shouts against Tinelli, Lammens and the campus and request for elections

“If they don’t call elections, what a mess is going to be made…”.

The pattern repeats. There is a whistle, insults, shouts and at the same time faces of resignation. And thousands of fans around the campus parking lot, the so-called “ship” of Pedro Bidegain. A fiery request for early elections is also heard. It is almost a copy-paste of the 2 to 2 scenario against Platense, although with VAT because the crisis is deepening with each party and -in parallel- there is a lack of leadership responses to appease the conflict. So he stadium again is a place of expression for the San Lorenzo fan. One who, enraged by the institutional and sporting present of the club, once again shows his anger with the leadership leadership. Not only through songs but also by displaying their flags upside down in the heart of the popular local. In the board code, a sign of extreme disapproval.

The pattern repeated itself, yes. The hits prior to the kick off reiterated insults to Marcelo Tinelli and Matías Lammens, the two strong men of the CD (although Horacio Arreceygor is the acting president, operational power rests with the Nation’s Minister of Tourism). As the teams left the field, the “Let them all go, let not a single one remain”accompanied by “Boedo is going to be champion the day all the bastards leave the commission.”

At the same time, a roar was also heard aimed at the footballers, the “let’s see if they lay an egg” within a context of rags rotated 180° in the popular venue (there were no flags in the stalls or in the visiting sector, also occupied by fanatical crows). The only one exempt was Sebastian Torricorecurring hero and idol of San Lorenzo applauded when he approached both heads.

The Pattern repeated itself. San Lorenzo was overtaken footballingly, a constant in recent times. This time the rival that handcuffed him, even without ample resources, was Patronato. The goal from 1 to 0, converted by Axel Rodríguez, momentarily interrupted the climate of harangue that had taken place during the first half. And the expulsion at the expense of the VAR of Nicolás Fernández Mercau for a clear blow worked as a play key for the return of the “everyone leaves”reiterated after Gudiño’s goal for 2-0.

“San Lorenzo is the whore who gave birth to him …”, then shook the Bidegain. And with a clear destination: although the footballers are temporarily in a terrible moment, that after Patronato’s second goal the insults returned to Lammens and Tinelli was an obvious sign. The directors are the main targeted, the main disapproved. That is why there were even reproaches on the second floor, around the boxes, accusing those who, the little song says, of hiding, are leading the team to fight for permanence. Something that is evident at a glance from the 2023 average table.

Lammens and Tinelli, singled out

The “leaders their mother’s shell, let’s see if they realize that no one wants them…” came down in effect spilling from the stands as soon as Bareiro scored the discount. San Lorenzo fans disapprove of Tinelli for his mistakes in managing the club since he became president after the 2019 elections, but also because of the license that was taken 11 months ago (expires in mid-May), precisely at the height of the institutional deterioration. turn the ravens They point to Lammens, president for seven years between 2012 and 2019 and away from the microphones, whom they consider a necessary participant in the lack of leadership.

The movements that the leadership generated to try to generate a climate of greater reliability were put on standby: the Minister of Tourism expressly asked MT to decide whether to resign from his position, or if he returns to the chair after his temporary removal.

The popular one from San Lorenzo with the rags upside down (Twitter @ElPlateista).

Nevertheless, the TV host demanded a few days to communicate his decision. And this somehow stopped the plans. Such a feeling of uncertainty did not manage to calm down, not even after the victory against Unión in Santa Fe. And it was evidenced in the pre and post match climate.

Because San Lorenzo he seems to be stuck in his constant indecision. On and off the field, where perhaps more answers are required. Hence the bellow. That is why the crowded fans demanding a return to the polls that was discussed in the privacy of the CD but that is not yet an option. Hence the heat in the throat. Because time passes and the pattern repeats itself.

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