The Champion Selection of 86 launches 2 wines: how much do they cost

Members of the legendary National Team, such as Oscar Ruggeri, Ricardo Giusti, Jorge Burruchaga and Nery Pumpido, are presenting two labels: The Final and Heroes

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04/20/2022 – 4:30 p.m.

There are more and more cases of athletes with their own wine. But this is a really special case: the members of the selection soccer who won the ’86 World Cup has just launched two wines on the market. With grapes from Agrelo and by the hand of winemaker Denis Vicino from Mendoza Vineyards, they come to light The final Malbec Y Heroes mixwines that the champions are presenting in Mendoza and in different provinces of Argentina.

With Oscar Ruggeri to the head, the idea arose of making a wine in mendozathe project that once again united all the members of that selected winner in the same dream.

How the wine of the champions of 86 came about

The idea arose jointly between Oscar Ruggieri and Jorge del Valle, commercial manager in LATAM for Mendoza Vineyards (a winery that is part of Origin Wines Groupalso owner of Finca La Anita) with whom he is a close friend and with whom he shares a passion for football.

The mythical selection of 86 now has its own two wines

“Ruggeri told us that he wanted to do something with all the guys on the team, because after the World Cup they had never done anything together again,” says Denis Vicino, the winemaker who has guided them throughout the process.

“When we found out we were very excited and we had a first meeting in Buenos Aires with Ricardo GiustiJorge BurruchagaNery pumped and Oscar Ruggeri“, he adds.

How are the wines of the Selection of 86

After sending samples, the campus decided on a Malbec and a icon: that’s how they were born The Final Malbec Y blended heroesan assamblage of red grapes made up of 50% Cabernet Franc, 40% Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% Petit Verdot with 100% grapes from the Origin Group estate in Agrelo, Luján de Cuyo, an area renowned for its high-end wines.

The Final, a Malbec wine from Agrelo

On The Finalthe oenologist explains that it is a wine with “intense aroma, where ripe red fruits and jams predominate, combined with the delicate perfumed contribution of oak, vanilla and chocolate. On the palate it is sweet and elegant on the palate. It has good concentration and unctuousness, with presence of silky tannins”.

In respect of Heroesthe winemaker says that it is a wine “with a complex aroma, acidic fruits such as cherries and ripe black fruits predominate. There are also notes of spices, tobacco and chocolate. On the palate it is voluminous with round tannins, it is a velvety wine, with good structure and long finish”.

Heroes is the icon wine of the project led by players of the 86 National Team

Upon finding the wines, the label and packaging design stage began. “On the white label of The Final with the number 86 in light blue and white, you can see a photo of the National Team in the Azteca Stadium, while Heroes is a black label with a capsule in the colors of the Argentine flag, in which it stands out in golden the World Cup and number 86“, they explain from the cellar.

How much do the two wines of the 86 selected cost?

The wines will be available for sale the first days of May. In wine bars, La Final will have a suggested price of $2,200, while Heroes will be sold at $4,800.

In addition to individual bottles, The final comes in a case of six bottles and Heroes in a case of three bottles accompanied by a short book.

Thus, with these two labels, homage is paid to the epic feat by the national team, when in 1986 the dream of bringing the FIFA Cup to the country that crowned them world champions at the Azteca stadium in Mexico came true for the second time.

Argentina, led by Diego Armando Maradona and directed by Carlos Salvador Bilardo, reached the cup after a difficult campaign in the qualifying rounds. But, finally, he won his second world title after beating West Germany 3-2 in the final. Upon returning to the country, the campus was received at the Casa Rosada by President Raúl Alfonsín.

The Origin Wine group, under the direction of Swiss winemaker Richard Bonvin, has two wineries in Argentina: Mendoza Vineyards and, since 2016, Finca La Anita, a boutique winery for high-end wines, with 72 hectares of its own vineyards in the First Malbec Zone, Agrelo in Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina.