PSG led 3-1 and was ready to score, but Strasbourg equalized in stoppage time and almost beat them on the hour

Paris Saint Germain is champion of the France League, but you can’t celebrate victories. For the second week in a row, the team from Leo Messi they tied him in the end and it didn’t taste good. This Friday, during his visit to Strasbourg he lost after 3 minutes, then went on to win it 3-1 and it seemed that he could go on to score goals, but in the end the victory escaped him in the second minute of added time. And he could lose on the last play. It was, finally, 3-3, at the beginning of the 35th date.

49m. Full Time

In a game with a lot of emotions, PSG lost it early, then was two goals up and ended up leveling 3-3 with Strasbourg, which in the last play of the game could have won it: the shot, unmarked but rushed in the definition, went wide .

47m. Strasbourg tied it!

Diallo had it first and missed the goal. Then, Sergio Ramos avoided Gameiro’s goal by crossing just in time inside the area. And on the third opportunity, almost in a row, Anthony Caci did not forgive, hit from the air and reached equality: 3-3.

42m. Sels drowned Messi’s cry

Between three defenders, Messi finished off after entering the area with the ball dominated and goalkeeper Sels put his hands throwing himself to the side to send the ball to the corner.

40m. Di Maria entered for Neymar

On to the pitch Ángel Di María, who takes the place of the reprimanded Neymar. The Argentine, who will leave the club at the end of the season, will have a few minutes on the visit to Strasbourg.

33m. The local lost the tie

Bellegarde enabled Gameiro and the striker was very close to equalizing the match. The definition, facing the goal, from the left, went just wide, hitting the outside of the net. On two consecutive occasions the PSG defense covered the spaces poorly.

29m. discounted strasbourg

The local narrowed the difference when they seemed to exchange pieces so as not to lose by a greater difference and put the game in suspense: after a corner kick headed by Habib Diallo, the ball deflected off Marco Verratti and dislodged Dunnarumma. Now, PSG wins 3-2.

22m. Mbappé took advantage of the gift

Alexander Djiku lowered the ball in the middle of the field and looked for a backwards pass, but the one he found was Mbappé, who headed towards the goal without obstacles and defined next to a post before the exit of the local goalkeeper. PSG win 3-1.

18m. PSG goal!

In position 9, Achraf Hakimi defined in front of the goalkeeper after Mbappé’s assistance and scored 2-1 for PSG, who turned the score around. The play began with a great combination between defenders and midfielders at the start, under pressure from Strasbourg, and a change of front to attack from the left.

ST, 10m. PSG saved

Like Bellegarde at the end of the first half, Sanjin Prcic had room to try from outside the area and, again, the ball went very close to the angle, before Donnarumma’s volley.

17.02. The second stage began

Without changes, the second 45 minutes are already played in Strasbourg – PSG. They moved the premises, which had a very good first half, especially taking advantage of the spaces left in defense by the team led by Mauricio Pochettino.

46m. End of the first half

In a match with goals and good arrivals, Strasbourg and PSG draw 1-1 at the end of the first stage. Gameiro opened the scoring after 3 minutes and Mbappé equalized at 23.

Kylian Mbappé defined between the legs of goalkeeper Metz Sels to convert Paris Saint-Germain’s goal against StrasbourgSEBASTIEN BOZON – AFP

43m. Strasbourg was close

Bellegarde had space and time as he advanced with the ball into PSG’s field and tried from outside the area. His strong shot went just off an angle, while Donnarumma seemed to have little chance of reaching it.

40m. Neymar, free kick, far

After a foul on Mbappé when he was facing the area meters behind the crescent of the area, PSG had a second free kick from danger. This time Neymar tried, who finished wide.

30m. Neymar tried to surprise

Away from the area, in a combination with Messi, Neymar sought to surprise Sels and finished off from mid-range. The number 1 dropped back in time and took the ball high.

26m. Messi looked for the goal, from a free kick

A few meters from the area, Lionel Messi tried to score his first goal from a free kick for PSG, but goalkeeper Sels denied him the celebration with a great save downstairs. The ball went next to a stick, to the corner.

23m. Mbappé goal for PSG!

The one who did not fail in the first opportunity he had was Kylian Mbappé, who accelerated from the left after a great pass from Neymar’s midfield and, in front of a goalkeeper who was retreating, the tournament’s top scorer resolved between the legs of Matz Sels . They are 1-1.

19m. PSG suffers

Jeanricner Bellegarde squandered an opportunity to increase the home side’s lead by botching the shot and sending the ball far from goal. Marquinhos had failed at the start and the Strasbourg midfielder was left alone to face Donnarumma, against a defense that gives many advantages.

15 m. whistles and boos

PSG had no depth in the first quarter of an hour. The Parisian team moves the ball and tries to create space, while from the local stands the fans whistle and boo when the visitors have the ball.

9m. Disallowed goal against Strasbourg

Ludovic Ajorque had found it easy in PSG’s defense and failed inside the area when he wanted to finish, but the ball was left at his disposal and he ended up assisting Adrien Thomasson, who scored the second goal for Strasbourg. The celebration was interrupted with the flag raised high by the line judge, later confirmed by the VAR the advanced position in the pique de Ajorque.

PT, 3m. Strasbourg goal!

Surprise at the start of the match. After a long pass from Lucas Perrin, Kevin Gameiro beat Presnel Kimpembe in speed and, with little angle, defined above before the lukewarm exit of Gianluigi Donnarumma.

16. It is played!

Strasbourg, who is looking to get into the Champions League qualifying positions, and PSG, who became champion the previous day, play for date 35 of Ligue 1.

Neymar and Gerzino Nyamsi fight for the ball at the start of the match between Strasbourg and Paris Saint-Germain
Neymar and Gerzino Nyamsi fight for the ball at the start of the match between Strasbourg and Paris Saint-GermainSEBASTIEN BOZON – AFP

15.55. The teams on the field

After returning to the locker room for final adjustments, the starters from Strasbourg and PSG return to the field minutes before the start of the match. After the draw, the ball will be in motion at the Stade de la Meinau.

15.35. Preheating: Messi moves on the field

Wearing a turquoise bib over a long-sleeved white shirt, Messi entered the pitch along with the rest of the starters this Friday at PSG. The pre-competitive exercises are mostly with the ball.

15.20. Messi and a statistic at risk

Since the 2005/06 season, when he was 18 years old and was managed by the Dutchman Frank Rijkaard in Barcelona, ​​Messi has not recorded a single-digit mark in his goals in the league he participates in. At that time, Leo converted 6 in the Catalan team and now he has only 4 cries in the Parisian team, four dates from the end of the contest. For 15 straight seasons he has scored at least 10 goals, every time.

15.10. Confirmed teams

In his visit to Strasbourg from 4:00 p.m. (Argentine time), PSG has Lionel Messi among the starters, while Ángel Di María will be on the substitute bench. Because they were recovering from injuries, Leandro Paredes and Mauro Icardi were not called up.

15. PSG, with Messi, opens the title

After consecrating themselves in Ligue 1 on the previous date, drawing 1-1 with a goal from Lionel Messi, PSG will visit Strasbourg this Friday, for matchday 35 of the French tournament. The teams are already in the stadium.