Surprising expectation in Spain for the “unprecedented” reforms that will be made in the Monumental Stadium of River Plate

El Monumental will become the largest stadium in South America (Photo: @RiverPlate)

The works in the stadium Monumental they do not stop. After a first part, in which the renewal of the grass for a hybrid one (95 percent natural and 5 artificial) and the drainage system were renewed, Stage 2 began at the end of March, whose main objective is to expand the capacity up to 81,000 spectators, which will make it the largest stadium in Latin America that belongs to a soccer club.

This news did not go unnoticed in Spain. media like Mark they echoed an interview from the agency EFE with one of the main ideologues of these reforms to highlight the transformation of one of the most mythical scenarios of this sport in South America.

Cesar Azcaratethe head of sports architecture at the Basque company IDOM, provided details on what the new Antonio Vespucci Liberti. The Spaniard, who in the past was in charge of the new field of San Mamés, San Lorenzo de Almagro, San Carlos de Apoquindo of the Catholic University of Chile, Ciutat de Valencia de Levante or the Villarreal Ceramics Stadium, reported that “in the stands all the seats are renewed and new low popular stalls are generated. New VIP boxes, hospitality areas and a restaurant with views of the pitch and the city are also being created”. In addition, he warned that “it is an unprecedented transformation in South America.”

Animated rendering of the new Monumental

The first part of these works is expected to be inaugurated in February 2023 and will cost approximately 20 million dollars. In this stage, the creation of the new lower grandstands in the Sívori, San Martín and Centenario sectors, change of seats, renovation of the press sector, 30 boxes in the middle Centenario, a restaurant, new garages (new parking level and covered pedestrian access to the stadium on the ground floor), a new referees’ locker room, anti-doping control area, audio system and medical department on the ground floor of the Centenario grandstand.

“Working hand in hand with the club and its leaders, our project is always respectful of the history of the stadium, with the fans and with the city of Buenos Aires. This historical and emotional charge means that certain aspects of the design must be analyzed by us much more attached to the place and local behavior patterns.”, they stressed from IDOM.

Works began for the expansion of the Monumental (cariverplate)
Works began for the expansion of the Monumental (cariverplate)

According to Azcárate’s optimum, a remodeling involves greater complexity than a project that starts from scratch. “In a remodeling, many more aspects must be taken into account, those of the existing and those of the new parts that must be projected. But it also has its attractive part because we have to find a way to value what already exists and the keys to improve and update what was already projected many years ago, trying to get the best out of what has already been built”, he concluded.

In the second part, which will also cost some 20 million dollars and is scheduled to be completed in July 2024, the lower ring will be closed with the works in Belgrano, 46 ​​boxes will be added to the Middle Sívori and in this way the stadium traffic. Two more parking floors will also be added (402 new garages, completing the five parking levels and a new pedestrian bridge on the upper level, with connection at the box level. In this way it will be able to house 1,141 cars).

Another of the important changes that can be observed is the change in distribution: 71% of stalls and 29% of popular (57,722 and 23,278, respectively). Both behind the arch of the Sívori grandstand and the Centenario, in the current low, plus the lower low to be built, will be popular.

In addition to the 20 million that River Plate will receive from the GDN Group, which has Francisco De Narváez as its main head, for the namingright to be renamed Mas Monumental, most of the rest of the income for the reforms will come through the pre-sale of the future places that the stadium will have. From the club they recognize that the collection expectation for this stage is $1,400 million pesos. Another part will come through the return of the recitals.


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