Pinchas and Triperos excite the City

The La Plata teams are going through a great moment and depending on some results that may occur in the final stretch of the tournament, their paths could cross in the next phase of the Professional League Cup. This will depend more on what Gimnasia can do, taking into account that Estudiantes has already secured the classification in the first place of its group. Therefore, the chance of the classic would only be given if the Wolf reaches the next round being the fourth classified in his area. Because those led by Néstor Gorosito could also access as third parties and thus avoid the usual rival.

The truth is that the walk of both excites everyone, not only with this potential crossing, but also for what is coming in the short term. Gymnastics achieved a phenomenal lift since the agonizing draw that he achieved precisely against Estudiantes, and Pincha himself is going through a dream present in the three competitions he disputes: he qualified in the Copa Argentina, leads his group in the Copa Libertadores de América and also, with 28 units , got the aforementioned passage to the quarterfinals of the domestic championship. Pinchas and Triperos, Triperos and Pinchas are protagonists and the City remains expectant and enjoying.

the regularity of the click

Students has been one of the teams (if not the most) regular so far this year. From the very beginning, and with names that have been repeated since the last competition, Ricardo Zielinski has found a base that knows what he plays and implements it almost always.

Far from the speeches that have accompanied the Russian throughout his coaching career, the Pincha model 2022 is characterized by the firepower of his attacking front, with three very different strikers, but who share a great gait. In addition, the raised regarding the game of the Uruguayan Manuel Castro and Matías Pellegrini give him important variants for an operation that has in Fernando Zuqui one of the fundamental exponents of it. The man from Mendoza is lord and master of the stopped ball and of the times of a Pincha who never stopped his steady pace. Not even Ezequiel Muñoz’s injury, which represented a substantial drop in the fund, could stop a León that since that distant victory against Independiente on the first date, began to justify expectations.

From the classic to this part, with the Copa Libertadores de América that has him as the best in his group and the Copa Argentina, in which he advanced to the next phase, in the middle, Estudiantes added 14 of the 21 possible points, with the extraordinary figure of 20 goals for and only 8 against.

In this way, Pincha not only made sure to be one of the first in Argentine football to confirm his presence in the Quarterfinals, but also to do so as the absolute leader of an area in which Boca and Independiente also appear, and other teams very accustomed to fight, in the case of Lanús and Vélez, today very far from the León of Ricardo Zielinski, who has known for a long time that he is in the next instance, and it only remains for him to know who his rival in question will be.

the triple rebound

Regarding the Wolf, he changed the chip and his coach, Pipo Gorosito, had a lot to do with it. From the classic to here and after some modifications that he decided to face in terms of names and scheme, added to the fact that the fixture looked more favorable than in the initial section (the DT himself had already stated it from the beginning), the team numbers they became irrefutable.

The retreat of Brahian Alemán to the midfield finding a partner who fitted in perfectly like Agustín Cardozo, the income of Guillermo Enrique and Oscar Piris and the ideal accompaniment of Eric Ramírez for Cristian Tarragona, were the bastions for the team to add 16 points of the last 21 that were at stake: a draw with Pincha, a win against Talleres, a win against Atlético Tucumán, a win against Platense, a win over Unión and a new win against Patronato. In the middle, he only stumbled against Sarmiento de Junín in the Forest, in a match in which he deserved better luck. Within this raised, there were different edges that were identifying the team. In the first place, the Wolf recovered the solidity that he had shown in the first dates but that he lost after a hard slap against Banfield. And from there, building from back to front, he was also recovering his offensive power. Without goals in his own goal and scoring in the opposite goal he was making the mattress of points that today make him expectant in the face of the outcome of the contest.

Gymnastics reached 3 wins in a row during the cycle, 3 wins in a row away from home and 3 consecutive games with an unbeaten fence, something key in these instances. He scored 15 goals in the last six games and only conceded 5. Since the La Plata derby to this part there have been 5 wins and only one loss. The icing on the cake, scoring 6 goals as a visitor again after 25 years.

El Lobo added 15 points of the last 18 in play and embraces the illusion of qualifying

El Pincha secured the first place in his area and waits for the rival in the Quarterfinals