Oscar Córdoba, without mincing words: he distributed darts for Battaglia and the Boca Football Council

It is very common in sports journalism to look for references from the clubs so that they can give their opinion when there is a crisis in a certain institution. Mouth, with as many conflictive situations as idols for championships obtained, it is never the exception. In a bad moment, people with experience are called upon to express their impression of the facts. As on this occasion it happened with the former goalkeeper Oscar Cordobawho analyzed everything that is being lived with Sebastian Battaglia and the football councillead by Juan roman riquelmeCuriously, two former colleagues of his in the golden age of charles bianchi.

“We have to be clear. This is not for friendship or cronyism, but for responsibilities. If you make the decision to be in a team as prestigious and with as much responsibility as Boca, then you also have to take charge of your decisions. I feel that in this case, the Council and Riquelme himself have made decisions based on experience and the possibilities that could be given to him for this Boca. Unfortunately, it has not been the Boca that we all expect. One always makes decisions for the better, not for the worse”the Colombian began his analysis.

Very distant times those in which the midfielders were cronies and won everything with Boca.

Then, the award-winning player continued: “Here the decisions that are made are administrative and football, but the boys have to develop what they know how to do on the pitch. Unfortunately, we are encountering a number of conflicts that both the technician and the Council have not known how to handle.continued in dialogue with Futvox South America.

Córdoba continued to analyze the Football Council and pointed to what is happening with the Copa Libertadores and the number of suspended players that the team has: “It makes decisions and players are hired and released. The committee covered Battaglia’s back, but really what happens on the pitch and the behavior of many of these players go against these decisions. The team for the Cup was not assembled because the task was not done to reinforce it, understanding the casualties they had in the long term. They saw it in the short term and this led him to be permanently modifying.

Córdoba knows the protagonists of this novel well. Together they took Boca to the top of the world.

When it comes to looking for people responsible for this crisis in the Xeneize, the Coffee Grower did not hesitate: “I’m going to be clear and I have to be direct, the Council had to know everything that was happening in the Cup with Boca’s casualties and give Battaglia the tools to put together the team that was going to face the Cup. If Battaglia hasn’t found it, you also have to review what was done as a manager and how the team plays”.

However, he also targeted the coach and the players: “But it is not easy at all, the temptation of the Boca world, a team to which you owe and want to deliver so many things… You make decisions against what you think, understanding that your ability can overcome that situation. Somehow, Battaglia thought he could be above it and it didn’t work out the way he expected.especially with the casualties in terms of behavior”.

Córdoba also referred to the importance that any situation that happens in the Ribera club takes on and drew a parallel with the rival of a lifetime. “River went to B and had quilombos, but Boca being in First raises more dust and noise than River being in B. Can you imagine if Boca gets to go to B? The resonance box that Boca has over River is impressive, with the respect that I have for River being such a great team. Everything that the Boca world generates rises to the tenth power, due to many factors and because of how Boca is seen abroad.”

“Everything is very complicated. If the trust (between Riquelme and Battaglia) was lost, he would absolutely have to step aside, or directly from the Football Council make a firm decision and turn the project around. Because if you keep waiting you will find yourself at a crossroads where nothing works and you are waiting for a wink; sometimes the wink has to be taken by one”, hill.