Strong revelations of the conclave in Boca: the face of Battaglia and the spicy back and forth with the Football Council

The Xeneize coach, accompanied by his coaching staff, held a meeting with Chelo Delgado and Patron Bermúdez, after the hot weather in the Bombonera in the tie with Godoy Cruz. The details.

Boca lives hot days. After the draw with Godoy Cruz in the midst of a tense atmosphere in the Bombonera, coach Sebastián Battaglia faltered in his position, but was ratified after a conclave with members of the Football Council. And the next day, Strong revelations of the meeting came out…

The details of the meeting between Battaglia and the Boca Football Council

On Thursday, the day after the duel against Godoy Cruz, Sebastián Battaglia held a meeting with Marcelo Delgado and Jorge Bermúdez, members of the Boca Football Council. The DT was accompanied by Mariano Herrón and Juan Krupoviesa, his field assistants. Juan Román Riquelme, vice president and idol of the club, was not part of the conclave.

The Cello and the Patron, who often exchange opinions constantly with the technician, went with the intention of seeing what was the face of the coach, after the hot weather that was experienced in the Bombonera.

Battaglia, who came to the meeting imagining the worst case scenario, made his position clear: He has no intention of resigning from his post. The members of the Council listened to him convinced that he can reverse the situation. Even, with a certain tone of vanity, considering his back as one of the great idols of the club. Finally, he was ratified in his position and will direct this Saturday against Central Córdoba, in Santiago del Estero.

In turn, Bermúdez and Delgado They advised him to put the referents in the duel against the Railway: they understand that this is not the time for the kids because “the ball burns”. The technical director agreed with that observation. Therefore, he will even play Toto Salvio from the start.

On the other hand, from the Football Council they observe that the great began to look askance at Battaglia in the midst of so many changes in the formationlike several of the youth, who understand that they are the ones who “put their faces” in the face of complex situations experienced by the team.

The spicy round trip between Battaglia and Bermúdez in the meeting in Boca

In the conclave, Sebastián Battaglia recognized Boca’s very weak level in the draw against Godoy Cruz. “We’ve been a mess for seven months,” would have been the spicy response of Jorge Bermúdez after listening to the Xeneize coach.

It is not the first time that the technician and the Patron have a strong back and forth. After the last draw against Arsenal, in an intimate chat, the coach had come forward and made it clear that he was not going to step aside. The Colombian replied that he should be “more grateful” with Riquelme, because he fulfilled the promise that he would return to the club under his management and that he would be the replacement for Miguel Ángel Russo. Now, in this complex context, they passed the ball to Battaglia…

Sebastián Battaglia and the moment of Boca:


Sebastián Battaglia and the moment of Boca:

Battaglia is still in Boca and was forceful: “I never thought of taking a step to the side”

“The meeting was to make a self-criticism of what we have been doing, it is always necessary. We know the situation we are experiencing in terms of some match circumstances, to try to improve“, he said about Thursday’s meeting with the Football Council before the team’s training.

When they promptly consulted him about his continuity, he assured: “I never touched on that subject.” He assured that he believes a lot in the processes and that you have to work on the field, he also highlighted the number of problems he had in terms of injuries and suspensions to be able to face some games.

When they consulted him about the blow of the draw at home against Godoy Cruz and his decision to suspend the press conference after the game, he assured: “I never thought about taking a step to the side, I told the boys and the players that I was dead with themwho trusted the squad we have and the capabilities of each one”. Then he explained that the refusal to speak after equality was because he did not want to speak precisely about what was being asked at that time.

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