South American Cup: Defense and Justice lost at home and got complicated; Lanús won in Uruguay thanks to Pepe Sand


In the duel they encouraged Defense and Justice and the League of Quito in Florencio Varela There was only one obligation: to win. What Goianian had lost to Antofagasta in Chili, the Hawk and the Ecuadorian team went out to Norbert Tomaghello with the possibility of reaching the Brazilian team at the top of the Group F of the South American Cup.

In less than 10 minutes the cast commanded by Sebastian Beccacece He made the merits to open the scoring. A shot of Charles Rotondi from the edge of the small area that was covered by Gonzalo Falconanother attempt Francis Pizzini of medium distance that went to centimeters of the post and an inexplicable action that had him to Walter Bou as the protagonist and the visiting defense avoided the goal on the line were some arguments that exposed the superiority of the Hawk.

A few moments later the owner of the house also searched for the goal by air. Through a corner kick where Nicholas Tripicchio rose in the rival area, the defender made a frentazo that demanded the Uruguayan goalkeeper again. In less than a quarter of an hour, Falcon He had already become one of the figures of the afternoon.

About half an hour the Argentine team continued to hurt their opponent. On that occasion it was gabriel hachen who resolved with suspense with a ball that went low towards the goalkeeper’s left post. By now, the smile of beccacece began to blur due to the injustice that the draw reflected. In addition, a bad exit from the fund of Oscar Zambrano he gave the piggy to Charles Rotondi to be hand in hand in front of the goal, but his deflected shot meant a new local lament.

In the plugin the panorama was darkened to Defense and Justice. For those reasons in which football does not allow analysis, Alexander Alvarado captured a defensive rebound and celebrated the unexpected 1 to 0. Without deserving it, those of the interim Rodrigo Javier Garcia Castellanos they achieved a feat in the suburbs of Buenos Aires.

In closing came some justice. A center sent by Kevin Gutierrez found Lucas Albertengowho dominated with his thigh and shot Falcon. The cry of 1 to 1 had a connotation related to relief, since the Hawk He was clearly deserving of victory.

However, the Liga de Quito once again capitalized on another foreign misfortune and managed to take the lead thanks to a gross error of Unsain. a shot of Jefferson Maple that did not seem to carry too many complications exposed the limitations of the former Newell’s Y Alvarado sealed the 2 to 1 Undoubtedly, the duel was resolved by the different production of the goalkeepers. In a contest in which only the first in each zone qualify, Defense and Justice will need a miracle to advance to the next phase, instead Luis Zubeldia You will have a good outlook when you take office in the next few days. And the former coach of Lanus he will have to thank the interim for the win Rodrigo Javier Garcia Castellanos.


Defense and Justice: Luis Unsain, Nicolás Tripicchio, Juan Rodríguez, Nazareno Colombo, Alexis Soto, Kevin Gutiérrez, Gabriel Hachen, Francisco Pizzini, Walter Bou, Carlos Rotondi and Miguel Merentiel DT: Sebastian Beccacece.

League of Quito: Gonzalo Falcón, José Quintero, Luis Caicedo, Zaid Romero, Luis Ayala, Óscar Zambrano, Michael Hoyos, Julio Ortíz, Ezequiel Piovi, Alexander Alvarado and Tomás Molina DT: Edison Mendez.

Stadium: Norberto Tito Tomaghello

Referee: Gery Vargas (Bolivia)

Television: ESPN

Positions table:


Lanús defeated Montevideo Wanderers 1-0 at the Centenario stadium, thanks to goals scored by eternal goalscorer José Sand in the second half. In this way, Garnet remains unbeaten and leader of group A on the third date of the Copa Sudamericana. The Argentine team now has 7 units, one more than its escort Barcelona from Ecuador, which it will face in Guayaquil, next Wednesday, May 4 at 9:30 p.m. The group led by the Argentine Jorge Célico, with his compatriot Javier Burrai as goalkeeper and with Nixon Molina scoring, also triumphed by the slightest difference over Metropolitanos, in Caracas. Precisely the team from Venezuela, third with 2 points, for the fourth date will receive Wanderers, last with only one unit.

As for the game, the first stage was discreet due to the decisive shortcomings that both teams presented, especially the local team, which predominated in the actions but did not find definitions in their various arrivals of danger. While the visitor, uncomfortable for not being able to gain possession of the ball, and permanently besieged on his way out due to the high pressure and quick transitions from the rival, he was rarely able to get close to the fence guarded by Mauro Silveira. Precisely the Uruguayan goalkeeper disrupted the only clear arrival that Lanús put together with a combination between Brian Aguirre and Lautaro Acosta, whom Silveira stole the ball upon entering the Wanderers area, anticipating in the heads-up at 14 minutes. For its part, the Montevideo team, through its creative midfielder Nicolás Quagliata in particular, demanded it from Fernando Monetti, who knew how to solve some of his defense’s flaws, which showed weaknesses in aerial shipments, both due to associated plays and in the stopped ball.


At the beginning of the second chapter, with the entry of striker Ángel González by midfielder Maximiliano González, the garnets They found more overflow on the right and thus quickly managed to generate a pressing situation for Silveira, who together with Emiliano García complemented each other to save the fall of the local fence after 2 minutes. That greater impetus that Lanús presented was later diluted when Argentine striker Hernán Rivero -former All Boys- entered along with midfielder Diego Hernández, for the inactive Nicolás Ferreira and Emiliano Tellechea, former San Lorenzo and Defensa y Justicia, which allowed him the Uruguayan team to regain the leading role in the match.

Despite not having a game-generating midfielder, those led by Jorge Almirón knew how to get out of the Uruguayan oppression after 25 minutes, in search of the unevenness on the sides with the projections of Alexandro Bernabei on the left and the winger ex Estudiantes de La Silver for the opposite sector. In this way, Lanús managed to mark the opening with the overflow Ángel González after a clever personal maneuver to serve the center that Sand knew how to connect to beat Silveira with a shot to his left, at 33 minutes. With this new mark, the 41-year-old from Corrientes, historic scorer for the Buenos Aires club, increased his record to 161 conversions with the maroon shirt.


Montevideo Wanderers: Mauro Silveira; Juan Acosta, Emiliano García, Juan Aguirre and Kevin Rolón; Guillermo Wagner, Emiliano Tellechea, Bruno Veglio and Nicolás Quagliata; Nicolas Ferreira and Mauro Mendez. DT: Jose Daniel Carreno.

Lanus: Fernando Monetti; Leonel Di Placido, Matías Pérez, Diego Braghieri and Alexandro Bernabei; Brian Aguirre, Maximiliano González, Nicolás Pasquini and Lautaro Acosta; Jose Lopez and Jose Sand. DT: Jorge Almiron.

Stadium: Centenary of Montevideo.

Referee: Wilton Sampaio (Brazil).

Television: ESPN.

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