The 86 World Cup champions presented their own line of wines in Mendoza

Oscar Ruggeri, Oscar Garré, Sergio Batista, Ricardo Giusti, Héctor Enrique, Jorge Burruchaga and Carlos Tapiamembers of the deed in Mexico, were the main protagonists of the launch of the two wineswho carry two iconic names: The Final (malbec) and Heroes (blend).

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Photo: UNO Newspaper

The Final and Heroesthe outstanding wines of the 86 World Cup champions, are from the Mendoza Vineyards winery and they have the valuable contribution of the winemaker Danis Vicino.

The Final and Heroes, the wines of the 86 World Cup champions

the two labels The Final Malbec Y blended heroescreated with Agrelo grapes, were presented in society by the world champions of Mexico.



At the wine presentation at the Park Hyatt, the winemaker Denis Vicino, from the Mendoza Vineyards winery, revealed about the creation of the line of these two wines: “The idea of ​​the blend was for a personal taste and had a guide of what they drank. It was almost uniquely done. It was a very easy thing to do. Everyone liked it.”

Richard Bonvinof the Vineyards winerywho was accompanied at the presentation by George Del Valle, warehouse sales managerexpressed about the labels: “We are going to export to different countries in Latin America, the United States and Europe.”

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Photo: UNO Newspaper

The champions of 86, proud of the creation

Oscar Ruggeri, member of the Argentine feat in Mexico 86, said: “Everyone is included in this wine, not only players but also kinesiologists, masseurs and coaching staff. Those who are not here, their family is.”

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Photo: UNO Newspaper

Then he pigheaded He added about the birth of the idea of ​​launching the wines: “Once, Burru invited me to a barbecue and he gave me wine from Finca La Anita. He told me ‘what if we make a wine for the world champions’. I drink red wine, but we have two specialists: Giusti and Burru, great drinkers. We have a group of the 86 champions on WhatsApp and I proposed it there. They all liked it. The names arise from ideas that we were throwing in the group”.

Ricardo Giusti, for his part, contributed: “Like all group decisions, we all make them together. The decision to choose this winery and to come was a democratic one. We took Finca La Anita 20 years ago, when the label was yellow. We like wine, we love it. Denis Vicino, the winemaker, did a brilliant job because both wines are made in an excellent way. We hope that all Argentines and the world can enjoy it”.

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Photo: UNO Newspaper

Oscar Garre also took the post: “We were lucky to know the glory and integrate a human group with excellent people. The purpose of this is to have a fund so that tomorrow, if someone needs help, they can have this resource saved. What least interests us is to think only about the economic. We are happy that Mendoza Vineyards has invited us”.

Another champion who explained the value of this creation was Jorge Burruchaga. “Bilardo instilled in us a lot of values ​​and this is one of those. It is something natural, glory is priceless and we already have it. But in this matter of continuing together and in our context with the difference now in terms of economics, the result will be that what works from the economic point of view will be given to those who need it. We’re not going to share it between us. Bilardo left us many legacies”, he stated.

The Czech Cambricbluntly stated: “I’m not a big wine drinker, but it really is very rich. I liked it and it’s for Denis, my congratulations to her”.

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Photo: UNO Newspaper

Carlos Tapia, for his part, maintained that “hopefully we can toast with the world cup and with our wine. We are anxious for the team to win the championship. We expect a selection that arrives in the best way and can have the possibility that we had. We also left very punished and then we were able to bring joy to the whole country”.

Lastly, the dear Black Enrique confessed: “Diego will forever be in the hearts of each one of us. Bilardo and Diego taught us to respect the national team’s shirt and colors. We’re going to toast them too. When we left, they said we were going on vacation, to play 3 matches. Our morale was touched and we responded by becoming champions. When they open this bottle of wine, there are all the matches of that World Cup and, above all, the match against the English”.

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Photo: UNO Newspaper