Puerto Madero, sparkling: fresh news to enjoy between docks

Just as sea breezes allow anyone to renew their vibes and leave behind “what no longer works”, those from the Río de la Plata touch the floodgates of the Puerto Madero dams daily to transform it and reaffirm its identity as one of the most avant-garde neighborhoods of the city. In its humble two kilometers of surface, everything happens. There is close contact with nature in the Ecological Reserve. There are cool tracks to “canchererala” on your skateboard. Art abounds in the Fortabat Foundation, in the Faena Arts Center and in each open-air sculpture and artistic intervention mounted on its streets named after a woman. On this tour of this sensual neighborhood, we make technical stops for its gastronomic coordinates.

You already know Germn Sitz. On this occasion, we take you to El Dorado, his new bet (along with Pedro Pea, as always), based “in the spirit of the 90s…. The ideal foundation of El Dorado is then to exalt the excesses that some Once in the nineties they were the cover of a magazine (and also some highly acclaimed ones)…The drinks, for their part, present the same essence.The “1 to 1” is the house special, without hesitation… .

1) El Dorado: back to 1 to 1? / The golden hour of gastronomy is lived by the river and with a nineties theme / Juana Manso 1760

you already know Germn Sitz. He shared his favorites with us (you can relive them here) and took us around the city circulating in the wake of good taste. In this opportunity, we transfer you to his new bet (along with Peter Peaas always) based “on the spirit of the 90s“, as he reveals to us in the first person. But beware: the chef warns us that here we will not find “the typical painting of Diego and Claudia” on the wall, because the intention is not that the proposal be a cliché of another historical moment . The ideal foundation of El Dorado is then to extol the excesses that once in the 1990s were the cover of a magazine (and also some highly acclaimed ones).

The above is sealed with iron and fire both in the name of the place in question (for those who are not aware, “El Dorado” was a landmark disco of the moment), and in the crockery of this staging, says Germn. Here it was decided to serve each dish in neither more nor less than gold-edged porcelain dishes. What can be offered in each of these? Ultra nineties flavors and aromas, like those of the appetizer that includes pink salmon, watercress, melon, cane syrup and a “green” emulsion. The drinks, meanwhile, have the same essence. The “1 to 1” is the special of the house, without hesitation. This one brings gin, sauco, hucatay, lemon, and sparkling wine (clearly). A whole concept of enjoyment and glamour, is condensed, drunk and eaten in a bistro…. in Puerto Madero! What more “90” than that?

2) Terra Chana: sunset, drinks & chill on the dam / Pierina Dealessi 750

“Wild, mythical and tasty”. This is the spirit that surrounds Terra Chana, in the middle of Madero. Can you imagine the reason for that essence? They tell us that the name and aura of the place were conceived in honor of the Chan tribe, native to the Littoral. A population that embraced and took advantage of natureas well as one who also longed for enjoyment and the good life. The way of life of a human group, moves and is glimpsed in Terra Chana through its architecture (based on wood, wicker and stone), “its play of light and shadow”, and its way of making each elaboration reach each diner.

Besides, In addition to a place with a lot of character, here you will find an ideal menu to accompany and contemplate the river view at any time of the day. There are since tex mex specialties (burritos, quesadillas and tacos), to snack options, dishes suitable for veggies and the entire healthy community, and sushi. Because of its vibe, the variety of the weekday lunch menu and the possibility it offers of being outdoors, from this side of MALEVA we ask you to contemplate Chana as a suitable corner “home-office”. How do you see yourself working with a river view? Since here, you look great!

3) Ciro Gelato: inheritance of pure Italian essence to enjoy facing the river / Pierina Dealessi 1350 – Dock 2

“To fall in love properly, you have to come… to the east of the city!”. did you see? The hymns of Raffaella Carr have hypnotized us all our lives and even today they make us smile with their musical notes of joy… but the inherited Italian culture is also with us today, pampers us and delights us with the best gelatera and pasticcera recipes. In this case, the gastronomy emanating from the Ciro Gelato family project was imported directly from the heart of a Neapolitan relative (he who knows, knows!), and the result is a 100% tan experience in the middle of the River Plate. Why here and not in another neighborhood? It is a site “in front of the river, where cars do not pass. That makes the experience close on all sides”, they revealed to us.

Here lie the typical argentine varieties and many other “niche” ones (by this, we refer to those people who go in search of the genuine Italian flavor). To give you an idea: in this post the tastes “Sicilian Pistacchio” are produced by hand an “Grapefruit with Campari” and a classic with a twist, the “Nociolla with Nutella“. Attention that the adventure in this store, does not come frozen only: It is also enjoyed 24 / 7 / 365 with traditional sweet pieces such as cannoli siciliani, sfogliatelle and cornetti (those “croissants” with a Mediterranean identity). We read between the lines: there is Italy for everyone, in Puerto Madero.

4) JISU: cozy, dynamic and modern specialty coffee spot at the same time / Mariquita Sánchez de Thompson 365

You may wonder – like us on this side of the ink – why JISU abounds in classic porte tiles with their colours, shapes and various uses. We went in search of the answer: this space was thought of as a point of convergence of western and eastern cultures. And what better place to find this fusion of mentalities than the public spaces of the city? Through this architectural reminiscence, JISU aspires for each person to connect their experiences on the outside with the rich coffee that is achieved inside. WOW! Have you ever imagined that through a hot drink you could move to and connect with other experiences of your own? JISU is a bridge that connects us with ourselves. Working, enjoying; producing ideas and delighting us. Here, there, everywhere.

On the other hand, Puerto Madero and its aquatic physiognomy are ideal and consistent with the philosophy of this project. According to those who thought of giving life to JISU, the center of the world is equivalent to a sea (the importance and meaning that Eastern culture attributes to water will resonate with you)… ” The sea is a person’s true journey, and JISU is the reflection one sees in the sea. JISU can be like an island, a ship, or just a cup of coffee that you find as you go on that journey.“, they detail us from the nautical heart of this coordinate. Although its architecture gives it a touch of sobriety and makes this place seem like a cold, distant one, it is closer than we think.

And how did you accompany your entire journey of pleasure and productivity? With sweet and savory pastry and bakery pieces that embrace the mystique of the place. Here there are from avocado toast cevichera version and des petites gteaux like the bavaroise de hibiscus passion fruit and juniper for quick lunches on weekdays, to eggs benedict and croissants for a relaxed weekend brunch. What to say about the varieties of coffee… they are even photogenic, given that interesting contrast between the warmth that emanates from each cup, and the color palette of the place.

5) OSTEN: pure glam on the river / Juana Manso 1890

Night falls over the Rio de la Plata, and Osten lights it all up with its glamorous architecture and lust-worthy vibe. They told us from the inside that the entire concept was designed and assembled to put each assistant in the dwelling at the center…even, their circulation and comfort inside the room were thought of! What is this about? We pass the microphone to the authorized voice on the subject: “…We have 7 different types of tables so that each client feels comfortable according to each occasion“. The truth is that you are looking for a memorable and movie experience (or rather, “Great Gatsby” and the Roaring Twenties…), and you want to put a cocktail shaker on every table and along the imposing bar. a gastronomy that accompany the feeling of abundance and sophistication.

Behind each drink, you will find the expertise of Joaqun Navarro at the helm, who thinks and projects the essence of Osten in each combination of liquors and aromatic additives.. One of the bartender’s stars is the “Scotch & Sparkle“, a cocktail (or elixir?) that fuses Scotch whiskey, fruit, more aromas and a sparkling note to make its body stand out even more. Another drink that has a distillate as the protagonist is the “Chochita”, made with tequila, tabasco, tonic water, grapefruit, coconut and lemongrass. It is a matter of daring, they will say…

For the pairing, you will be in good hands. Here we try to ensure that all culinary preparation is always accompanied by the drink that best highlights its ingredients. As pillars of the menu, there is beef and a lot of larded fish between its appetizers and main courses. For example, you can start with frayed ossobuco croquettes in red wine or panko-battered prawns with coconut flakes and orange reduction, and continue with grilled salmon with carrot and coconut purée, parsnip chips and burnt lime. The delicacy also comes in its vegetarian version: the Osten Vegan Salad rises to the occasion with its grilled mushrooms, beetroot, tangerines, tofu and caramelized walnuts. To close, in each dessert alcohol also plays a great role. You can see it in the roasted plums with malbec mascarpone cheese, or in the “Sparkling by Baron B” (pink grapefruit ice cream with the final touch of the famous sparkling wine).


Photos: they are all courtesy of the places mentioned.