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FOCUS Online deal tip: Read a book in just 15 minutes: Test three free financial titles at Blinkist

Tuesday, 07/19/2022, 5:42 p.m

The gist of books and podcasts can be read or listened to in just 15 minutes with Blinkist. Get three free titles on the subject of financial freedom and an exclusive 35 percent discount on the annual subscription with the FOCUS Online Deal Tip, although the time savings shouldn’t be neglected either. We have summarized all information.

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A World of Knowledge: Read more books with Blinkist

In the stressful everyday life, it is usually not that easy to reconcile work, family, friends and hobbies. The umpteen series that you still want to watch in order to be able to have a say don’t necessarily make it easier to find more time for reading. Books are a true source of knowledge and at least as good a topic of conversation as series or films. So how can you expand your knowledge if you just can’t get around to reading? The answer is with Blinkist!

Blinkist transforms the Key messages from the best non-fiction books and podcasts in clever short texts and audio tracks in audio book quality – so-called blinks. These last just 15 minutes, in which you can improve your professional skills, become more mindful or simply expand your general knowledge. There should be the right book here for practically every goal in life.

As a FOCUS Online reader you now get exclusive three free blinks (key insights from three non-fiction books). In addition, you can complete the annual subscription “Blinkist Premium” with a discount of 35 percent.

Three free blinks on finance and a 35 percent discount on the annual subscription

If you want to expand your knowledge in the field of “finance”, you can now use the start three free blinks from Blinkist: “Rich Dad, poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki, “Get rich with family businesses” by stock exchange legend Beate Sander and “Passive Income” by Max Osbergshaus. To get the free titles, all you have to do is create an account with Blinkist and sign up for the free trial* – or sign up for the annual subscription directly via FOCUS Online at a reduced price.

This is available exclusively via FOCUS Online for a whole 35 percent cheaper. Instead of 79.99 euros you pay for one year Blink is only 51.99 euros – and thus become a premium member. This gives you access to all content on Blinkist – without any ads! In order to end the subscription, it must be actively canceled before it expires. Otherwise it continues automatically and you pay the regular monthly fee for the annual subscription.

Discover a selection from over 5,000 titles at Blinkist

With Blinkist you can read or listen to the key points from over 5,000 non-fiction books and podcasts in just 15 minutes and thus discover completely new worlds. Be it in the field of science, creativity or health and nutrition – at Blinkist you will find titles that are sure to fit your interests and goals. A team of editors compiles the so-called blinks and shortcasts from the titles so that you receive meaningful and practical knowledge packages with valuable insights and ideas.

According to a Blinkist survey, 91 percent of users successfully change their habits with Blinkist. And all this in a relaxed manner on the train ride to work, in the evening on the sofa or on the go in the car. So you get new knowledge by reading it in the stressful everyday life.

*The trial subscription runs for a total of 7 days. During this time, you can test Blinkist for free and cancel if you don’t like it. Otherwise, the regular annual subscription will automatically start immediately afterwards.

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