Students do not stop their triumphant march: they beat Tigre and are one step away from the quarterfinals of the League Cup

LA PLATA – With less box office than those present at River de Gallardo and Racing de Gago, the campaigns of Estudiantes and Tigre deserve to be highlighted. Highlighted and valued. The two teams that crossed paths in La Plata differ from the rest because of how much they added and because of the very good performance they achieved. Actually, the first was a consequence of the second: they reaped points in quantity because they played well. Because they play well!

In that attractive crossroads, of distinguished news, the one who celebrated was Pincha, with a tight 2-1. It cost him a lot. He didn’t even deserve it. But the Lion is a natural predator. A powerful animal that does not require elegance to hunt its prey. When you can, shine. When he can’t, he solves it with goals. In plural. The 2-1 with goals from Franco Zapiola and Mauro Boselli (Nicolás Demartini discounted in discount) left the La Plata club with a foot and a half into the League Cup quarter-finals. It takes nine points to the fifth and three days remain.

Boselli begins the celebration after scoring the second goal for Estudiantes; the Pincha was more forceful than brilliantPhotoBAIRES

Students came to the meeting like a bulldozer. The statistics of so many converted against Argentine teams positioned him as a threat to any defense: one to Gimnasia, two to Puerto Nuevo (with substitutes), three to Godoy Cruz, four to Vélez, five to Central Córdoba and six to Barracas Central. A gigantic ladder of goals. Eleven screams in the last two dates!

Tigre, with another style, also landed sweet. Trusted. Diego Martínez’s cast, without so much force, climbed positions thanks to a game that combined aesthetics and efficiency. With good handling of the ball in the different lines, he imposed conditions in most of his commitments. And the previous four days indicated that he stepped on the Uno stadium with numbers that invited him to get excited: 4-0 to Platense, 2-0 to Rosario Central, 1-1 with Independiente and 2-1 to Huracán. Ten points out of twelve!

best of the match

Pincha entered the field with the idea of ​​continuing his voracious march. Determined, he took seconds to drown his rival. He overflowed it. A minute later he broke the defense with the speed of Manuel Castro, but the midfielder – hand in hand, although a bit open – finished it badly and gave the ball to a rival. Students in the first quarter of an hour was overwhelming. What happened, unlike the previous games, was that it was difficult for him to transform dominance into risky situations. Although in that period he clearly surpassed Tigre, he was unable to create clear chances.

The visit, on the other hand, hurt as soon as it managed to get out of the siege. When he dodged the local high pressure, Tigre created the first clear chance of the match: a precise sequence of passes, a touch from behind for Pablo Magnín and the striker was blocked just right. After that play, the development – ​​for a long time – was even. Although the Pincha kept the intensity, he lost verticality. Suddenly, Victoria’s team neutralized him. He stopped it.

A lot of fight: Cabrera looks for the ball after the fall of Pellegrini
A lot of fight: Cabrera looks for the ball after the fall of PellegriniPhotoBAIRES

Until at the end of the initial chapter Students hurt again. First, with a header from Fabián Noguera that went past one of the posts and then with a good assist from Bruno Valdez that Leandro Díaz was unable to push.

The epilogue of the first half had nothing to do with the start of the second. Tigre evolved into that neat and reliable structure which it usually is, from a large Prediger task. The Pincha fragmented until it dissolved. In the first twenty minutes the visiting cast generated four concrete possibilities. Of those that do not gestate so easily. He squandered them all. One behind the other. Two of them, incredible due to their poor resolutions: Facundo Colidio and Magnín –alone, with time and from the front– missed the goal.

Pellegrini, one of the pieces in the Estudiantes attack, tries to dominate the ball
Pellegrini, one of the pieces in the Estudiantes attack, tries to dominate the ballPhotoBAIRES

Everything, literally everything, belonged to Tigre. But Estudiantes has a goal. And when they forgive him, he does not return kindnesses. He doesn’t even cross his mind. If he leaves it alive, he crushes the opponent. After a stopped ball, Zapiola finished off and broke the resistance of goalkeeper Gonzalo Marinelli thanks to a slight deflection and made it 1-0. There, again, the development changed. Once again Ricardo Zielinski’s team became overwhelming. Once again the visit was overwhelmed.

He was able to expand the entered Boselli and his definition hit a stick. He was able to raise Loco Diaz and failed when he was alone with the fence at his disposal. However, Boselli was given another one and the scorer exchanged it for 2-0, after a good play by Díaz himself.

Zielinski, the architect of a Estudiantes de La Plata that caresses the quarterfinals
Zielinski, the architect of a Estudiantes de La Plata that caresses the quarterfinalsPhotoBAIRES

Tigre, stunned, did not resign himself. Beaten and visibly injured, almost in sporting embarrassment at the missed chances, he reached the stoppage. After a stopped ball, Demartini was in front of Andújar and, saved by means of, scored the 2-1 rebound. But there was no time for more. El Pincha took care of the last ball and was left with a fundamental victory: he is virtually qualified for the quarterfinals with a huge advantage. Even the math indicates that the chances of the club from La Plata not playing the finals are almost non-existent. He already bought the ticket and he only needs to get on the definition train. In an attractive and changing game. Tigre exhibited virtues and piety. Students, despite their disconnections, solved everything with their great strength: forcefulness.