San Lorenzo does not stop falling: it lost at home with Patronato for the League Cup and left again under a rain of insults and whistles

Inverted flags, tense mood, cyclothymic breath and, again, a painful defeat. San Lorenzo, sunk in an institutional crisis, still without winning at home in the Argentine tournament and this Saturday lost 2-1 with Patronage of Parana, by date 12 of zone A of the League Cup. Then, after the oasis that represented that victory last Tuesday over Unión in Santa Fe, the insults and whistles returned in a game that got out of hand. Even after the game, just like a week ago against Platense, the public gathered at the exit of the popular gallery to protest the terrible sporting and institutional moment that the Cyclone is going through. Matías Lammens and Marcelo Tinelli were the main ones targeted by the songs, between the anger and the requests for resignation.

San Lorenzo does not stop falling: it lost at home with Patronato for the League Cup

The story seemed to start well, despite the context. The Cyclone had the ball and made the first approach attempts. Thus, Matías Mansilla drowned out Adam Bareiro’s cry at 6 minutes, after a cross from Ezequiel Cerutti that his attacking partner managed to connect in anticipation of his marker.

But the one who did not forgive, however, was Patronato, who at 29 went 1-0 with a play very well resolved by axel rodriguez to close a perfect counterattack. What was a promising advance for the local suddenly mutated after Oliver Benítez’s header clearance. Jonathan Herrera, who had a short pass through the Ciclón, received a long pass from Nicolás Castro, beat Federico Gattoni to the left and enabled the other El Patron striker, who within the area distanced himself from Cristian Zapata and defined.

A scene from the first half between San Lorenzo and Patronato, at the New Gasometertelam

When San Lorenzo managed to approach with some danger, the visitor’s goal was a blow to the chin. in the middle of the murmur, kept trying against a team that was retreating, was alert to errors and awaited the opportunity. In the stands it was already heard more often: “Move, San Lorenzo, move…”.

Five from the end of the first stage, Gattoni was left alone to get the tie, with time to choose where to define. However, in a hurry, he handed the goalie a pass. Badly profiled after the qualification of Agustín Martegani, the young defender who gave victory to his team against Unión could not solve this time coldly.

A couple of volleys by Mansilla to send the ball to the corner against complicated shots and a free kick by Castro that went close to a Torrico post decorated the first half, which closed with some whistles and reproaches accentuating from the stands.

Ezequiel Cerutti carries the ball for San Lorenzo, who could not with Patronato
Ezequiel Cerutti carries the ball for San Lorenzo, who could not with Patronatotelam

For the second half, the interim DT Fernando Berón opted without result for Ricardo Centurión to give freshness to the attack of San Lorenzo, who left Ezequiel Herrera, a defender, in the locker room. And at the start, Bareiro shot wide after a precise pass from Jalil Elías, who fell back a few meters on the side. But the Cyclone suffered. Torrico saved twice in the same play before the 10, while his teammates lost the ball near the goal. And Martegani was no longer as comfortable as before, after the change of position.

Things got worse for the local with the intervention of the VAR. First, after an action in which Bareiro missed the tie, the referee was able to observe on the monitor next to the field a shot by Nicolás Fernández Mercau that he had not noticed and for which, finally, he showed him the red card. And then, the Board of Trustees celebrated with suspense the 2-0 at 22. The assistant had marked an advanced position, but from the system they warned the judge that Gabriel Gudiño’s goal was valid because both he and Raúl Lozano, who assisted him, were enabled .

Board of Trustees took advantage of the very bad moment of San Lorenzo
Board of Trustees took advantage of the very bad moment of San Lorenzotelam

A blooper approached the Cyclone on the scoreboard at 26. Mansilla, in his only weak point in the match, went wrong in a cross, missed and the ball, which hit Ojeda’s head, ended up getting into the Patronato goal. It was 2-1. An approach on the scoreboard, but without much hope from the game.

A pigeon from Cerutti went just wide when the local pushed with more will than ideas. Malcom Braida, recently admitted, had launched the center looking for one of his forwards, including Nicolás Blandi, who was also waiting in the area. was left in regret. Boedo’s team did not have the rival arch on the radar again.

In the added time of 8 minutes, Torrico continued making merits for the applause that differentiate him from most of his teammates with two other important covers. First, Diego García Cardozo and then Lucas Barrios. And this, in addition, missed the goal in another hand-to-hand action with which the Entre Ríos team could have finished the game before the final whistle that returned the smile to those led by Facundo Sava and relaunched the cataract of whistles and insults from the fans of the Ciclón, which has accumulated just two successes (both away) and adds five defeats in a League Cup in which it does not stop falling.

The fans, against the leadership of San Lorenzo