Scaloni and Tapia, gathered in Ezeiza by the Argentine National Team: the reason

The president of the AFA has already informed the coach that he wants to agree to renew his contract before the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, but there has been no progress yet.

Claudio Tapiapresident of the Argentine Football AssociationY Lionel Scallonitechnician of the Argentine National Team, met in advance of the FIFA date in September. They did it to plan and work for the coming months, in the year of Qatar World Cup 2022 which will begin on November 21 and end on December 18.

Waiting for the definition of the Court of Arbitration for Sport after appealing the ruling on the game suspended against Brazilby the sixth date of the South American Qualifiers, Wall already communicated to Scaloni that he wants to agree to renew his contract before the World Cup, but there has been no progress yet.

Regarding the legal issues, the arguments presented by the AFA before him TAS are with the order for that the Argentine National Team win the points of the match and that the duel against Brazil is not playedsince a possible sanction (yellow card, red card and/or injury) would be paid in Qatar.

The match was going to be played on September 22 in San Pablo, but now Albiceleste’s position is to present the starters in the last friendly. The problem is that there is still no rival or venue. USA either Middle East They run like chances.

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The calendar of the Argentine National Team in 2022

  • September | Argentina vs. Brazil for the South American Qualifiers (AFA goes to the TAS to prevent it from being played).
  • September | Argentina vs. Rival to be confirmed for Concacaf in the United States.

The last arm wrestling in the Argentine National Team for Qatar 2022: seven for three places

Scaloni doubts list

The Qatar World Cup 2022 is getting closer and the focus of the Argentines is on what will be the list of summoned of the Argentine National Team. Although the coach Lionel Scallonihas not yet made his payroll public, everything indicates that he is polishing details and has it almost defined. Next, the heads-up that remain to be resolved in the World Cup list.

The duel in the arch of the Argentine National Team: Gerónimo Rulli or Juan Musso

Although the 26 player roster open a door to take away four archersthe truth is Rulli Y muso fight hand in hand to be the third goalkeeper, behind Emiliano Martinez Y Frank Armani. Regardless of the chance that both will go, muso seemed to be the chosen one having been summoned repeatedly by Scalonibut about the end of the Qualifiers Rulli He had his chance and did not disappoint the coaching staff. Thus, unless the DT decides to take both -something that seems unlikely-, the fight is head to head.

The defense, another piece of the puzzle that Lionel Scaloni must put together in the Argentine National Team

In the background, three names of soccer players appear, of which two were summoned for the last tour of Europe (with the Finalissima against Italy and Estonia as commitments) and who are fighting to get on the World Cup roster: John Foyth, Mark Senesi Y Lucas Martinez Quarta.

Of three, Foyth clearly he is the one who stings on point. Although she was left off the list of the America Cup that Argentina won in Brazilthe defender of Villarreal seduces by its role as polyfunctional. In addition, it clearly has more calls during the cycle of Scaloni than the other two. Even so, not everything has been said and it is not a set number. Even in the last tour of Europe, names like that of Nehuen Perezalthough it seems more difficult than the footballer of Udinese hit the bump and get on the list.

Paulo Dybala and Ángel Correa: the two or just one?

Dybala seemed to run from behind in consideration of Scaloniwhile Belt added calls and appeared as a valid alternative for the second half of the Scaloneta. However, towards the end of the Qualifiers, La Joya leveled things up and entered the European tour, adding minutes against both Italy and Estonia.

For now, one of the two would go. Although there is a chance for both to be in qatarwhich would consist of Scaloni decide to take one less defender. In that case, the name at risk is precisely that of Foyth.

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