Talleres equalized 2-2 against Flamengo in a crowded Kempes – Talleres

workshopswho was ahead twice, equalized this Wednesday night 2-2 against flamingo of Brazil in a vibrant match that was played in a crowded Mario Kempes stadium, valid for the fourth date of Group H of the Copa Libertadores, and keeps intact the chances of going to the round of 16.

The goals of the ‘T’ were scored by William Arão, against, at 34 minutes of the first stage and by Michael Santos (12m. ST), while the visitor tied it with goals from Giorgian De Arrascaeta (5m. ST). ST) and Pedro (24m.ST).

With this result, the Cordovan cast reaches 7 units in the area, remains the only escort of the leader Flamengo (10), and will be a visitor in the last two dates of Universidad Católica (3) and Sporting Cristal (0), who were measured tonight late in Peru.

A vertiginous start was proposed by the Rio de Janeiro team, with the change of rhythm in the midfield led by the Uruguayan De Arrascaeta as the main weapon to break lines in the local defense, although he did not find a connection with Gabriel Barbosa (Gabigol).

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But the ‘T’ settled quickly, he took control of the ball from his rival with a great job by the midfielders Juan Méndez and Rodrigo Villagra, and opening the game on the wings he found the first clear chance of scoring when the Uruguayan Michael Santos He shot a header from above after receiving a precise cross from Federico Girotti, who won from the right.

That action emboldened Pedro Caixinha’s team, pushed by the encouragement of the more than 45,000 fans who filled Mario Kempes, and in another cross, this time sent by Héctor Fértoli from the left, he created a new goal option, when Matías Catalán He won cleanly and demanded a header from goalkeeper Santos, who took just enough.

Halfway through the first half, the Brazilians managed to balance development with good touches when they had the ball, but without disturbing the local defense.

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They were running 34 minutes when a long kick by Guido Herrera from the goal led to a great run by Santos to the left, the first-class Uruguayan sent a center to the middle, and in an effort to clear William Arão in an effort to clear sent the ball to goal and goalkeeper Santos was halfway and could not avoid the goal that opened the scoring.

With the 1-0 in favor, the ‘T’ found more space, with Santos and Girotti leading danger, and the possibility of extending the advantage loomed latent, while Flamengo sought to get out of the blow of the goal against.

But as soon as the complement began, the Rio de Janeiro team exploited the individual category to the fullest with De Arrascaeta’s ‘great goal’, which he received from Mauricio Isla and without hesitation he took a powerful right hand that slipped into the upper left corner of Herrera’s goal for the 1 to 1.

The Portuguese team Caixinha did not stay, they continued betting on their game and with a great definition from Santos, they received from Matías Godoy, they quickly took the lead again, when 12 minutes of that second half were played.

The changes came in both teams, and the impact was quickly favorable for the ‘Mengao’, because the barely entered Pedro leaked between the centrals of the ‘T’, and with an exquisite touch he beat Herrera to level the score again.

With the score 2-2, Caixinha sent Ramiro González Hernández to the field to strengthen the last line, although he did not give up the possibility of winning the game, with the entry of Matías Esquivel, who had a couple of chances to give him the victory to the Cordovans.

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This is how a vibrant meeting ended, with the fans enjoying themselves to the fullest in the stands due to the dedication of the players on the field, and with the intact illusion of being able to advance in the competition.

On Tuesday 17 Talleres will visit Sporting Cristal and will close its participation in the area by visiting Universidad Católica, in Chile, a week later.