Oscar Ruggeri’s advice to young footballers about managing money and reflecting on his former teammates who spent all their money

After a jocular show start, in which even he joked with several of his classmates, Oscar Ruggeri got serious to discuss ESPN on the earnings and money management received by elite soccer players. From those who are in Europe and the National Team to those who are active in local football. Advice, recommendations and life experiences. What should they do and what not? The pigheaded He sent a message to young people who are taking their first steps.

“We soccer players, as much as we take care of ourselves, are going to play until we are 35 or 36 years old, with some exceptions. We are cut off and you start a new life. As much as they say that money is not important, it is. Being well off financially is important. If you lost the money you won playing, first of all you’re a tremendous asshole. And after you have to work”, was one of the first reflections of Ruggeri, who cited the case of Ricardo Centurión, who has some personal problems that will take him away from San Lorenzo and with whom you had a live dialogue some time ago.

The message, aimed at the boys who are just starting out in football, continued: “They have to understand that one week they pay you prizes for winning games, salaries and a bonus. That ends and you have a salary at the end of the month that is normal, important for a lot of people and that for us (the players) does not exist because it is what we earned in a game. That’s why I get angry with all of them, because I don’t want them to miss the opportunity. I see those from outside, from the National Team, who are well focused on everything they have to do, they earn a lot of money and they have it well deserved. But those here, the majority are fair. For me, a player from Argentina, when he finishes playing, is not saved. It’s not that he doesn’t work anymore”.

Later, he exemplified the life changes that soccer players have to face: “You send your boys to private school, you go shopping with your wife and you buy something nice, which costs money. You have two cars. Money comes easy. When you stop, everything is cut off. And that happened to renowned players, I have colleagues who played with me who are lying around. When you get used to being up there, how do you go down? The issue is to be balanced.

If money does not make happiness? Accompany. When the economic problem starts, you have to sell a car, you send the kids to public school instead of private, you can’t live here and you move to a small apartment there… And most of them end up separating because they have relationship problems. The family begins to have problems. Some will argue with me saying that ‘if there is love, there is everything’; Come on, they fight a lot. Problems begin in all families. That the twine is not important? It is important”, was another of the sentences signed by the pigheaded.

At the same time, he admitted that he knows many “unhappy millionaires” who believe they are “the owners of the world.” Where does happiness pass for him? “Happiness passes through my time. But if I earned money playing soccer and lost it, I have to go to work and you no longer have the time. You have the obligation to go to work to buy things for your house.”

“If you are well, you go to eat and order a wine and salmon without looking at the prices. The one who is in trouble, he can’t do that like he did before. I have an education of valuing things, they taught me that when I was little. My old man paid for his house with 25 years of working on top of a truck and he congratulated me because I was able to buy it in a little while playing soccer. That’s why I hate the guys who let the opportunity pass. They are going to spend the money and it is going to go badly for them. We’re going to be hearing on TV that ‘this guy needs something or something else happened’. They think I know them all, but no. I lived everything and I know what it means to stop playing”, was another of the observations made live by the former world champion.

His direct advice to current players was: “Keep as much money as you can and live well, not to the extreme. Don’t go out to dinner every night. That 15 lucas in the restaurant, that 10 lucas in gasoline, insurance, taxes, the house, this and that. When you want to remember, you melted. The only thing I tell them is that they dedicate themselves to being soccer players, do not do business because things are going badly for us, I guarantee it. All the players who got into business did badly. Keep all the money and do not buy anything. Have your good house and stop making strange investments because later they bring us problems. Have the money for any need or thing that happens. When you stop being a soccer player, nobody helps you. You don’t have social work or anything. When you stop, football continues and they don’t give you more ball “.


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