Ralf Schumacher also thinks about the state of Hamilton

The current level of Lewis Hamilton continues to speak in Formula 1. And, although it is true that the Mercedes of this 2022 season was born with many more problems than expected, especially the ‘poising’ or rebound effect, it is also that the seven-time world champion is performing well below expectationswhile his teammate George Russell is getting decent results out of the car.

Schumacher believes they could turn the tables at Mercedes

Last week’s Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix was a clear example of this. At no time was Hamilton able to rise to the occasion at Imola, finishing 13th in the race after being locked in an intermediate group in which unsuccessfully tried to overtake Pierre Gasly for 40 laps. This caused the entry on the radio behind the checkered flag of his boss, Toto Wolff, apologizing for giving him a car “undriveable”.

Things went better for Russell. The young British pilot finished in fourth position, only surpassed in the midfield by Lando Norris, after making a great start that placed him in the front positions. Thus, #63 became Italy in the only driver of the year to have managed to finish in the Top 5 in the four races played till the date. That is, minimizing damage with a more than complicated car.

The fact that Hamilton is not being able to reply to him has surprised the Great Circus environment, and there are several analysts who are giving their point of view on the matter. It is the case of Ralf Schumacher. The 46-year-old former pilot and current commentator for the German version of ‘Sky Sports’ believes that the seven-time world champion must reflect and come to a conclusion: that his incipient rival in the box He is a better pilot than him right now.

This is how he explained it in the column he publishes for German television: “We have to talk about Lewis Hamilton, of course. He has to wonder why George Russell is so much faster than him. A 13th place finish is, of course, not his ambition. You have to admit that Russell is the better driver right now. If this continues in the next few weeks, it will be exciting in the team. There could be changes in the ranking”, he commented.

However, the brother of Michael Schumacher believes that Hamilton should not rethink his continuity in the World Championship at this time: “I’m a long way from saying that Hamilton has missed the boat when it comes to the end of his career.. Lewis is still one of the best drivers in the category, that’s for sure. However, the new concepts require drivers to change a bit. Hamilton is not so used to it. Russell, on the other hand, is a young driver. Obviously they take it better“, It is finished.

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