of the resounding praise for Julián after his recognition debut for Gallardo

A little less than two weeks after his dismissal from River and its official presentation at the Manchester City Julian Alvarez He already had his debut with the jersey of the citizen team. Pep Guardiola He sent it from the start in the pre-season friendly against America from Mexico and the Spider already had chances to show some flashes of all that talent that led him to become one of the best players in Argentine soccer.

Julian played 70 minutes in the 2-1 win against the Eagles in Houston and he quickly adapted to the scheme proposed by Guardiola, where he moved as a center forward in a 4-3-3. And although he did not take advantage of a clear chance in the first half, he constantly challenged the defense with his pressure, was very active and associated well with his teammates.

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Thus, after his debut, Guardiola himself did not hesitate to praise him at a press conference: “Julián was incredible, defensively he is quite similar to Gabriel Jesus. Gabriel is probably the best, but he is close in aggressiveness and As intuitive as he is, he makes the runs and he’s absolutely brilliant on the ball.”

“He can keep the ball and you can link with him without a problem,” he added, before closing with a forceful phrase about Spider’s future: “We have the feeling that we have signed a top young player for the next few years and we are delighted.”

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Flowers for Gallardo

In the same conference, Guardiola highlighted the role of the Muñeco in Julián’s training and dedicated some heartfelt words to him: “The work that Marcelo Gallardo did in River, now we have the benefit, and hopefully I can grow in a major league like the Premier League.

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What comes to Julian…

Alvarez’s second game It could be this Saturday the 23rd (at 8:00 p.m. in Argentina), when Manchester City faces a giant like Bayern Munich, who no longer has Robert Lewandowskiat Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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The official activity for the Citizens and for the Spider It will start on Saturday the 30th, when they face Liverpool for the Community Shield. Pep’s men qualified for this English “super cup” after winning the Premier League, while the Reds kept the FA Cup. And the league debut? It will be 7/8 against West Ham.

This was Alvarez’s debut

​In Texas, the era of Julián Alvarez began at Manchester City. Guardiola sent it from the start in the friendly against América de México and the Spider showed some glimpses of his talent in the 2-1 win: although he didn’t take advantage of a little light in the PT, it was a headache for the Mexican defense that he constantly pressured, he was very active and associated well with some of his peers.

In the 4-3-3 set up by Pep for the debut of the Ciudadanos preseason, the Cordovan moved as the center forward.

Without being an area reference (such as Erling Haaland, another of the new faces) and with just a few practices on the back, a version of the Spider similar to River’s was seen: on some occasions he went down to look for the ball and was the first to start the pressure from City. He even almost got Memo Ochoa in trouble, when he rushed him on a start from the bottom…

Julián Alvarez's debut at Manchester City

Julián Alvarez’s debut at Manchester City

At its premiere, He sought to join Kevin De Bruyne, who opened the game with a beautiful goal from outside the area and was the great figure. In one of the first balls he played in Houston, he led a counterattack but he was not fine to look for the English captain.

One of the highlights of his debut was another connection with the talented Belgian: near midfield, he unloaded with KDB and the play almost ended in a goal by Jack Grealish.

Although he was very active and annoyed the defenders at the start, He did not have a single shot to the goal of the Eagles. However, he had a chance that he did not know how to take advantage of... Near the end of the PT, he was facing the three suits but He couldn’t get comfortable to take the left foot and squandered the opportunity. In addition, immediately after that action came the partial tie of the Mexicans.

Julián Alvarez's debut at Manchester City

Julián Alvarez’s debut at Manchester City

In the minutes following America’s goal and before De Bruyne’s brace for 2-1, the best of Araña was seen: a great deep slap pass that left Bernardo Silva hand in hand, but the Portuguese defined a cross. And then, a low center for Grealish, who claimed a penalty for a foul.

Already in the second half, the striker of the National Team caused an error from the bottom with his pressure and, again, Grealish could not take advantage of the situation and again claimed an infraction within the area of ​​​​the team led by Tano Ortiz.

With the passing of the minutes, like the general level of City, it went from more to less and with 20 minutes to go, Pep took him out and sent the youthful Liam Delap onto the field in his place.