The 11 classic questions to Luciano “Tano” Vella: a historic fight and a DT who “never understood anything”

1— What was the best Rosario classic you played?

—Without a doubt the one that we won 1 to 0 on their court and then we came out champions. It was beautiful! It was my first victory in a classic, with a goal from Maidana on the hour and then we crowned, just in case you don’t remember. In that classic I played as a left back, I had the remembered brush with nicknames included (shampoo and Vaseline) with the eight (Coudet) from Central. To this day people still recognize me by that nickname. I played very well, everything that happened in that classic was divine.

2— What was the worst Rosario classic you played?

—The one we lost 3 to 0 on the Central court, the goals were scored by Figueroa, Messera and Delgado. Veira directed us and Russo directed them, I played badly and everything went wrong for us.

3— Who was the best partner you had in the Rosario classic?

—Julian Maidana. He was a player who always went forward, always went forward. In the classics you don’t want to lose and you take better care of yourself, but Julián told me: “Don’t be a shit, order the attack, go for it”. He drove me crazy, we scored the goal and he insisted: “I kept attacking, I kept attacking”. Maidana was a footballer who not only liked having him as a teammate in the classics, but in all games.

4— Who was the best footballer from Rosario Central that you faced in a classic?

— A few were… one was Chelito Delgado. We are in the same category, I had to mark it since I was a child, I suffered it in the inferiors and in the first. When I grew up I got used to the suffering of facing it (laughs). Chelito was a spectacular player who had an enviable career.

5— What was the goal that you shouted the most as a player in a Rosario classic?

— The one that Negro Garay did on his back in the Colossus. With a goal from Rivarola they went 1-0 up, we were very complicated but Ortega tied it first and then on the hour came Negro’s goal. It was a colossal letdown.

6— What was the goal you suffered the most as a player in a Rosario classic?

— It is hard for me to say it, it is hard for me to admit it… the one that the current DT of the Rosario Central reserve (Germán Rivarola) did to us, in the second leg of the South American.

7— Which soccer player from Rosario Central did you fight with in a Rosario classic?

—With the eight (Eduardo Coudet). Before the classic I had said that I was a “shampoo” but I couldn’t fight as I would have liked because Tolo warned me and told me: “If they throw you out for fighting with Coudet I will never put you on again”. The second date had just been played and I knew that if I didn’t listen to him, Tolo would clean me up for the rest of the tournament. That’s why when the eight (Coudet) bullied me, he looked for me to get me out, he clenched his fists and counted to 150 so as not to react. Just in case, when I looked at Tolo who was standing in front of the substitute bench, he pointed his finger at me and yelled at me: “Be careful what you do” (laughs).

8— Because I didn’t understand how the Rosario classic should be played, which partner did you have to explain it to?

—Instead of a partner to a DT, terrible! Juvenal Olmos did not understand what the classic was, he maintained that it was just another game. I confronted him with tears in my eyes because of the anger he had and I told him: “You don’t understand anything, it’s not just another game, the classic is life.” He left Burrito Ortega in the bank, he made unusual changes, he never understood anything at all, that’s how it went.

9— What was the Rosario classic that you did not play and would have liked to play?

—The 4 to 0 of the Bielsa team against Central de Aimar. How nice it is to beat them, it’s beautiful to be able to enjoy during the game. If you don’t score goals, no matter how much you win, you can’t enjoy it until it’s over. When the difference is minimal, you have a hard time, you suffer a lot until the referee determines the end of the classic.

10— Who was the best coach that directed you in a Newell’s vs. Rosario Central?

—The Galician Tolo. A DT who knew how to play the classic. He talked to us and motivated us all the previous week. The players won it 1-0, but I must admit that Tolo had a lot of influence in that victory.

11— Which soccer player from Rosario Central would you have liked to play at Newell’s?

—Lucho Figueroa. Because of the friendship I have with him, I would have liked to throw centers at Figueroa. I can also add Omar Palma and surely there are some more who have the wrong shirt (laughs).