Photos of dishes from the 3 best restaurants on the planet: Prices that are luxury

This week the annual gala known as “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants” was held, an event that brings together chefs from all over the planet and distinguishes the best food establishments in the world.

An instance that on this occasion was held at Old Billingsgate in London and culminated in the awarding of the Danish restaurant Geranium as the best restaurant in the world.

In that ranking, the second place was occupied by the Peruvian restaurant Central and the third place went to “Enjoy”, from Barcelona.

Among the common factors that stand out in the three best food establishments on the planet are time and preparation. In the first case, attending this type of restaurant requires a reservation in advance. This, in addition to a “luxury” economic investment, leads the diner to plan his day because the waiting list is considerable.

Here, the detail of what could be an exclusive evening in one of the three best restaurants on the planet:

1.- Geranium Restaurant (Copenhagen): Located in Denmark’s national Parken Stadion football stadium, this venue is run by Rasmus Kofoed. This Danish chef is known for applying art to dishes.

“My kitchen at Geranium has long focused on vegetables, fish and shellfish as the stars of the dish, with small amounts of meat,” is Kofoed’s definition of his food business.

Regarding the value, the basic menu of this place has a value of 430 dollars and as for the reservation, from the same establishment they ask for “patience”.

“The soonest you can reserve a table is three months in advance,” they explain.

Geranium Restaurant (Copenhagen, Denmark):


Geranium Restaurant (Copenhagen, Denmark):

2.- Central (Lima, Peru): It is the restaurant of Virgilio Martínez, who began in the world of gastronomy almost by chance after trying to follow the family tradition and study law. Today, he is one of the best chefs in the world.

The Peruvian establishment is an ode to the country, gathering in the kitchen the flavors of the Amazon, passing through the desert and also along the coast. Customs, traditions and culture are the special “ingredients” of the dishes in this place.

Prices? There are two types of menus and the two options have a value of around 200 dollars. Each alternative can be accompanied by a pairing depending on the occasion, which has a value that ranges from 50 dollars to 110 dollars. This includes the drink.

Regarding reservations, these are made through the internet website and the closest available date is October 10.


Central (Lima, Peru):


Central (Lima, Peru):

3.- Enjoy (Barcelona, ​​Spain): This restaurant is run by chefs Oriol Castro, Mateu Casañas and Eduard Xatruch. The three of them worked at El Bulli and, after closing in 2011, they joined forces to first open Compartir, in Cadaqués, and then Enjoy, where the chefs offer their guests two menu options: Enjoy Classic and Enjoy Festival.

“Contemporary techniques, daring combinations and the desire to surprise are some of the characteristics that Castro, Casañas and Xatruch adopt in Enjoy as they did in El Bulli”, highlights the organization.

Enjoy Classic and Enjoy Festival are priced at $230. The two can be accompanied with a wine pairing, which costs $110.

Regarding the reservation of a place in this restaurant, the first ones that are free are from December 12, 2022.


Enjoy (Barcelona, ​​Spain):


Enjoy (Barcelona, ​​Spain):