Somoza is already part of the Central crisis

Central got used to losing and that’s the worst thing that can happen to a team. On top of that, he faced the only rival in zone 2 who was worse than the scoundrel, who until now was Lanús and also kissed the canvas against the garnet That is why the auriazul crisis is already undeniable and today the hasty departure of Kily González was not the remedy to the evils in Arroyito. Because Leandro Somozawho is making his first weapons as the main DT in the first division, at the moment can’t find the answers to correct a course that is going from bad to worse. Central has three dates to give proof of life, otherwise the slide will continue steep as before.

In front of Lanús he threatened with a hint of reaction. At times in the first half it seemed that he had controlled Jorge Almirón’s team. But it was just a mirage. A very fleeting intention that he did not manage to sustain regularly in long passages of the match. It is true that the scoundrel had a couple of very clear chances in each half, but everything shatters when the adversary accelerates and blows down the auriazul resistance and mortifies him.

Without defense or a well planted midfield it is like playing Russian roulette. Servio was again exposed, defenseless and had to take three times out of the middle. Even in maroon goals, the definers entered the area with complete freedom, loose, without pressure on the mark and they hardly had to hit the rogue network. And what if they did.

First it was the conquest of José López, then that of the eternal Diego Valeri and finally the vigilante was Maximiliano González, with a training header for the freedom he had to jump and place the ball away from Servio at will. Three blunders in the individual and collective marking of a DT who proclaims order and try to have a balanced team.

Perhaps one of the few changes that can be seen in the new management is the judicious placement of Marcelo Benítez as a double five, since he is the only one who was above the minimum waterline that requires performance according to the first auriazul.

The rest was the will of Pupi Ferreyra who at least showed his face and asked for the ball. And the entry of Lucas Gamba in the second half was also notorious and worthy. The rest really didn’t measure up and on top of that Lanús made the most of the plays he generated and came out of the bottom of the table with an exaggerated 3-1, but unappealable. From yapa the garnet gave himself the pleasure of showing the head of the well, sinking Central precisely in that uncomfortable and worrying position.

Central is on his knees and on the canvas. He has no choice but to stop and start defending himself so as not to be the last big-eared man in the standings as he is now. The rogue cast on Saturday will receive Independent in a Gigante de Arroyito that will demand urgent answers. Then they will visit Huracán and close the local Professional League Cup against Estudiantes.

Leandro Somoza was now also in the eye of the storm. There are three dates to make a radical makeover. That is the imperative challenge in the very short term so that the future begins to clear up.

In free fall

He doesn’t raise his head. Everything is the same in Central. The football destination maintains its essence. With Cristian González or Leandro Somoza the story is the same. The scoundrel continues to accumulate defeats. The statistics put him between the ropes mercilessly, to the point of making him kiss the canvas. Of the last 18 points he played, the Arroyito representative barely saved one. And it was before the substitutes for Colón in the Giant. The crisis is growing. Be it with the Kily or with the Flaco.

The Central fan does not stop suffering. And the team playing worse and worse. He is a swap, despite the fact that Leandro Somoza hides behind the political discourse of affirming that “We don’t have many mistakes at a collective level, but rather individually”.

With Cristian González he did not get off the ground. He skidded often actually. That is why the Kily ended up being ejected by the board of directors. The same one that hired Somoza because one of the arguments was that Skinny had a detailed report on the campus. It is not noticeable at the moment. Your cycle supports anemia, by the way.

In four games under his leadership, the scoundrel barely collected a point. He was in the Giant and before the substitutes of Colón. Everything else for the divan. Because the sports crisis is constantly increasing. The discontent in the auriazul mass is also enhanced. The campaign, despite the fact that three games remain, is to be forgotten. Because with Kily or Somoza, the result is the same: discomfort.