specialized in soccer sports transfers Transfermarkt, the current Barcelona player from Guayaquil would have been born on November 10, 1998 in Playasmunicipality known as General Villamilin Ecuador and his middle name would be David:

Byron Castillo, right back for Barcelona de Guayaquil and international with the Ecuadorian national team / (
Byron Castillo, right back for Barcelona de Guayaquil and international with the Ecuadorian national team / (

Nevertheless, This information was denied on the morning of this Tuesday, April 26, by the sports journalist from Caracol Radio Sebastián Bejaranowho published the soccer player’s civil registry of birth, in which it is clarified that his real name is Byron Javier Castillo Segura and that he was really born July 25, 1995 in TumacoNarino:

A trial has just ended in Ecuador, where evidence has been shown that the player Byron Castillo, who was summoned on several qualifying dates by Gustavo Alfaro, is Colombian. He himself was born in Tumaco, Nariño. He currently plays for Barcelona

It was said that the player was born in General Villamil (Ecuador). In the Federation there is no record that this is the case and there are irregularities in the registration of the player. All this verified with his birth certificate.

Civil registration of birth of the player Byron Castillo, Colombian by birth summoned with Ecuador by Gustavo Alfaro in the South American qualifiers on the way to Qatar 2022 / (Twitter: @sebabejag)
Civil registration of birth of the player Byron Castillo, Colombian by birth summoned with Ecuador by Gustavo Alfaro in the South American qualifiers on the way to Qatar 2022 / (Twitter: @sebabejag)

Thus, there are several versions that exist around a possible improper alignment of the footballer, as stipulated by Fifa in its regulations.

This issue will begin to be the subject of investigation by Conmebol lawyers, members attached to Fifa and even the TAS (Sports Arbitration Court) to determine whether or not the soccer player is a nationalized Ecuadorian, taking into account that Castillo Segura was playing in the next eight games of the Conmebol qualifiers:

Paraguay (headline the 90 minutes in Quito, on September 2, 2021).

Chili (substitute, entered at minute 57 in Quito, on September 5, 2021).

Uruguay (headline the 90 minutes in Montevideo, on September 9, 2021).

bolivia (He started for 49 minutes in Guayaquil, on October 7, 2021. He retired injured).

Venezuela (headline the 90 minutes in Quito, on November 11, 2021).

Chili (headline the 90 minutes in Santiago, on November 16, 2021).

Paraguay (headline the 90 minutes in Ciudad del Este, on March 24, 2022).

Argentina (headline for 82 minutes in Guayaquil, on March 29, 2022).

That’s the way it is, Castillo accumulated a total of 614 minutes played in the Conmebol qualifiers wearing the tricolor jersey of Ecuador, and if Conmebol determined that the team made an error sanctionable with points in the qualifying standings, the team led by Gustavo Alfaro would become last in the standings with only 12 accumulated units.

This is how the final table would look if Ecuador was deducted the points from the matches in which the Colombian played:

1. Brazil45 points.

2. Argentina41 points.

3. Uruguay28 points.

4. Chili24 points.

5. Peru24 points (playoff).

6. Colombia, 23 points.

7. Paraguay, 19 points.

8. Bolivia, 18 points.

9. Venezuela, 13 points.

10. Ecuador12 points.

In this way, Chile would be the main selection benefited in the classification if both Fifa and Conmebol decide to eventually take away the points from his performance on the way to the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

On the other hand, the FEF could defend itself with Conmebol regulations, which indicate a maximum period of 48 hours post-match to request the points of the same in case of any regulatory irregularity.

Likewise, the tricolor team could allege that Castillo has lived in Ecuador for more than five years and this criterion would make it selectable and nationalizablesince he never played with the Colombian national team before, but only made his international debut last year after playing at club level in CS Norte América, Deportivo Azogues, Emelec, Aucas and Barcelona.

However, there is no such document that ratifies or proves that Castillo Segura is an Ecuadorian citizen and that he was born in the neighboring country, so there could even be a sanction for false information and documentation.

In any case, the atypical Conmebol qualifiers for Qatar 2022 have not yet finished and many things remain to be decided, apart from disputing the pending commitment between Brazil and Argentina, which could not be finished and was forced to end at the Neo Química Arena in São Paulo on September 5, 2021 by the Brazilian authorities as a result of alleged inconsistencies with the documentation and violation of migration regulations in the midst of a health emergency due to covid-19.

While in the next few days a statement will be announced by Fifa on this situation considered serious fault of a football federation, the FEF has not communicated publicly about itbut the one who has done it is the same player in his Instagram stories, in which this April 26 he published the following fragments of ballad, rap and reggaeton songs with which he sends a message to those who criticize him for his nationality :

The Colombian responded with songs in his Instagram stories after the criticism he has received regarding his nationality and participation with Ecuador in the Conmebol qualifiers on the way to Qatar 2022 / (Instagram: byron4590)


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