Racing defeated Patronato with 9 players and broke a historical record of the legendary José Pizzutti team

Matchday 11 of the Argentine top division continues

This Wednesday continues the action of the Professional League Cup with presentations such as Boca Juniors against Godoy Cruz and River Plate’s visit to Talleres de Córdoba. But in addition, the date that will be completed on Thursday, has four other captivating duels that could define the fate of some teams.

It is worth mentioning that the first four of each zone will qualify for the Final Phase, where there will be direct elimination duels until reaching a final between the two best.


Aníbal Moreno tried to take over half of the field in Paraná
Aníbal Moreno tried to take over half of the field in Paraná

With the illusion of adding a new victory and overcoming the legendary team of Jose Pizzutti in number of consecutive wins, Racing was featured in Parana to meet his commitment to Patronage.

Fernando Gago he opted for a mix in which he replaced most of the starting defenders to regulate the charges due to the triple competition. Therefore, the set of facundo sava began the duel with the desire to lose respect for the giant of Avellanedabut a great goal upset the plans of the Colorado.

*Javier Correa’s great goal with which Racing took the lead in Paraná

a shipment of Nery Dominguez toward Xavier Correa was the key to Academy celebrate the premature 1 to 0. The ex Columbus of Santa Fe took advantage of an oversight on the last line and resolved above Matias Mansilla to concretize a beauty in its conquest.

The blow did not cause any inconvenience to the Patterngiven that after a mid-distance threat from Gabriel Gudinowhich was disabled by Gaston Gomez, Nicholas Castro managed to break the resistance of chila with a low shot. With the 1 to 1, the result was justified with the development of the duel.

*El Patron reacted through Nicolás Castro

When there were 10 minutes to go until the end of the first stage, Facundo Tello sanctioned an infraction inside the area on lucas orbanwhat Matias Rojas he exchanged for a goal from the twelve steps. The impressive punch of the Paraguayan left the local goalkeeper without a chance.

*The goal of Matías Rojas through the penalty sanctioned by Facundo Tello

in the plugin Racing he appealed to the same formula with which he opened the scoring to celebrate the third. A frontal ball behind the backs of the center backs found Xavier Correa in another hand in hand in front of Matias Mansillaand the mouthpiece concluded at the bottom of the net: 3 to 1

*Racing’s third goal was similar to the first. And both were scored by Correa

By the end of the afternoon, the Academy must have suffered due to a gross error of Edwin Cardonawho gave a ball to axel rodriguez and the striker did not forgive. With the 3 to 2 the Presbyter Bartholomew Grella was filled with suspense, since the set of Gago concluded the game with 9 due to the expulsion of Lucas Orban and Rojas’ injury.

*Cardona’s error that allowed the discount to Patronato

Beyond the suffering Racing achievement his tenth consecutive win Y broke the record that had been established by the legendary team of Juan José Pizzutti in 1967. That cast that had been champion of America and of world had added 9 wins in a row. And in Parana, Fernando Gago wrote a new golden story with the entity albiceleste. Their next challenges will be set in the Final Phase of the domestic tournament, the Copa Sudamericana and the Copa Argentina.


Stadium: Presbyter Bartholomew Grella

Referee: Facundo Tello

TV: Fox Sports Premium


Orellano is one of the most incisive cards in the Fortin's offense
Orellano is one of the most incisive cards in the Fortin’s offense

Velez Sarsfieldwith a weak campaign in the Professional Football League Cup, received Central Cordoba of Santiago del Esteroin a match corresponding to the eleventh date of Zone B. Despite the weak present, the Fort managed to get ahead through an exquisite definition of Luca Orellano after a past center of Emmanuel Insua. The joy came early in Villa Luro.

*The exquisite definition of Luca Orellano with which Vélez opened the scoring in Liniers

However, in the complement the northern team showed a remarkable reaction and reversed history. A defensive deconcentration in which four men remained in front of the vulnerable Lucas Hoyos, Renzo Lopez tied the lawsuit before an empty goal. The aspirations to maintain the category meant an additional motivation for those of Sergio Rondine.

*Central Córdoba’s draw at José Amalfitani


Stadium: Joseph Amalfitani

Referee: Paul Echavarria

TV: Fox Sports Premium


Leprosy prevailed against Banfield in the Colossus Marcelo Bielsa
Leprosy prevailed against Banfield in the Colossus Marcelo Bielsa

The Leprosy took a huge step in their fight to qualify for the League Cup quarterfinals: they won 1-0 against Banfield for a penalty from Juanchon Garcia and thus it was affirmed among the first four of Zone A.

In a very disputed match in the first half, what generated the turning point was the expulsion for double yellow card of Gregorio Tanco at minute 40 of the match. The Drill He had had a clear one in the head of Juan Cruz, but Iván Arboleda narrowed the space and prevented the goal. Beto Bologna had done the same with Willer Ditta, when he captured a rebound inside the penalty area.

Javier Sanguinetti sent Leonel Vangioni to the field and panchito González for the complement and Newell’s changed its position. He decidedly stopped in the rival field and began to generate possession, dominance and arrivals. Thus, was that Juan Garro enabled García in a run in which the 9 accommodated his body and manufactured the infraction of Dylan Gissi. Later, he tricked Bologna from 12 steps. The people from Rosario were able to liquidate him, but they failed in the final meters. The visit barely had a last approach with a left-footed shot by Giuliano Galoppo that was left in the hands of Arboleda, in two halves.

Now those from Parque Independencia will prepare to visit Racing in Avellaneda with the illusion of staying in the qualifying zone. The Banfileños could have missed one of their last chances and will have to win everything that remains (Talleres, Racing and Atlético Tucumán) and wait for other people’s results to dream. In parallel, dispute the Copa Sudamericana.

*The best of the leper triumph in Rosario


Stadium: Marcelo Bielsa

Referee: Jorge Balino


The Garnet and the Scoundrel want to add to get out of the bottom of the table
The Garnet and the Scoundrel want to add to get out of the bottom of the table

Lanuswho is last with seven points in Zone B, will host Central Rosarypenultimate with eight, in a crossover of teams with the need to add corresponding to date 11 of the Professional League Cup. The match will be played from 7:00 p.m. at the Ciudad de Lanús stadium, it will be refereed by Fernando Espinoza and televised by Fox Sports Premium.

The Garnetwhich comes from drawing 1-1 as a visitor to Boca Juniorshas no chance of qualifying for the final round but will try to return to victory at home after defeating in the Fortress to the Barcelona from Ecuador 3-1 for the South American Cup.

Rosario Central, who also has no chance of qualifying, will have the return of the midfielder Marcelo Benitez for Gino Infantino and from the front Marco Reuben by Alejo Veliz or by Lucas Gamba. The Rosario box will not have the hitch Emiliano Vecchiowho does a physical reconditioning in double shift ordered by the technical director Leandro Somoza.

The Scoundrel comes from losing 1-0 as a visitor to Aldosivi in Mar del Plata in a strange match in which he showed some signs of improvement and in which he had arrivals to at least deserve a draw.

probable formations

Lanus: Fernando Monetti; Leonel Di Plácido, Matías Pérez, Diego Braghieri, Alexandro Bernabéi, Tomás Belmonte, Nicolás Pasquini, Braian Aguirre, Lautaro Acosta; Jose Sand, Jose Manuel Lopez. DT: Jorge Almiron.

Central Rosary: Gaspar Servio; Damián Martínez, Juan Komar, Javier Báez, Lautaro Blanco; Walter Montoya, Emmanuel Ojeda, Marcelo Benitez, Luciano Ferreyra; Alejo Veliz or Lucas Gamba, Marco Ruben. DT: Leandro Somoza.

Time: 19.00

Stadium: City of Lanús-Néstor Díaz Pérez

Referee: Fernando Espinoza

TV: Fox Sports Premium.

Positions table:


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