Students and Gymnastics tied in the classic platense

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Thousands and thousands of Estudiantes fans for a special reception at the UNO stadium against Gimnasia in the classic platense


The new edition of the La Plata classic began without a team imposing itself. The two sought to mark the field, but were imprecise, nervous and erratic.

At 10 minutes, Gimnasia managed to break into the opponent’s field of play, after a search from below without effect, Eric Ramírez took out a powerful shot from mid-distance, forcing Mariano Andújar to hit the blow on his right side. On the rebound, Johan Carbonero did not know how to respond well.

Students had a hard time getting on their feet in the first few minutes, and only at 18′ did they reach the goal for the first time, defended by Rodrigo Rey. Jorge Rodríguez grew in the rival field, went up and with dominance in his favor, he ended up taking a shot from medium distance. Goalkeeper Tripero responded very well controlling without rebounding.

Two minutes later, those led by Ricardo Zielinski grouped themselves well on offense, moved the ball from one sector to another, cleared marks and for the first time Mauro Boselli appeared in the rival area. The striker’s header went wide.

More withdrawn in their field of play, before the offensive momentum of Estudiantes, Gimnasia spent a good time without being able to generate danger on offense. He recently achieved it with another shot from a distance, with a shot by Brahian Alemán. Well stopped Mariano Andújar, controlled in two times.

After a stretch in which the game got muddy, with both teams putting more than playing, Emanuel Mas appeared and Estudiantes enjoyed a great individual play. At 36 minutes, the full-back was sent, eluded a rival on the side line, hooked against another on the final line and took a precise center to look for Mauro Boselli, who headed the ball away, but his shipment was opened.

It was precisely the left back who was once again the main protagonist of an offensive move, three minutes later. First with a strong shot to force Rodrigo Rey to respond well down, and on the next play to face up again and get a past title, with several players following him, to find Agustín Rogel, who headed it 1-0.

Agustin Rogel.mp4

Agustín Rogel scored the goal for Estudiantes against Gimnasia to open the scoring in the classic platense

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In the complement, Gimnasia was worn by Estudiantes. A few minutes before the game resumed, Eric Ramírez received Albirroja alone in the area and defined against Mariano Andújar, but the referee of the match annulled the goal due to the advanced position of the striker at the request of the line judge.

At 7 minutes, Cristian Tarragona appeared on the right alone, he was sent behind Emanuel Mas’s back and with a cross shot he left Mariano Andújar’s stretch sterile and tied 1 to 1 in the classic platense.

Cristian Tarragona.mp4

Cristian Tarragona scored Gimnasia’s goal for the draw against Estudiantes in the Platense classic

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Pincha was very imprecise at the start and suffered a tie, losing the advantage he had in the match. Hit by equality, he rebelled, but ran into Rodrigo Rey. Goalkeeper Tripero took a clear header from Jorge Rodríguez, and on the rebound he controlled well up.

With the tie at one and with the passing of the minutes, the La Plata classic took another voltage with the back and forth that the two teams proposed, leaving the midfield as a passage area, to quickly search for the rival goal.

At 27 minutes, Cristian Tarragona led the counterattack and assisted Johan Carbonero, who dominated, settled and took a strong shot from outside to demand Mariano Andújar. A minute later, Oscar Piris went wrong, lost the ball and after a movement, Estudiantes had an offensive play, which Manuel Castro defined with a shot that went high.

Néstor Gorosito had a hand in the team, along with what Ricardo Zielinski did in Estudiantes, and with the modifications, the Gymnastics coach decided to reinforce the team’s defense. That’s how Pincha took possession of the ball and grew in the opponent’s field.

First with a cross from Fernando Zuqui and a header from Fabián Noguera, and then with a cross from Leonardo Godoy and a header from Gustavo Del Prete, Estudiantes sought to break Gimnasia’s defensive line from above.

A few minutes from the end, Pincha had a very clear situation with a crossed and flush scepter from Leandro Díaz, which Manuel Castro sought at the far post, but Matías Melluso cut it off quickly, before Rodrigo Rey left.

About the end, Estudiantes was more than Gymnastics, but the tie ended up prevailing at the UNO stadium in a new edition of the La Plata classic, which ended with crosses between the players after a gesture by Rodrigo Rey and the reaction of the opponents.

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Crosses, pushes and shouts at the end of the La Plata classic between Estudiantes and Gimnasia for the Professional League Tournament

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Students (1)

Mariano Andujar; Leonardo Godoy, Fabián Noguera, Agustín Rogel and Emanuel Mas; Manuel Castro, Jorge Rodríguez, Fernando Zuqui and Matías Pellegrini; Gustavo Del Prete and Mauro Boselli. DT: Ricardo Zielinski.

Gymnastics (1)

Rodrigo King; Manuel Insaurralde, Leonardo Morales, Oscar Piris and Matías Melluso; Johan Carbonero, Agustín Cardozo, Brahian Alemán and Ramón Sosa; Eric Ramírez and Cristian Tarragona. DT: Nestor Gorosito.

goals: PT: 39´ Agustín Rogel (Students). ST: 7´ Cristian Tarragona (Gymnastics)

booked: PT: 38´ Leonardo Morales (Gymnastics). ST: 22´ Agustín Cardozo (Gymnastics); 40´ Leandro Díaz (Students); 48´ Matías Melluso (Gymnastics); 49´Rodrigo Rey (Gymnastics) and Matías Pellegrini (Students)

Changes: ST: 14´ Leandro Díaz x Matías Pellegrini (Students); 29´ Franco Zapiola x Mauro Boselli (Students); 29´Guillermo Enrique and Nery Leyez x Manuel Insaurralde and Eric Ramírez (Gymnastics); 37´ Franco Soldano and Benjamín Domínguez x Cristian Tarragona and Johan Carbonero (Gymnastics); 45´Brian Orosco x Manuel Castro (Students)

Referee: Patrick Loustau.

Stadium: ONE.

Students and Gimnasia tied in the classic platense for the Professional League Tournament