Students defend the point against Colón in Santa Fe: time, formations and TV

Students are going through a stage in which they truly have no respite between one presentation and the next, even more so considering that they hold a central role, both in the Professional League Cup, as well as in the Copa Libertadores and the Copa Argentina. The match is played from 8:30 p.m., with TNT Sports televised and broadcast by La Redonda (FM 100.3)

In this framework, after the thrashing of Barracas Central, in Parque de los Patricios, and the subsequent 2-1 win over Tigre, in UNO, the red-and-white team will perform in Santa Fe, more precisely in Brigadier Estanislao López, as visitors to Colón, the red and black cast that under the leadership of Julio César Falcioni is also in the middle of the Group stage, in this case G, of the Copa Libertadores.

With Pincha much better positioned in Zone 2 of the League Cup, both teams will cross paths tonight, starting at 8:30 p.m., with the challenge of sustaining themselves in the Argentine tournament and at the same time reaching the next tournament in the best conditions. date of the continental contest: at home against Bragantino, on Tuesday, the red and whites; as a visitor to Olimpia, in Paraguay, on Thursday, the Sabaleros.

On the side of Estudiantes, their coach Ricardo Zielinski decided to make ten changes with respect to the last match for the local tournament. Except for the side Valdez, the others will all be new and among the few with some filming we can mention the Paraguayan Jorge Morel and little else. Undoubtedly, this is a more than risky measure by the Russian, since not even in the Copa Argentina match against Puerto Nuevo did he present such an alternative formation.

The accumulation of matches, to a greater extent Students, since they had to go through a stage prior to the Groups in the Copa Libertadores, against the Chileans of Audax Italiano and Everton, successively, represents a subject of analysis for their coaches, who until the Last date 11 they resisted the change of players to avoid exhaustion that could be paid at the team level in the future.

Zielinski understood that this was the time to put a stop and give his players a break, a necessary respite that some of them were crying out for. For example, Matías Pellegrini, who suffered muscle discomfort and is in doubt for the match against the Brazilians. The same goes for the pair of central markers, who did not rest a game in the last month.

From now on, the albirrojo team has to be the home of Aldosivi and the visitor of Rosario Central, with a peculiarity: the better positioned the current qualifying instance of the League Cup ends, the quarterfinals will begin with one of the most relegated teams in Zone 1.

The top four clubs in Zone 1 and the four with the best score in Zone 2 will meet in eliminatory brackets: those classified in first place against the fourth and the second against the third. This means that finishing as high as possible would have its benefits, at least in theory.

But beyond this circumstance, and as far as Estudiantes are concerned, they will have to defend their status as leaders of Group C of the Copa Libertadores, a competition that began by thrashing Vélez at home and rescuing a scoreless draw against the national team, in Montevideo.

On Tuesday he will host Bragantino, at 57 and 1, with whom he shares the first place in the standings, and later, to decide his future in the competition, he will have to play the revenge matches against Nacional in our city, Bragantino in São Paulo and Vélez in Liners.

The two with the best score of each of the groups in which the teams have been divided in the present instance will advance to the round of 16; while the third will join the South American Cup that is taking place in parallel and the last will be eliminated.

The present time of Pincha, it is obvious, is pushing him to maintain the position of privilege reached in a stage during which he has established himself as one of the best formations in Argentine soccer, with an amazing scoring capacity.

The student squad led by Ricardo Zielinski completed its agenda in this first half of the year with a presentation for the Copa Argentina, a tournament in which it appeared with an alternative line-up, against Puerto Nuevo, and qualified for 16th.

Of the possible starters against Bragantino, the only one who traveled was Zapiola but he will be a substitute


Colon: Leonardo Burian; Eric Meza, Facundo Garcés, Paolo Goltz, Rafael Delgado and Andrew Teuten; Rodrigo Aliendro, Federico Lértora and Christian Bernardi; Luis Miguel Rodriguez and Lucas Beltran. DT: Julio Cesar Falcioni.

Students: Jerome Pourtau; Emanuel Beltrán, Bautista Kociubinski, Santiago Núñez and Bruno Valdez; Hernán Toledo, Jorge Morel, Nelson Deossa and Carlo Lattanzio; Brian Orosco and Alan Marinelli. DT: Ricardo Zielinski.

Referee: Nestor Pitana.

Field: Colon de Santa Fe.

Start time: 20.30.

TV: TNT Sports.