Order, audio books & differences to the series hit

The series hit “Bridgerton” has taken the Netflix charts by storm with its 2nd season. And while we all eagerly await the next few seasons, many are wondering how the story of Daphne, Anthony and their siblings will continue. If you don’t want to wait, you can easily find out. Because the series is based on a well-known book series. We tell you everything you need to know about the Bridgerton books.

The Bridgerton Books by Julia Quinn

At first, no one would have thought that the Bridgerton series would become one of Netflix’s most successful series. Author Julia Quinn probably expected the success of the historical Gossip Girl the most. Because in her book series she tells the stories of the individual Bridgerton siblings and “Lady Whistledown”, from which not even the smallest secret remains hidden. But what order did you have to read the Bridgerton books in?

Bridgerton – The Duke and I

Volume 1 of the Bridgerton book series revolves around the eldest daughter Daphne. Her mother wishes nothing more than to finally marry her daughter. But she only wants to marry a man she really loves. Only a short time later she meets the attractive Duke of Hastings, who turns the heads of the women of high society, but never wants to marry. And so the two make a pact: he courts her – she becomes the most sought-after woman of the ball season and he escapes the attempts of the eager mothers to match. However, one thing complicates their plan: In a gossip magazine by “Lady Whistledown” all the rumors and intrigues of society are exposed.

Bridgerton – The Duke and I: Volume 1

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Bridgerton – How to Charm a Viscount

Yes, yes, even the eldest son, and after the death of his father head of the family, Anthony finally needs a wife. The chosen bachelor is young Edwina Sheffield, but there is also her older sister Kate, who has heard of the womanizer’s reputation. She wants to protect Edwina from marrying Anthony, but although Edwina courts Edwina, sparks fly secretly between Kate and Anthony.

Bridgerton - How to Charm a Viscount?: Volume 2
Bridgerton – How to Charm a Viscount?: Volume 2

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Bridgerton – How to Seduce a Lord?

The third book focuses on the second eldest son, Benedict Bridgerton. Because a story awaits him that would also please Cinderella! At a masked ball he meets an unknown woman who immediately enchants him. But before everyone drops their masks, young Sophie disappears, although she too is impressed by the lord. From that moment on, Benedict vows to find the stranger and with her the love of his life…

Bridgerton - How to Seduce a Lord?: Volume 3
Bridgerton – How to Seduce a Lord?: Volume 3

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Bridgerton – Penelope’s Spicy Secret

Volume 4 of the Bridgerton novels revolves around Colin Bridgerton and his sister Eloise’s neighbor’s daughter and best friend, Penelope. She has been in love with Colin for ages, but he has no eyes for the inconspicuous little wallflower. However, when she visits his sister Eloise one day, the two meet and they suddenly kiss. He’s starting to develop feelings for her too, but there’s something Colin doesn’t know about Penelope and it has to do with Lady Whistledown. How will Colin react when he finds out what Penelope is keeping from him?

Bridgerton - Penelope's Spicy Mystery Volume 4
Bridgerton – Penelope’s Spicy Mystery Volume 4

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Bridgerton – With love, your Eloise

Eloise Bridgerton is nothing further than getting married. She is only too happy to avoid balls and beautiful dresses. She would much rather study and fulfill her own dreams. But when she begins to be pen pals with Sir Phillip Crane, the husband of a deceased friend, she decides to visit him on the spur of the moment. When it comes to the kiss, however, things become problematic. Because with the physical contact of the two unmarried people, he endangered Eloise’s good reputation. A reason for Eloise’s four brothers Anthony, Benedict, Colin and Gregory to demand a marriage between the two.

Bridgerton - Love, Your Eloise: Volume 5
Bridgerton – Love, Your Eloise: Volume 5

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Bridgerton – A delightfully wicked gentleman

In this part of the Bridgerton books, Michael Stirling falls in love with Francesca Bridgerton. But the third daughter of the family is already married and Michael tries to be Francesca’s simple friend. When Francesca’s husband John suddenly dies, Michael has the chance to confess his feelings to her. But he doesn’t dare and travels to India instead. When he returns, he is horrified to find that Francesca wants to marry again and Michael is running out of time.

Bridgerton: A Delightfully Wicked Gentleman: Volume 6
Bridgerton: A Delightfully Wicked Gentleman: Volume 6

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Bridgerton – Midnight Diamonds

Hyacinth Bridgerton is a happy person! But the young woman is also a bit cheeky and direct, which is why many respected men refrain from courting her. One day when she meets Gareth St. Clair, Lady Danbury’s grandson, she finds in him someone who is her equal – just as articulate, smart and confident. Nevertheless, he does not want to translate his Italian grandmother’s diary himself and asks Hyacinth to do so. Despite being outraged by this, she helps him and the two embark on an adventure that may end up leading them to hidden diamonds crucial to Gareth’s future.

Bridgerton - Midnight Diamonds: Volume 7
Bridgerton – Midnight Diamonds: Volume 7

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Bridgerton – Wedding bells for Lady Lucy

Even the youngest son in the family is looking for love in one of the Bridgerton books and it gets pretty confusing! Because he falls in love with a woman who is in love with someone else. And to make matters worse, Lucy Abernathy, who is in love with Gregory, also interferes. But she’s actually almost engaged to a lord. When Gregory finally falls in love with Lucy, the confusion is great. Who ends up marrying whom?

Bridgerton - Wedding Bells for Lady Lucy: Volume 8
Bridgerton – Wedding Bells for Lady Lucy: Volume 8

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The Bridgerton series to listen to as an audio book

Yes, you can’t just buy Julia Quinn’s books as paperbacks or as e-books for tablets. If you prefer to listen to stories, you can do that too, because there are some providers where you can listen to the Bridgerton book series as audio books!

Bridgerton books and differences from the series

Anyone who has both watched the Bridgerton series and read the books will find that there are some small and large differences between the books and the series. We have listed the most important differences between seasons 1 and 2 compared to the series:

Season 1 (Warning, Spoilers!)

  1. The first meeting of Daphne and Simon is the moment in the first book when Daphne is harassed by Nigel Berbrooke. In the series, they accidentally bump into each other at a ball and only later does the situation with Nigel follow.
  2. Simon’s hobby the first season is boxing – at least in the series. Because in the Bridgerton book series he has no passion for the sport.
  3. Simon’s stutter has shaped his life in the series and in between we see some flashbacks from his childhood. But when he grows up, the stuttering no longer occurs. In the books, however, Simon still stutters as an adult.
  4. Lady Whistledown’s identity the viewer in the series already finds out at the end of the first season. But in Julia Quinn’s books, the reader will only find out who is behind the historical “Gossip Girl” in the fourth part.
  5. Anthony knows early on, what a deception Daphne and Simon pull off – at least in Book 1. In the series he doesn’t find out about the pact. The only thing they have in common: when he understands that a kind of liaison is developing between the two, he challenges Simon to a duel.
  6. Marina Thompson and Colin Bridgerton meet in the series already in season 1 and develop feelings for each other. The character of Marina does not appear in the books, only being mentioned in Book 5 when she dies. She and Colin don’t know each other.
  7. Mrs Featherington is a widow from the beginning of the books. In the series, her husband is poisoned at the end of the first season because the gambling addict bet with the wrong people.
  8. Daphne is to be married, but in the books her second ball season begins in the first part, which is why her mother is trying almost desperately to marry off her daughter. Daphne also meets the Queen in the series. This meeting does not take place, nor does Daphne become known as the “Jewel of the Ball Season”.

Season 1 of the series also features some characters missing from the Bridgerton books: Anthony has an affair with the opera singer Siena Rosso in the series – she doesn’t appear in the books. Genevieve Delacroix tailors the gorgeous ball gowns in the series, but she is never mentioned in the books. And the artist Sir Henry Glanville, whom Benedict met, does not exist either. Perhaps most importantly, the character of Queen Charlotte does not exist in Julia Quinn’s book series.

Well, have you gotten a taste for the books or the series now? If so, then here are some fun facts for you about Season 1 of the Netflix series!

Season 2 (Warning, Spoilers!)

  1. Without the Duke of Hastings the viewers of the second season have to make do with. In the second part of the books, Daphne’s husband also appears, for example at the family ball game.
  2. the death of the father witnesses Anthony Bridgerton up close and personal on the series. Flashbacks show that the head of the Bridgerton clan dies from a bee sting. In the books, Anthony learns of his father’s death from his sister Daphne after a horseback ride.
  3. Meeting Kate and Anthony has been changed in the series. Here the two meet on a horseback ride. In the second book, on the other hand, Kate already knows something about Anthony’s reputation when she sees him at the ball and he doesn’t even know her yet.
  4. The triangle relationship between Anthony and sisters Kate and Edwina is the focus of the second season. In the second book, the relationship between Anthony and Edwina is not that deep from the start.
  5. Kate’s bee sting Although she appears in both the series and the books, the Netflix adaptation is simply where Anthony feels his affection for her for the first time. In the book, this incident even gets a little erotic. Because Anthony sucks out the poison and kisses Kate on the chest with it.
  6. The debut of Eloise in high society takes place in season 2 of the series, but in the books it doesn’t happen until the third book.
  7. Kate and Edwina are under the protection of Lady Danbury in the series. She will also introduce you to the Queen there. None of that happens in the books.
  8. To Kate and Anthony’s wedding we have to wait in the series until the last episode. In the original novel, the two get married shortly after the first half of the book.
  9. Kate and Edwina’s last name reads in the Sheffield books. In the series, the two have Indian roots and are called Sharma.

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