The Badiani ice cream parlor opens in Barcelona

Badianione of the oldest ice cream parlor in the world lands in Barcelona. The brand FlorentineThat was born in 1932, is one of the most iconic artisan ice cream parlors in Italy. Their flagship in the Catalan capital is the first that Badiani opens in the country, an opening that comes after establishing itself as the main producer and marketer of gelato craft in it United Kingdom.

He has opened the doors of his new establishment this Thursday, April 21. It is located in the number 232 of the street of Rosselló –next to Passeig de Gràcia– and aims to offer a “new concept” of ice cream parlors in the city. Massimo FrancoCEO of the company, considers that its product is “different from the rest of the ice cream parlors in Barcelona because none of them make their artisan ice creams in full view of the public”.


Paolo Pomposithe project’s creative genius, is one of the most relevant figures within the Italian and Anglo-Saxon ice cream industry. In 2015 she won the award for best taste of gelato craft in the world –at the Gelato Festival– thanks to the flavor good talenta cream ice cream that only has milk, sugar and eggs.

This flavor made them an icon in Florence and is unique in their ice cream shop. good talent pays tribute to the architect Bernando Buontalenti, who is credited with the invention of the first gelato of history. It is a flavor that, despite having been imitated many times, “cannot be found anywhere else”.

Paolo Pomposi with his white chocolate ice cream / METRÓPOLI


Pomposi, on landing in Barcelona, ​​has devised two new ice creams to enhance the essence of the city. On the one hand, it has created the flavor Barcelonawhich is made with white chocolate, turmeric, ripple raspberry, milk, eggs and soy drink. Its colors pay homage to the Catalan flag.

On the other hand, to celebrate one of the most iconic cultural festivities in Catalonia, the chain of ice cream parlors –not franchised– has incorporated the Sabor Sant Jordi, made with cream, eggs and chocolate and caramel sauces with wafer flowers on top. All of his creations follow the original Italian recipe but are made with local produce. “In all the cities where we go we make a clear commitment to local productFranchi assures.

Barcelona and Sant Jordi ice cream in Badiani / METRÓPOLI
Barcelona and Sant Jordi ice cream in Badiani / METRÓPOLI


They feature kind of flavors of gelatefrom the classic Stracciatela to the delicious combination of its mythical Buontaleti with Pistachio either Hazelnut. They also have a wide variety of ice creams. vegans. Among them, the most prominent is the Dark chocolate which, despite not containing milk or cream, achieves a creamy texture exclusive to Pomposi. According to the CEO, practically every month they bring out a new flavor in addition to the special editions for Christmas, Halloween or other special dates.

Badiani Dark Chocolate Ice Cream / BADIANI
Badiani Dark Chocolate Ice Cream / BADIANI

Another of its star products are its known as Penguin, which are popsicle-shaped ice creams that are also made with Buontaleti. They also have all kinds of cakes and muffins to celebrate special occasions, with authentic Italian coffee and its Crepes Y frappes made at the moment.

Cakes, muffins and 'penguins' from Badiani /METROPOLI
Cakes, muffins and ‘penguins’ from Badiani /METROPOLI


Badiani’s beginnings date back to 1932, when the company’s first ice cream parlor opened in Florence. After its expansion throughout Italy, in 1933 the family Pomposi acquired the chain and began a transformation plan to restructuring and expanding the sales and production premises and increasing the range of flavors of ice cream and cakes offered.

It was in 2015 when the chain consolidated its success with the first prize in the London Gelato Festival. In 2016 they set out to open their first store in London and currently they have 9 outlets and the laboratory gelato most relevant artisan in the United Kingdom.

Decoration of the Badiani store in Barcelona / METRÓPOLI
Decoration of the Badiani store in Barcelona / METRÓPOLI


Badiani intends to strengthen its position as a leading company in the production of artisanal ice cream with its arrival at the Spanish market. Thus, it plans an expansion throughout Europe with great growth possibilities.

“We decided that the first place in Spain should be in Barcelona because of its climate, its food culture and its internationalization“, explains Franchi. “It will be the pilot test in the country,” he adds. If it works as expected, he plans to open new strategic Spanish locations over the next 3 years.


To celebrate its opening in the Catalan capital, Badiani gives away an ice cream of its star flavor, Buontaleti, to all those who show a screenshot of his post on Instagram. The promotion is valid until next April 26 and all the details can be found here.

Promotion of Badiani in Barcelona / BADIANI
Promotion of Badiani in Barcelona / BADIANI