“Red Bull and Ferrari make F1 more boring”

    Toto Wolff assures that the dominance that Red Bull and Ferrari are showing at the start of the season at the top of the grid is making the races more boring.

    “The dominance of Red Bull and Ferrari makes Formula 1 more boring”

    Red Bull and Ferrari have shared all the victories in the eleven races that have been held this season. In addition, no other team has been able to grab even the second place of a grand prize that has not been one of these two. Only Mercedes and Lando Norris have been able to get on a podium this season apart from Red Bull and Ferrari.

    Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff believes the performance gap between Red Bull and Ferrari with the rest of the grid does Formula 1 no good, making races more boring, especially sprint qualifying as happened in the Austrian Grand Prix.

    “I think the reason why the races are being less entertaining is because there is a lot of performance gap between the teams.declared Toto Wolff in a statement collected by the British medium Independent.

    “If you have Verstappen driving off into the distance, the two Ferraris being the only entertainment during the race and then there’s the rest of the teams in the middle of nowhere.added the Mercedes.

    “Afterwards, the others are much further back and there are DRS trains. That makes sprint races very boring.

    Can Mercedes join the upper zone?

    Mercedes has not had the start to the season they had hoped for, currently third, 122 points behind Red Bull and 66 points behind Ferrari. This season they have had many problems, especially with ‘porpoising’, and that has led them to lose performance.

    However, if we are talking about a dominant team in Formula 1 we are talking about Mercedes in recent years, having won the last eight constructors’ championships in a row and seven of the last eight drivers’ championships.

    Since the British Grand Prix, Mercedes have made a considerable step forward over their rivals, and Red Bull hopes that leap will be repeated once again at Paul Ricard and they may be fighting for higher places.

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