Profeco clarified what to do if the restaurants include the tip in the bill

Currently, there are establishments that include the tip in the bill. (Getty Images)

When seeking to pamper a couple, a family or a friend, it is common to be Invite them to a restaurant that they like very much, to a bar to have a good cocktail or to a good cafe to have a pleasant chat. The question is when when asking the waiter for the bill and something called service is included in it. This is the equivalent of tipwhich is usually given to waiters for the bGood service they offer when it comes to bringing food or drinks and for the attention and kindness they have with diners.

However, many times it is included in the account as something mandatory, Is this legit?

The Federal Consumer Protection Office (Profeco) It is a department in charge of defend consumer rights, and as such, it highlights that the restaurants, bars, canteens, or any other establishment, are not authorized to demand a tip because it is voluntary. “This is one voluntary gratuity and it cannot be included in the account without the consent of the consumer”, explains the agency. Because of this, if any establishment wants to force you to pay a tip, I would be violating consumer rights, and can be reported to the authority.

Another important fact to know is that there is no minimum tip amount, because although it is customary to leave 10% of the total bill, Profeco adds that “you decide if you want to leave a tip and you establish the amount.”

Profeco establishes that it is illegal for a consumer to want to charge the tip by force.
Profeco establishes that it is illegal for a consumer to want to charge the tip by force.

The only obligation the consumer has is to pay for consumption and if you consider that the consumption warrants it, you can leave the amount you choose as a tip. The issue of tips is part of complex social problems, because on the one hand are part of the income of people who provide services in various establishmentsnot only for food, they are also of great importance for those who work packers in shopping centers, supermarkets, hotels, gas stations, parking lots, car washes, etc.

However, as a bad practice, there are sites that they have normalized it as part of the salary of the people who work there, and not as an extra. They have also resorted to demanding a percentage of tips from their employees.

You must be very clear that there is no legal recourse to force you to pay a specific amount for tipalthough it is justified with arguments such asand “it is house policy”, so if this happens, ask the employees to remove the charge or ask to speak to the manager or the person in charge of the place to notify them of the abuse and that it is an illegal charge. You also cannot be held in place for not wanting to tip.

The consumer has the right to decide whether or not to leave a tip.
The consumer has the right to decide whether or not to leave a tip.

Article 10 of the Federal Consumer Law supports you, since it establishes that: “It is prohibited for any supplier of goods or services to carry out actions that threaten freedom or security or personal integrity of consumers under the pretext of search or investigation […] Suppliers may not apply methods or coercive business practices and unfair, or abusive or imposed clauses or conditions in the supply of products or services. Likewise, they may not provide additional services to those originally contracted that have not been expressly requested or accepted, in writing or electronically, by the consumer.

Profeco points out that the mandatory tip must be reported and there are several ways to do so: you can send a private message through its official Twitter or Facebook, to the email, or by calling 55556887222. The complaint must mention the following details of the establishment: name or Social reason Y full address (number, street, neighborhood, mayor or municipality, state and zip code).


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