River – Gymnastics, live

El Monumental, with jubilation, for the entry of Miguel Borja by Beltrán, the scorer. Gallardo greets the young striker with affection, with a good performance. The Colombian generates expectation, above all, because of how he showed himself in the previous days.

The millionaire team can stretch the difference: Palavecino almost made it 2-0. Immediately, Gallardo decides to enter Pablo César Solari, in his presentation. He replaces the young Simon, a good match.

The hope is that the show will improve, predictable, on the side of River and cautious, in the case of Gimnasia. With the result against, the Wolf must go out to attack, which can offer huge spaces to the millionaire team. For now, Borja and Solari, the last reinforcements, are waiting on the bench.

The fans sing and jump, to lift a dull, predictable team, which finds the goal in the final stretch of the first chapter. Gymnastics does not complicate it too much, but the defects are noticeable with the crossed balls. River has the upper hand, but he is shy, far from the sharp fang of other times.

Aliendro, on the floor, before Guiffrey; the steering wheel puts a lot, he plays littleTHE NATION/Mauro Alfieri

A subtle and crossed touch from Beltrán, who takes advantage of a short clearance from Morales. The previous millionaire play is good, although it becomes the worst millionaire moment, when the spaces are diluted.

A long shot by Sosa finds Armani with the usual reflexes, who takes the ball to the corner. River’s domain is diluted, Gimnasia appears by surprise, especially on the sides. A lackluster encounter is exhibited in Núñez.

Marcelo Gallardo filled with midfielders on the field. Aliendro, a little later. Simón, on the right, Palavecino, in the center, De la Cruz, on the left. Beltrán, almost always with his back to the goal, goes down and associates. The good thing: they change position, they don’t stay static. The bad: they lack surprise, spark. A shot from Zuculini, which Rey takes to the corner and a header from Gómez, the best.

Beltrán stumbles, always with impetus and few ideas
Beltrán stumbles, always with impetus and few ideasTHE NATION/Mauro Alfieri

Lionel Scaloni, the coach of the selected team, is in a box, following the match that closes the date. River tries, searches, with the surprise of the flyers, but has no power, no strength in the final meters. Gymnastics waits and turns on the counterattacks.

River and Gimnasia already play in the Monumental. The millionaire team is 10 points behind those above, Atlético Tucumán and Argentinos. Gymnastics, of good campaign, is four. Pipo Gorosito, the coach, emerged in Núñez. Mammana y Martínez is the central defense of River, a novelty. German Brahian, the bold card of the Wolf.

River, in action, before the match
River, in action, before the matchTHE NATION/Mauro Alfieri

Marcelo Gallardo had a more balanced team, with multiple midfielders with range (offensive, defensive) and a single striker, Lucas Beltrán. The lack of confidence, a synthesis of this moment. In midfield: Aliendro, De la Cruz, Palavecino, Simón…

The millionaire club announced the list of those mentioned with two important novelties: the reinforcements Miguel Borja and Pablo Solari they could add their first minutes against Lobo. The intention is to reinforce the millionaire attack, with a share of experience and self-confidence. Borja will play with shirt number 9 and Solari, with 16.

Beyond the adverse streak, the coach Marcelo Gallardo, assured this Tuesday that his team “is not in crisis”. And he added: “We are at a time when we, after many years and many changes, of various situations that existed in terms of the assembly of the squad and the team and with the expectations that we set ourselves as a goal before the start of each year . Clearly one of the objectives of this semester we could not fulfill (in reference to the elimination in the Copa Libertadores), but we are far from being discouraged, although it is beginning to speculate that there are issues that have to do with things outside of football. Before the meeting, he received a plaque with the heading “400 ″, for the parties directed in the entity of Núñez.

Marcelo Gallardo assured that there is no crisis in River and it was hard in conference
Marcelo Gallardo assured that there is no crisis in River and it was hard in conferencehttps://twitter.com/RiverPlate

The wolf added 14 points out of 18 in the first six dates, when he had an unbeaten record of four wins and two drawsbut after the defeat in Tucumán against Atlético and the draw in La Plata against Colón, he reached 191 minutes without converting.

Welcome to live coverage. River Plate and Gimnasia de La Plata meet this Thursday at the Monumental stadium for the ninth date of the Professional League, in the duel that closes the day. The meeting that will arbitrate Yael Falcon Perez starts at 9:30 p.m. and is broadcast live on TNT Sports.

El Millonario accumulates three matches without victories in the tournament -defeats with Huracán 3-2 and Godoy Cruz 2-0 plus draw against Vélez 2-2- and has just nine points product of two wins and three pardas. In the standings it is ten units behind the leaders, Atlético Tucumán and Argentinos Juniors.