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From horror to point & click, Amazon has confirmed all the games offered to those who subscribe to Prime Gaming. Starting May 1, six titles will be available to download and enjoy on PC. There are games for all tastes, but the highlight this time goes to the terrifying science fiction of dead space 2. Furthermore, the classic The Curse of Monkey Island is also present alongside other works. Check it out below.

Which game will you download first? (Image: Disclosure / Prime Gaming)

dead space 2

Set three years after the incidents of the first game, protagonist Isaac Clark wakes up from a coma on a space station. Of course, it doesn’t take long for terror to return, but raising the stakes in an even greater location.

With third-person gameplay, dead space 2 features a combat system that requires the player to shoot monsters to dismember them. This mechanic mixes skill with moments of great tension, marking the work as one of the great survival horror games in existence.

The Curse of Monkey Island

The third game in LucasArts’ famous point & click franchise puts Guybrush Threepwood, the protagonist, on a new journey to break a curse that plagues his relationship and his life.

Of course, with that, dozens of puzzles, a very smart humor and interesting characters end up emerging. Furthermore, The Curse of Monkey Island brings art with a cartoon face that we would see in the cinema. This game is my favorite of the entire series so far.

Cat Quest

In this isometric adventure, the player takes on the role of a cat on a journey to rescue his sister from the clutches of a great villain. With this starting point, this game in the action RPG genre presents an open world and many dungeons in the greatest style. devil.

In addition to facing different enemies, it is possible to collect rewards such as new items and equipment. All this is important to ensure the hero’s victory. Oh! It is worth noting that there are many cute cats in Cat Questperfect for feline lovers.

Out of Line

Developed by independent studio Nerd Monkeys, Out of Line is a fully 2D game with beautiful handcrafted art. The short adventure follows the character San who wants to do everything he can to escape from a factory that was once his home.

The focus is on the narrative, but the gameplay is quite reminiscent of classics such as Limbo, for example. Don’t let this title go.

Shattered – Tale of the Forgotten King

Continuing the mix of styles in May’s Prime Gaming, the action RPG Shattered – Tale of the Forgotten King brings a third-person view that is very reminiscent of the franchise dark souls. It is necessary to face opponents wisely, using all the arsenal at hand.

The main character is a wanderer who walks through the ruins of a kingdom in search of answers. If he likes challenging adventures, this might be a good choice.

Mail Mole + ‘Xpress Deliveries

Finally, we have a 3D platform adventure that oozes charm. Molty the mole is an agile and very professional postman. The player must help him to save his island from impending disaster. All this in a colorful world with beautiful surroundings.

There are several stages for those who love to make sure jumps and hit enemies at great speed. Even though the journey is short, it guarantees extra stages thanks to the DLC content that comes in the pack.

More benefits in the month of May

In addition to the six games listed above, Prime Gaming will offer extra content for the games below, all starting May 3rd. Prime subscribers will be able to unlock treats like extra packs and exclusive features for their games

  • Lost Ark;
  • Lords Mobile;
  • Brawlhalla;
  • fifa 22;
  • destiny 2;
  • GTA Online;
  • Apex Legends;
  • Black Desert Mobile;
  • Call of Duty: Vanguard;
  • Call of Duty: Warzone.

dead space 2 It’s as good as the first game in the series. The other titles on Prime Gaming’s May list of games bring genre mixes. Which caught your attention the most? Leave your opinion in the community of technoblog.

With information: Prime Gaming.