Talleres defeated Sporting Cristal for the Copa Libertadores

Talleres defeated Sporting Cristal of Peru 1-0 for date 3 of the Copa Libertadores, with a goal from former Lanús, Matías Esquivel.

The team from Cordoba achieved a very important victory ahead of the last three dates of the group phase, and is placed as escort of Flamengo from Brazil with the same number of points (6).

In this way, Sporting Cristal adds its third loss in the three presentations of the continental competition and was left with very few chances of going to the round of 16.

The next presentation of Workshops will be next Wednesday in Córdoba before the powerful “Mengao”.

Talleres defeated Sporting Cristal for the Copa Libertadores


one- The referee Díaz de Vivar whistles and: The match begins!

4- Great connection between Enzo Díaz, Santos and Fértoli that almost ended in a goal from number 10 of the “T”.

8´- Center back Rafa Pérez took the lance, overflowed like one more attacker and provoked an interesting free kick. Calcaterra admonished in the visitor.

9´- First clear for Workshops. Long shot into space and the Uruguayan Michael Santos almost opened the scoring of the match. Good for the goalkeeper Duarte who went out quickly to bail.

fifteen- Interesting passage of the match for the Peruvian team that tries to attack down the wings. The match is now being played at the Talleres field, which gave up the initiative.

17´- First clear of Sporting Cristal. Impeccable left-footed shot from attacker Gonzáles who sneaked into the angle of the albiazul goal. Excellent slap by Guido Herrera to send it to the corner.

24´- Workshops returns to propose in the party. Your rhythm is played. Good connections between Santos and Fértoli. Good game so far from the albiazul hitch.

28´- Good recovery by Villagra in the middle of the field of play, Girotti received and tested from afar. The auction is very wide.

32´- Fértoli’s center and Rafa Pérez’s header that goes just wide of the visitor’s right post. Workshops is much more from the game and the attacks.

35´- Good pass to the hole by Uruguayan Michael Santos to leave Girotti hand in hand. The former River faked the goalkeeper and then could not finish off. The albiazul let a very clear scoring chance pass.

38´- The match is stopped because Valoyes is lying on the grass. He looks like a muscle injury.

39´- Diego Valoyes leaves the field injured and applauded. In his place enters the former Institute, Matías Godoy.

43´- It lowered the intensity of the match these last 5 minutes. For now they dispute the ball away from the goals.

44´- Great shot by Héctor Fértoli that demands goalkeeper Duarte and ends up clearing the corner.

Four. Five – The first half ends at the Mario Kempes. For now, Talleres and Sporting Cristal equalize goalless.


48´- Sporting Cristal came out determined to win the match. Good approximations of the visitor.

52´- Great rise to the attack of Enzo Díaz. Juan Ignacio Méndez enabled Matías Godoy, who threw a low center. The assistant raised the flag and everything was annulled, but it was clear for the T.

55´- Great construction by Fértoli, who once again enabled Godoy who threw a cross to Girotti’s head. Shot just wide. He warned Talleres again.

56´- Caixinha uses its first two variants. Toloza and Esquivel enter for Santos and Fértoli.

58´- Excellent overflow from Matías Godoy who stacked three Peruvian players. The former Institute threw a low center to leave only Esquivel facing the goal. The former Lanús wasted an unusual shot from the penalty spot. The clearest of the game so far.

61´- Girotti won with a header in the area and after the rebound he could not put the first. The albiazul tries but the goal is not given.

64´- GOOOOL OF WORKSHOPS. Matías Esquivel pushes the ball after a series of rebounds and is the first of the match.

69´- Hard clash of heads in the action of the goal. The match was delayed more than 5 minutes ago due to medical attention to Méndez and a Peruvian defender.

74´- Another excellent unmarking and overflow by Matías Godoy, who threw a center back that Girotti did not reach.

75´- Can’t go on. Juan Ignacio Méndez leaves with a bandage on his head and Christian Oliva enters in his place.

82´- Rafa Pérez fails to read the play and Sosa’s shot goes wide. Talleres must try to close the match so as not to suffer.

90´- The fourth referee adds 8 more minutes.



Workshops: Guido Herrera; Gastón Benavides, Matías Catalán, Rafael Pérez and Enzo Díaz; Juan Méndez, Rodrigo Villagra, Héctor Fértoli and Diego Valoyes; Michael Santos and Federico Girotti. DT: Pedro Caixinha.

Sporting Cristal: Alejandro Duarte; Johan Madrid, Gianfranco Chávez, Omar Merlo and Nilson Loyola; Horacio Calcaterra, Jesús Castillo, Christopher Gonzáles and Irven Ávila; Carlos Liza and Leandro Sosa. DT: Roberto Mosquera.

Referee: Mario Diaz de Vivar (Paraguay).

Field: Mario Alberto Kempes.

Talleres defeated Sporting Cristal for the Copa Libertadores