River, dull, beat Gymnastics 1 to 0 in the Monumental

Far from the level that Marcelo Gallardo used to have, and that Marcelo Gallardo wants so much to recover, River defeated Gimnasia by the slightest difference after a game where, although he prevailed fairly, the Wolf contained him with great display until the arrival of Beltrán’s goal . To the Gorosito teamwho was always willing to make a great physical display, he lacked ideas, creativity and precision to go for the tie during the second half.

The albiazul team in this way could not add three to three and as a result of this defeat it remains with 14 units, moving away a little from the leading positions, although remaining in a position to qualify for next year’s international cups, the main objective of this campus.

The next date for the Wolf is just around the corner, since on Sunday from 6:00 p.m. he will have to receive Lanús in the Forest, a commitment where he will seek to rediscover himself with victory, nothing more and nothing less than his people.

Gymnastics started the game well, with little distance between the lines and making River need a high level of precision in deliveries that is not easy to achieve.

The first was for the Millionaire: Simón sent a cross into the area that overcame all of Lobo’s defenders, but no one arrived and the ball died in the hands of Rodrigo Rey.

In the initial ten minutes, Gallardo observed that his team, beyond everything he declared at a press conference, could not dominate a well-structured rival and with supportive movements to recover the ball.

At the end of the first quarter of an hour, a shot by Agustín Palavecino meant the first touch of attention for Rey, who was unable to hold on and deflected the shot from outside the area to a corner.

River began to display his football around twenty, when he cornered the Wolf in his area generating the first romps of King. The attack was the pending subject of the guest, costing him a lot to approach Armani with danger.

River got scared in the 33rd minute, when Paraguayan Sosa was encouraged to try from afar, with a low oblique shot, and demanded the local goalkeeper based on the right post.

Standing a little more ambitious, Gimnasia went out to play the complement knowing that he had to modify his position. The issue was that Soldano did not come into play and only Sosa left some interesting brushstrokes on the edge of the area.

River was close to extending the advantage after a very good combination that he put together on the right and ended with a shot by Palavecino that Rey cleared, being very attentive to shrink by taking a step forward.

While the figure of Aliendro grew, influencing his team in the best way, Gymnastics lost the enthusiasm of the first minutes to go seek equality. Gorosito did not decide to make changes and the energies of several were no longer the same.

About half an hour Gymnastics had become harmless and variants were imposed that only arrived when Gallardo had already called Borja to enter. Lautaro Chávez for Soldano and Benjamín Domínguez for Cecchini were the offensive bets trying to change a course that was not favorable to him.

Tomás Muro then made his entry in place of Eric Ramírez, but Lobo’s attempts were unsuccessful.

The minutes passed without any standing out. River could not widen the difference and Gymnastics continued without lucidity to bring danger to the rival area. This is how the end came and for the minimum, Mens Sana left the Monumental empty-handed.

Photo // Gymnastics Press

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River Plate: 1- Franco Armani; 20- Milton Casco, 23- Emanuel Mammana, 6- David Martínez, 29- Elías Gómez; 27- Rodrigo Aliendro, 5- Bruno Zucullini; 31- Santiago Simón, 8- Agustín Palavecino, 11- Nicolás de la Cruz; and 18- Lucas Beltran. DT: Marcelo Gallardo.

The Millionaire substitutes: 33- Ezequiel Centurión, 14- Leandro González Pires, 22- Javier Pinola, 4- Jonatan Maidana, 15- Andrés Herrera, 32- Tomás Pochettino, 26- José Paradela, 10- Juan Fernando Quintero, 21- Esequiel Barco, 16- Pablo Solari, 19- Braian Romero and 9- Miguel Borja.

Gymnastics and Fencing La Plata: 17- Rodrigo Rey; 6- Guillermo Enrique, 4- Leonardo Morales, 24- Germán Guiffrey, 18- Nicolás Colazo; 10- Brahian Alemán, 5- Emanuel Cecchini, 30- Agustín Cardozo, 11- Ramón Sosa; 43- Eric Ramírez and 15- Franco Soldano. DT: Nestor Gorosito.

The substitutes of the Wolf: 1- Tomás Durso, 3- Oscar Piris, 41- Gonzalo González, 31- Matías Bazzi, 33- Nery Leyes, 27- Manuel Insaurralde, 22- Matías Miranda, 28- Tomás Muro, 20- Alan Lescano, 21- Lautaro Chávez, 44- Benjamin Dominguez and 26- Alexis Dominguez.

Goal in the first half: 42m. Beltran (R).

Changes in the second half: 15 m. Esequiel Barco for De.La Cruz (R) and Pablo Solari for Simón (R); 28m. Miguel Borja for Beltrán (R), Lautaro Chávez for Soldano (G) and Benjamín Dominguez for Cecchini (G); 35m. Tomas Muro for Ramirez (G),

Warned: Zuculini (R). Enrique, Cecchini and Muro(G).

Basketball court: River Plate.

Referee: Yael Falcon Perez.