Sarmiento defeats Defense and Justice in the dispute for fourth place in Zone 1

Sarmiento-Defense and Justice and Atlético Tucumán-Argentinos, the matches of the day

Date 11 of the League Cup will put an end to two games that will be of vital importance in the fight for a place in the quarterfinals of the competition. On the first turn, Sarmiento receives Defense and Justice. Then, to end the day, Atlético Tucumán will face Argentinos Juniors.


* Josué Ayala against opened the scoring in Junín

Sarmiento defeats Defense and Justice 2-1 in Junín and for now is entering the qualifying zone for the quarterfinals of the League Cupin the penultimate match of date 11. The match had emotions in the initial 45 minutes with goals from Joshua Ayala (against) and Julian Brea Y yair arismendi they turned it around for Verde, which was fourth in the Zone 1 table.

Those from Junín, who were armed to avoid relegation, find themselves with a historic possibility of being able to fight for the title. After two victories in a row, Israel Damonte’s men have 17 units and appear only one away from being inside the top 4 of Zone 1. The only change in the local team with respect to the 11 that comes from beating Gimnasia in La Plata is the entry of striker Jonatan Torres by youthful Luciano Gondou to be Javier Toledo’s offensive partner.

Those of Florencio Varela, although they also have their heads set on the South American Cup (they are second in Group F, three behind the leader Goianiense of Brazil), have 18 units and are the last to qualify for the next round. Sebastián Beccacece decided to shoot several soccer players who had not been having minutes to rest part of the squad with a view to the clash against Liga de Quito next Thursday for the international competition.

* Julián Brea leveled the score after a great cross from Arismendi

Just like seconds after the initial kick, Sarmiento got a free kick near the area defending Luis Unsain and Federico Andueza shot over the crossbar a very clear situation. As a base, those led by Israel Damonte showed why the stopped ball is one of their specialties and that the Halcón must be careful with this tool if they do not want to suffer throughout the match.

Florencio Varela’s team quickly settled into the duel and came clearly through a shot from Walter Bou what Joshua Ayala sent to the corner. He started dynamic with situations on both sides and showed the power on the offensive front that two of those who seek to qualify for the quarterfinals of the Professional League Cup have.

The parity lasted until the 31st minute when a dangerous cross from the right wing bounced off Sarmiento’s goalkeeper and remained at the feet of Miguel Merentiel who let the ball in to make it a goal against the goalkeeper. Defense and Justice performance went from low to high and increased even more after opening the score.

* Arismendi gave Sarmiento the lead seconds from halftime

However the Green managed to put together a good collective move and with a strong center Julian Brea put tables in a duel full of emotions. Those from Junín showed why they are fighting to qualify for the League Cup quarterfinals and Yair Arismendi, assist in the first goal, broke Unsain’s goal and put his team ahead in the result minutes after halftime .

In the complement the game was very frictional, the game was cut and the process reached a plateau, far from how entertaining the first half was. El Halcón tried a little more with some shots from Miguel Merentiel, Gabriel Hachen, Francisco Pizzini and Gabriel Alanís.

In additional time (46 minutes), Defense had the tie with an overflow from Pizzini on the right, but he received in an advanced position and that is why the judge annulled Merentiel’s goal, which was luxurious since he resorted to a cue to send it indoors. Anyway, it didn’t work.


Sarmiento: Joshua Ayala; Jean Pierre Rosso, Gastón Sauro, Federico Andueza, Federico Rasmussen; Yair Arismendi, Emiliano Méndez, Harrinson Mansilla, Julián Brea; Javier Toledo and Jonathan Torres. DT: Israel Damonte.

Defense and Justice: Luis Unsain; Nicolás Tripicchio, Juan Rodríguez, Nazareno Colombo, Gabriel Alanís; Kevin Gutierrez, Matias Rodriguez; Francisco Pizzini, Walter Bou, Carlos Rotondi; Michael Merentiel. DT: Sebastian Beccacece.

Stadium: Eva Peron

Referee: Leandro Rey Hilfer

Television: Fox Sports Premium


Atlético Tucumán seeks to resurface against Argentinos Juniors
Atlético Tucumán seeks to resurface against Argentinos Juniors

Duel of opposites will be lived in the José Fierro Monumental stadium. Bottom player Atlético Tucumán, now under the command of Lucas Pusineri, will receive an Argentinos Juniors who dreams of getting into the top four to ensure a place in the Final Phase of the League Cup. From 6:30 p.m., by TNT Sports. The referee will be Néstor Pitana.

The Dean, after the change of coach, achieved a meritorious tie in Florencio Varela against Defense and Justice. However, due to the victory of Talleres de Córdoba against River, the Tucumanos now appear at the bottom of Zone 1 with only 6 points.

The only doubt at the venue is whether Ciro Rius will continue as the starter or if Ramiro Cabrera will enter to make one of the bands in the middle of the field.

El Bicho, who won three of his last four presentations, managed to climb the standings and with 17 units appears only one away from reaching Defense and Justice, who until now would be keeping the last ticket to the quarterfinals. final.

Gabriel Milito will put on the field the same eleven that have just beaten Talleres de Córdoba at La Paternal.

Likely formations:

Atletico Tucuman: Nicholas Campisi; Marcelo Ortiz, Bruno Bianchi, Nicolás Thaller, Gabriel Risso Patron; Ciro Rius or Ramiro Carrera, Gastón Gil Romero, Guillermo Acosta, Ramiro Ruiz Rodríguez; Cristian Menendez and Augusto Lotti. DT: Lucas Pusineri.

Argentine Juniors: Federico Lanzillota; Kevin MacAllister, Pablo Minissale, Lucas Villalba; Javier Cabrera, Gabriel Florentin, Fausto Vera, Gabriel Carabajal, Mariano Bittolo; Gabriel Avalos and Nicolas Reniero. DT: Gabriel Milito.

Stadium: Jose Fierro Monument

Referee: Nestor Pitana

Time: 18.30

Television: TNT Sports

Positions table: