Players, coaching staff and Boca Council: what each one is playing against Barracas Central

Xeneize has a final against Guapo and we review what each one risks in the next date of the Professional League Cup.

Mouth a lot is at stake in the next two games on the horizon. First, in front of Central Barracks next Saturday, a place in the final phase of the Professional League Cup; then before Always Ready in Bolivia to try to recover from Liberators after a turbulent start. In the match against Handsome in The Bombonerawhich can determine their classification to the quarterfinals, there’s a lot at stake…

Players, CT and Council: what each one is playing in Boca against Barracas Central

The football players

  • Javier Garcia: even though everything is given so that Agustin Rossi reappears in Boca, the experienced 35-year-old goalkeeper is playing for the chance to continue adding minutes and appearances with the Xeneize shirt. In the last three games that García played, he showed security, leadership and was one of the team’s figures.
  • Luis advincula: The Peruvian, despite having a weak game against Cortinhiansis one of the highlights of Boca’s defense in recent times. Battaglia he trusts him and thinks of him as an important piece for what is to come, so he must maintain the level to be present in the grand final that the Xeneize versus alwaysready for Copa Libertadores.
  • Carlos Zambrano: The central defender did not show regularity in his semester either: although he is not usually chosen by Sebastian Battagliaappeared urgently due to the constant problems he had Mouth in defense (sanctions or injuries) and their performance left doubts. If you don’t get your level back up, it could affect your future on the institutionsince he has a contract until december and for now they have not contacted him to arrange a renewal.
  • Carlos Leftz: If his return is confirmed, it is great news for Boca, since he suffered a very serious injury and returned earlier than expected. Leftz He is one of the leaders of the squad and people are asking for his return: if his presence against Barracas is confirmed, he will have to measure up to be an important part of the team again.
  • frank fabra: his level is still unknown: scoring important goals for Boca last tournament against Godoy Cruz Y Sarmiento, to leave doubts on the left side. Fabra and a chance to vindicate himself with the people of the Xeneize.
  • pole Fernandez: It has been one of the most important cards of this Boca. Although he played five in recent games, Battaglia he tried it as an intern and it is up to him to show that his level is still valid and that he can change the face of a footballingly poor Boca.
  • Alan Varela: is constantly requested by people, but neither Michael Russo neither Battaglia they chose to put him in the starting eleven. The steering wheel played so alone four matches in the season and it is up to him to recover footballingly and be undisputed in the team.
  • Juan Ramirez: the game is played ownership. Despite being one of the players who can change the face of Boca, in his last games his level dropped and he is in Battaglia continue to keep it at eleven.
  • Oscar Romero: He has not yet shown what he can truly show in the Xeneize. The Paraguayan drew Riquelme’s attention due to his quality and hierarchy, but he still could not demonstrate his level, after a weak match against Corinthianswhere many sections of the game played five.
  • Sebastian town: is the main card of this Mouth and the team suffers from not being able to count on him in the Libertadores. He is one of the few who has almost assured ownership, although from behind Exequiel Zeballos asks for more and more track in the First Division. The Colombian must show that he can save a Mouth versus barracks.
  • Darius Benedict: the leader, the franchise player, the emblem… Benedict He has not yet reached his best level in this Boca and must return to goal for the local tournament, after several wasted chances against Central Córdoba. The nine will not be able to be in front of Always Ready due to suspension and against Barracas Central, he will have to show again his goalscoring facet and leave behind the weak match against Timaowhere you entered past revolutions and he quarreled with several rival footballers.

Corinthians beat Boca in Brazil

What is Battaglia at stake in Boca’s match against Barracas?

Sebastian Battaglia and company play their future immediately in Mouth. “In football there are no deadlines. There are no deadlines. There is no calendar”he had said Pattern Bermudez in T&C Sports weeks ago and the situation of the coach of Mouthif the results continue to be adverse, could determine his departure from the institution. This is game by game, more than ever: the winningest soccer player in history Xeneize and now technical director will have to change the face of the team and achieve results urgently to ensure its continuity.

Sebastian Battaglia Boca

The Boca Football Council, waiting for a victory in La Bombonera

Juan Roman Riquelme and company play a game that is more than important so that his teamthe one they put together since their arrival in Mouthcan bring joy to people Xeneize in The candy box. His team, the one who put together the Advice for this season, before Central Barracks has a significant challenge to achieve his first win in the Professional League Cup with the encouragement of his people. What is the balance of matches in La Bombonera? In total they are four equalities and one defeat.

Mouth Tip

A match. Another ending for Mouth. They will be decisive weeks for the institution, both in the local tournament and in the international competition. Each one must contribute their grain of sand so that the respective objectives of the Xeneize In the season.

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