San Lorenzo relaxed in the end and the victory escaped him in the last play against Unión for the Professional League

San Lorenzo missed a great situation to improve his walk in the Professional League. In the New Gasometer, Rubén Insua’s team won 2-0 against Union and in the last play of the match they suffered a draw (2-2) that hit everyone in Bajo Flores. From joy to disappointment. It was the synthesis of how the Cyclone lives its present, full of uncertainty. Out of nine matches played in the tournament, the Catalans equalized in six. The goals were scored by Adam Bareiro and Nahuel Barrios for the locals, while Diego Polenta and Tomás González celebrated for the Santa Fe.

With the premise of becoming strong at home, San Lorenzo recovered Federico Gattoni in the background. In addition, Agustín Martegani returned to the starting line-up who, according to the coach himself, suffered an injury prior to the match against Central Córdoba for the fourth date, in the midst of a rumor of alleged interest from a foreign club. “He worked very well in the last month and earned a place,” explained Insua.

On the other side, although they suffered two blows by staying out of the Copa Sudamericana and the Copa Argentina, Tatengue arrived at this crossroads with a good run in the local competition. And on the visiting field is where he performs best, since there he achieved three of his four wins: Boca, Barracas Central and Banfield. Y the draw against Boedo’s team, in short, was savored as a success.

San Lorenzo celebrated in the first half and success escaped him in the endHannibal Greco

With many youth among the starters (from midfield forward the average age was 22 years), the Santa Fe team shows that it has a marked identity -dynamism, pressure, intensity- under the guidance of Gustavo Munúa. In addition, the squad accumulates several sensitive casualties due to injury: Jonathan Álvez, Daniel Juárez and Matías Gallegos, for example. In fact, between the first two they add six of the 16 goals of the team in the Professional League.

For San Lorenzo, the start of the game was weak, without many ideas. Within that context, Unión was more precise. He didn’t stray from his script and tried to be orderly from the back to the front. Although the meeting did not gain in intensity and emotions, the domain was of the visitors. And the movements on the field of play annoyed and worried Insua.

However -and just as it happened in the last game against Banfield-, the Cyclone found the initial advantage when it was suffering the most. The left-handed feet of Nicolás Fernández Mercau and Martegani appeared. At 31 minutes, after a great play, Bareiro took advantage of the center back and opened the scoring. The Paraguayan strongly celebrated his seventh goal in the tournament, which has him as the tournament’s top scorer.

Quickly, pushed by the wounded soul, Unión was close to equality with a strong shot from Brayan Castrillón that Sebastián Torrico deflected. Tatengue had the ball and went to the front. Although at times he felt the impact and advanced with shipments without force or precision. And it was there that he began to despair, to the point that on several occasions he ended up in a bad spot at the bottom.

Barrios scored the second goal for San Lorenzo, at the end of the first half;  then, the victory slipped away from the Cyclone against Union
Barrios scored the second goal for San Lorenzo, at the end of the first half; then, the victory slipped away from the Cyclone against UnionHannibal Greco

The Cyclone, effective, hit hard again. Now, counterattack. At 43, Ezequiel Cerutti moved at full speed to the right, served the ball to Nahuel Barrios and the midfielder took a tight right hand over Santiago Mele’s right post. A merit also of “Perrito”, who recovered the ball near the crescent of the azulgrana area and then ran from end to end. Three passes and shout.

For the Cyclone, two scoring opportunities that translated into two conquests. Absolute forcefulness within an irregular performance. Seize the moments, they call you. From the bursts, of course, football is also nourished. In that period Martegani handled acceleration and pauses. He was one of the highlights of a team that in the first half found the forceful formula.

In the second half, Munúa correctly moved the bench of substitutes and Unión took advantage of a disregard by San Lorenzo to get close to the scoreboard. At 11, Mariano Peralta Bauer found a loose ball in the area, his half-turn shot hit the post and the Uruguayan Diego Polenta pushed it into the back of the net. Industrious, the Tatengue got excited and left hope open.

After some controversial plays, González headed the goal in the sixth minute of stoppage time for Unión's draw against San Lorenzo.
After some controversial plays, González headed the goal in the sixth minute of stoppage time for Unión’s draw against San Lorenzo.Hannibal Greco

Uncertainty dominated the scene for a long time. The match became dynamic and intense. It ran more, it was not played very well. Possibly, vertigo was one of the predominant ones. With a handful of actions in the two arcs. The Barça public got up, seeing how their team took refuge in the background.

The Santa Fe team tried to equalize the match on all sides. Through mid-distance shots, corners and free kicks. He pushed with courage, but ran into an outstanding task by Torrico. Near the end, the visitors demanded a penalty from referee Nicolás Lamolina for a grab by Fernández Mercau on Federico Vera. Also a hand from Gattoni in the small area. By now, the game had completely changed course.

San Lorenzo defended himself, suffered. Everything happened. Y the final shot was for Unión. From now on, it was an award for which he worked hard. On the last play, Tomás González took advantage of a center from the left by Castrillón – daring, spicy – and scored the tie. A bucket of cold water that left more doubts than certainties in the New Gasometer. The previous illusion allowed us to dream of another outcome. But the Cyclone relaxed and the smile went to Santa Fe.