Rugby World Cups in the United States? The revolutionary objective of President Joe Biden and what is his link to this sport

The history of the Rugby World Cup began in 1987, with shared headquarters: New Zealand and Australia. A final at Auckland’s Eden Park was predicted between the hosts, but France, led by the remembered fullback Serge Blanco, stood in the way in an extraordinary semifinal in Sydney and broke the organizational and marketing ideal. The champion, the first champion, of course, could not be other than the All Blacks, with an overwhelming pace throughout the contest. With his legendary media partner, David Kirk and Grant Fox, and forwards like Alan and Gary Wheaton, Sean Fitzpatrick, Wayne Shelford and Zinzan Brooke. And the wing that shook the oval planet: John Kirwan, an irrepressible giant.

Later, the Rugby World Cup went through different venues. In 1991, the United Kingdom, France and Ireland; in 1995, South Africa (portrayed in the film “Invictus”, due to the meaning of the Springbok deed in the days of Nelson Mandela); repeated in 1999 the tri stage of 1991; 2003 was Australia; France, Wales and Scotland shared that of 2007; in 2011 the magic of rugby returned to New Zealand; in 2015 he walked through England and Wales, and the last one, in 2019, in Japan. The next one, in 2023, will play again in France. And in 2027, Australia.

As can be seen, there is a lot of tradition in the designation of venues. Almost a closed circuit among the countries where this sport has the greatest call. However, by 2031 it could break with history with a venue that was unthinkable a few years ago: the United States. Y behind the movement to get the designation is none other than the president, Joe Biden. An ambitious bet: not only does he want to organize the men’s World Cup, but also the women’s, in 2033.

The “seduction operation” launched towards World Rugby It included a special letter that Biden himself sent to the president of the entity, the Englishman Bill Beaumont, a glory of this sport. The outcome of these efforts will be known on May 12, and in the World Rugby environment they welcome the fact that the president of the United States has taken the reins of the negotiations.

What does the letter that Biden sent to Beaumont say? “The United States strongly supports the effort to bring the 2031 Men’s Rugby World Cup Tournament and the 2033 Women’s Rugby World Cup Tournament to our country and looks forward to working with Rugby World Cup Limited to help bring it to fruition. the most successful Rugby World Cups in history”.

Biden played rugby in college and is a cousin of Irishman Rob KearneyROBERTO SCHMIDT – AFP

President Biden also pledged to “promote the development of rugby in the United States and around the world in a sustainable and humane manner, without discrimination of any kind, regardless of race, nationality, or creed,” and affirms that the government The US will work to ensure that “any adverse impact on the environment as a result of the tournaments is minimised.”

Biden said government guarantees requested by World Rugby would be “executed by officials who have the competence and authority” to do so, or in cooperation with states and private entities. The United States will also seek the enactment of any necessary legislation, the letter says.

The United States team listens to its anthem, in an image of the 2015 World Cup
The United States team listens to its anthem, in an image of the 2015 World Cup

Biden’s Democrats may lose control of Congress to Republicans next November. However, this would not be a problem for the bid, as there is a bipartisan group for Rugby in Congress that supports the World Cup bid.

Now, where does Biden’s personal interest in obtaining a candidacy for two Rugby World Cups come from? He was not able to develop as an athlete in a rugby club, but he did in his university days at the Faculty of Law. And he is a fanatic follower of every performance of Ireland, one of the best teams in Europe and a participant in World Cups and in the traditional Six Nations tournament. What’s more, he recently received former Irish fullback Rob Kearney, who is also his cousin, at the White House.

The ball in the Oval Office

And more details. During a visit to the White House by Barack Obama, former president of the United States and also a Democrat, an autographed rugby ball was seen in the Oval Office. It was Kearney himself who, through social networks, shared a photo with his followers in which he gave Biden the ball. Moreover, they say that both kicked the oval for a while in one of the gardens. It was the day after St. Patrick’s Day, the famous Irish celebration.

Rob Kearney with the autographed ball he gave to President Joe Biden
Rob Kearney with the autographed ball he gave to President Joe Biden

It wasn’t just Biden who publicly moved the chips. Jim Brown, chairman of the United States Rugby World Cup bid, said: “We are honored and humbled that President Biden shares our wish with optimism, not just about hosting the next World Cups. of Rugby in the United States, but also about the enormous potential that this sport has in this country”. He continued: “Support from federal, state and local governments is critical to the success of planning and executing a world-class event and this strong endorsement from the President marks a huge step forward in our plans to host incredible tournaments in the Rugby World Cup in the United States in 2031 and 2033.”

Rob Kearney in the Oval Office

Likewise, Ross Young, the CEO of USA Rugby, said: “We now look forward to a final decision from World Rugby in less than a month. The potential to grow the sport of rugby in the United States is truly immense, and we are all looking forward to the next steps should the United States be awarded the opportunity to host.”

At the moment, there are no venues that compete for 2031 with the United States. Country, on the other hand, that has not yet qualified for the 2023 World Cup in France, a place that will settle with Chile. As for the Women’s World Cup, it will be held in New Zealand, next October.

What would be the main cities for an eventual Rugby World Cup in the United States? New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, San Francisco, Miami, Orlando, Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, Boston, Austin, Minneapolis, Nashville, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Seattle, Baltimore, Birmingham, Charlotte, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Kansas City, Pittsburgh and San Diego. As a detail, in October, the United States faced the All Blacks in Landover, Maryland, with a 104-14 victory for the Men in Black. How many people attended? About 40,000 people.

The World Rugby operation is underway and the United States awaits the final decision of World Rugby. Biden already has a great memory in his office. He now he points to a try for history.