Shots in the preview of San Martín vs. Atlanta: “I was born again”

15 Ciruja gang members shot at supporter journalists and members of the Peña del Bohemio during a lunch. El Turco Alaluf, one of those affected, gave his testimony in dialogue with TyC Sports.

Terror in Tucuman. Supporter journalists from Atlanta and members of the supporters club of that province suffered a shooting attack in the run-up to the match between San Martin de Tucuman Y the bohemian for the First National. 15 people identified with the colors of Ciruja broke into a motorcycle at the Headquarters of the Peña Bohemios del Norte and shot those present shouting don’t fuck around here, hold on San Martin”. There is a wounded.

Andrés Alaluf, one of the journalists who suffered the attack, spoke with TyC Sports and told what happened in the first person: I was born again. We’ve had a bad time There’s a pro-Atlanta reporter with a gash in his left leg. The president of the rock was hit in the head with a bottle, many shotsbegan counting the Turk.

Then, he reviewed the facts: “We were at the home of the president of the Atlanta supporters club in the north, sharing lunch with fans, supporter journalists and some managers, and suddenly 15 members of the San Martín gang caught us off guard. They all came on motorcycles, armed, and as soon as they got to the door they started shooting, saying: ‘Don’t mess around here, hold on, San Martín. They’re not going to leave alive.’ An impressive shootout, we got it cheap by a miracle”.

The testimony of Andrés Alaluf about the shooting suffered at the hands of the San Martín de Tucumán bar


The testimony of Andrés Alaluf about the shooting suffered at the hands of the San Martín de Tucumán bar

The statement from Atlanta after the incident in Tucumán

Club Atlético Atlanta repudiates the brutal attack on today’s journalists who support the club and members of the Peña Bohemios del Norte in San Miguel de Tucumán. They were attacked by people identified with the colors of San Martin de Tucumán, who even fired firearms at the Headquarters of the Peña Bohemios del Norte, a place where there were also boys and girls.

As a result of this violent attack, a partisan journalist who is being treated at a health center was injured in the foot.

At this time, the leaders of the club present in the province are accompanying the group and the respective complaints have already been filed at the corresponding police station.

The word of the president of San Martín de Tucumán after the shooting

Rubén Moisello found out about the incident on TV and did not hesitate to contact TyC Sports. “We had just the television in TyC, but a few minutes before an Atlanta executive had told us that something had happened in a fairly unsafe neighborhood in Tucumán, the San José neighborhood. An act of violence with some shots, an unpleasant fact obviously and that does not make football itself. For us football is something elsehe stated.

On the development of the meeting, he warned: We offer absolute security and all the guarantees that there will not be any type of problem here.. The San Martín Stadium in Tucumán has not had any incidents for quite some time. We are in contact with the managers of Atlanta and we put ourselves at their total disposal, this is more a police fact, not a sports one.”

San Martin Shots

The part of the Tucumán police

On the personal date of this Police Station under my charge, they are intervening in an incident with a gunshot wound in Neuquén Street at 200 San José Yerba Buena, a place where journalists from the Atlanta Club of Buenos Aires were in a house sharing a food and drinks when suddenly around 4:45 p.m. between six and seven people appeared on approximately three motorcycles, enduro types who without saying a word began to shoot at the humanity of these people, resulting in injury to one of the people who was in the house, this being ALEJANDRO SZPIJIR, 58 years old, residing in the Province of Buenos Aires, who received a firearm shot in his left leg after the event, this person was transferred to the Health Center Hospital to receive assistance out of danger, which is reported by the ambulance staff that proceeded with the transfer.

It is hereby stated that citizen PATRICIO ESTEBAN VICTORIA, President of the Peña de Atlanta, organizer of the North Zone of Tucumán, resides at the address where the event occurred (200 Neuquén Street, San José Yerba Buena), who was with some six to seven people from the Province of Buenos Aires, some journalists and other supporters of the Atlanta Club.

The other people were not injured, luckily despite the aggressiveness that they were attacked by people who could be fans of San Martín de Tucumán.

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