Paige Spiranac said she feels “a lot of fear” since she was chosen ‘the sexiest woman in the world’

The sexualization of athletes is the order of the day and there is a new case of harassment in sports that has become important in recent hours. Paige SpiranacAmerican golfer who was chosen as `the sexiest woman in the world. Since then, he lives a nightmare.

The distinction came a few weeks ago, from Maxim magazine. In principle, this praise caught the attention of Spiranac, who thanked for being cataloged in this way through their social networks. Now, with the passing of days and a cataract of consequences in between, Paige tells that she is living an ordeal.

Paige Spiranac, the sexiest golfer in the world.

“I’m so honored to have been named Maxim’s Sexiest Woman Alive this year! When they told me I kept asking them, ‘Are you sure?’ because I was really in disbelief.”he had written in a post he shared through Instagram.

And the golfer knows better than anyone what it is to be a public figure. In addition to excelling in sports, Paige also spends much of her time on her social media, where he accumulates more than three and a half million of followers. In fact, his success in this facet was such that in recent years he decided to dedicate himself to being an influencer full time.

A little further away from golf, the figure of the North American recently exploded from the announcement of the British magazine, but Paige is having a hard time dealing with the situation. The truth is that the 29-year-old woman had decided not to talk about this topic at first. But there was an episode that reached the limit, and she shared it on her podcast Playing A Round with Paige Renee.

“A man approached me and asked for a photo and I didn’t give it much importance. But then he started saying that he had scammed him out of 10,000 dollars and started threatening me. It was a really scary situation. It turns out that this man was scammed by a fake profile someone created pretending to be me and had a fake number, he was unhinged.”

And he closed: “In the last two months the situation has gotten worse and worse. I am very scared and I do not leave the house. I’m starting to feel like I’m living in a bubble, and it’s something I’ve never experienced before. I don’t know who is out there, who is following me, who is harassing me. I know a lot of people say, ‘well, that’s part of your job.’ But no, it shouldn’t.”

Paige Spiranac lives a nightmare, and tells about it on her podcast.

Paige Spiranac lives a nightmare, and tells about it on her podcast.

Thus, the golfer evidenced the harassment that she lives day by day after the controversial distinction of Maxim, a magazine that began to receive numerous criticisms from the news. Days ago, the promising Croatian soccer player Ana Maria Marković she went out to the intersection of the media that cataloged her as the sexiest soccer player in the world. Today, it’s Paige’s turn.

His history in golf, and the foray into social networks

Years ago, the name of Paige Spiranac was present among the great promises of the women’s golf circuit. She was recognized twice as the Western Region Player of the YearPaige aimed to get into the history of sports, but the mental issue did not accompany.

During her college years, Spiranac qualified four times for the PGA Junior Championship and three for the US Girls Junior Amateur. When it comes to entering the professional circuit, the performances of the great promise of the Future Collegians World Tour were not as expected.

The Colorado native was never able to fulfill her great goal, that of being part of the LPGA Tour. Through her YouTube channel, where she has more than 200 thousand subscribers, Paige comments: “I wish I had played golf at a higher level and achieved more. For me it was never the physical ability that kept me away, it was the mental part.”.

And while the retirement from professionalism came in 2016, and Paige began turning her attention to social media several years ago, the incursion fully arrived only at the beginning of the quarantine. At the time, Spiranac went viral for several videos that she shared through Instagram. Since then, he knew that this was his calling.

Paige Spiranac.  (Photo: Facebook)

Paige Spiranac. (Photo: Facebook)

From that moment on, the networks of the American grew by leaps and bounds, and allowed her to continue linked to the sport despite her unsuccessful time on the professional circuit. She currently holds contracts with several leading sports brands she loves.