Tevez DT: What about Boca, Argentina’s first proposal and why he left politics

The Apache, who days ago announced his retirement as a professional soccer player, is ready to put on the coaching suit and take the reins of a team together with Chapa Retegui.

A person like him can’t be away from a soccer field for more than a handful of months. Without sinking your feet into the green grass, without making the stands roar with just a gesture. That’s why Carlos Tevez decided to get away from politics and put on the DT diver: he wants to recover his passion for football, which he lost after the death of his father Segundo, and contribute his experience in the locker room and the playpen.

What will Carlos Tevez’s coaching staff be like?

After confirming, with a cracked voice and glazed eyes, his retirement as a professional soccer player because he lost his “number one fan”the Apache blew up the bomb. “I am going to lead. We have been working for a long time, putting together a very good, comprehensive project, I am excited, I am hooked”counted days ago in Loose Animals.

But he will not be alone giving instructions: he will do a technical pairing with Carlos Retegui, today Undersecretary of Sports of the City and historic hockey coach who hung three Olympic medals around his neck with Las Leonas -two silvers- and Leones -one gold-, among many other achievements. strikingly, the Lock He is also a fan of River and his son Mateo belongs to Bocawho gave it to Tigre at the beginning of the calendar. The brothers of the referent formed in All Boys also stand out in the working group.


What happens with Boca and how is the link between Riquelme and Tevez

Although in the last hours the version circulated that his representative Adrián Ruocco contacted Juan Román Riquelme and expressed Carlitos’ desire to lead in Bocaeven if it is forming juveniles in the Inferior, quickly from the former player’s own tone they denied any type of contact with the blue and gold leadership. In fact, after his last conference in June 2021 and the hug with Román in the corridors of La Bombonera that went down in history, the link between both idols is null.

The dream of the historic No. 10, and also of Retegui, it is take over the campus xeneize earlier than later. “That’s why the decision I make”, he remarked in the extensive interview with Alejandro Fantino. Although he knows that first he must broaden his coaching back and achieve results at the helm of other clubs before making the big leap to the La Bombonera benchwhich usually has more pressures and demands than the rest.

Carlos Tevez

The first proposals to Carlos Tevez to direct in Argentina

Proposals begin to appear. Carlitos is aware that several small teams in Europe will look for him due to the weight of his name and the revolution that his arrival would generate. However, if you are given a choice, He intends to start his DT path where he closed his shorts stage: in Argentine soccerin order to feel again the adrenaline that ran through his body long ago.

That is the great challenge. Forge their weapons in known lands to be closer to Boca. Likewise, from the tone of Apache They confirmed having received a call weeks ago from an important First Division club that had been left without a coach and was playing the double competition. But, beyond the firm interest, next to Lock they gave him the thumbs down because they weren’t ready to lead a project like this yet.

While analyzing the first proposals with Retegui and his brother Diego, Tevez continues to train and hold meetings three or four times a week in his field with psychologists and sports coaching.

In mid-April, on his trip through Europe, took note of the procedures that are carried out in Manchester City and absorbed new knowledge about the management of the group, the recruitment of youth and other. Also in West Ham Y Juventuswho offered him a warm tribute, and in Milanwhere he spoke with several strong names such as the manager Paolo Maldini and the technician Stefano Pioli.

Paolo Maldini and Carlos Tevez

Why Tevez walked away from Boca politics

The blue and gold opposition knows well that to snatch the elections from Jorge Amor Ameal and Riquelme there must be unity. That is why meetings between opposition leaders and their groups have already begun to take place.

In those meetings Tevez said present, but finally took a step to the side and leaned towards being a coach instead of a manager. The reason for this decision, which surprised many, was that Carlitos felt that he was going to be more like a testimonial figure than someone with power to make decisions.

Beyond his friendship with Angeliciwith whom he was seen in early March watching a Davis Cup match at the Buenos Aires Lawn Tennis, He considered that it was not the time to venture into politics because it demands other times. He wanted to put together a working group with people he trusted, something that now no one from the opposition could guarantee.

Tevez and Angelici

For his part, Riquelme had left no doubts about how the elections would end if the Apache: “In two years we are going to win 80-20, 90-10. It doesn’t matter who goes. I want to take care of my club. The club is fine and don’t worry, the fans are happy. And if Tevez shows up in another sector we win 85 to 15…. And he clarified in TyC Sports that “I am not going against anyone. What I say is that if you want to come with us, delighted. If it’s fun for him to try, he knows my love will never change.”

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