Terra debuts new positioning as a mediatech platform

New Earth logo

Photo: Chat Terra Services

Terra, one of the largest content platforms in the country, announces changes in its editorial positioning and a brand rebranding process. From now on, Terra presents itself to the Brazilian market as a mediatech, which uses business intelligence to enhance the delivery of content and advertising. To mark this new moment, a major campaign will be in the main media in the country, with the motto “What happens on Earth, is on Earth”. The campaign created by VMLY&R, brings a remake of the powerful track released in 2006, now with a modern and contemporary language, combined with scenes that show diversity, with a plurality of personalities and scenarios, expanding the meaning of the messages that are in relevant agendas today in day.

“In addition to the new positioning as mediatech, which intelligently combines the delivery of content and advertising, providing brands with the guarantee of a complete and more targeted media plan, Terra also brings a new look and logo, which bring more fluid lines. and the most up-to-date source, to keep up with the new platform moment, while maintaining the brand’s heritage and recognition”, explains Claudia Caliente, director of Terra. The new layout is lighter, more modern and with a more fluid browsing experience, rethought in all formats, especially for mobile, where nine out of ten users travel between all platforms. The changes appear on the cover with new formats such as webstories, new fonts and new identities for each content vertical.

The editorial brings new pillars, focused on broadening conversations such as representation, plurality, a lot of place for speech and awareness. Among the new verticals of Terra content, there is Coletividade, which has the project “Visão do Corre”, which presents content with the objective of amplifying the voices and initiatives of the population that lives in the slums and peripheries of our country, with materials produced by professionals from the country’s “quebradas”; also the vertical “We”, a space dedicated to awakening reflections and fighting discrimination. The content will give visibility to topics about women, black people, indigenous people, LGBTQIA+, people with disabilities and 50+ people. Terra also continues with the already revamped verticals of games, “Game On” and Fun with “Terra Música ao Vivo”. Soon, new verticals should go live, expanding the range of themes with exclusive content on the platform.

A new team of columnists has arrived at Terra to promote reflection and debate around the issues that move the news, and reinforce the offer of opinionated content. Pablo Miyasawa and Barbara Gutierrez raise the themes that permeate the growing gamer market. Marcia Rocha, Cris Guerra, Luã Andrade, Joice Berth and Nathalia Santos untie the various knots of diversity and representation, with authority and a place to speak. Roberta Camargo and the twins Eduardo and Leonardo, from the Vegano Periférico column, cast their attentive and critical eye on the movement in the periphery and gorges of our country.

In addition, Terra is evolving new content partnership models in search of authentic producers, specialized agencies, targeted sites, new voices and influencers who can collaborate with critical thinking and diversity of ideas. In one of several strategies in the content area, Terra intends to open a window for the production of regional partners, and to offer a diversified curatorship on all platforms. Since January 2022, partners such as Agência Nacional das Favelas, Alma Preta, Agência Mural, Carta Capital and Mais Goiás have shared their own and diverse production with the new thematic verticals.

“Terra, for all its reach and content, has an enormous potential for transforming society and this gains even more strength in this new phase of the portal. We created a campaign that reflects all this agility, plurality and ability to generate conscious and positive connections and discussions between people”, says Rafael Pitanguy, CCO of VMLY&R.