Nuevo Monumental, the project that unites Bilbao with Núñez

“We started the largest work and infrastructure of the last 40 years.” For Jorge Brito and for everything Riverthe transformation of Monumental It is a source of pride and satisfaction. The dream of having the largest stadium in South America in June 2024 is underway thanks to a project that was designed in Bilbao and that in a few years will be enjoyed in Núñez.

Stefano Di Carlo (secretary) and Jorge Brito (president of River) together with the representatives of the construction company IDOM in the Monumental (Prensa River).

IDOM is the firm in charge of renewing the former Liberti, which will have a capacity for 81,000 spectators in a ratio of 25% popular / 75% stalls and with a total remodeling of the seats. After the work feasibility studies and the preliminary project, the DC and the Assembly of Member Representatives gave the OK and the Basque company that reformed the New Camp Nou, San Mamés and Ciutat de Valencia (Spain) and San Carlos de Apoquindo ( Chili) take on a different project.

“It is an unprecedented transformation in South America. Working in such a historical setting with such an emotional charge is always a huge and exciting challenge”expressed César Azcárate, head of the sports architecture area of ​​the Bilbao firm, who made it clear that he is facing a great challenge: modernize and update the Monumental to world standards, but without losing its essence.

River's Monumental Dream (Info: Luciano Canet)

River’s Monumental Dream (Info: Luciano Canet)

In a conversation with EFE, he admitted that this project has “much importance” for IDOM by offering it the possibility of working “with one of the historic clubs in world football”with the extra responsibility of changing the physiognomy of a “Mythical and sacred place for River fans” and also for the Argentine National Team.

“Working hand in hand with the club and its leaders, our project is always respectful of the history of the stadium, with the fans and with the City of Buenos Aires. This historical and emotional charge means that certain aspects of the design must be analyzed by us much more attached to the place and local behavior patterns.“, stressed the architect.

To achieve this, Azcárate revealed that they have the advice of River and also of local architecture and engineering firms “that help us to interpret and know these small differentiating details in terms of customs and more technical designs”. On the other hand, he also recognized that “from the point of view of design”, a remodeling involves greater complexity than a project that starts from scratch.

“Many more aspects must be taken into account, those of what already exists and those of the new parts that must be projected. But it also has its attractive side because we must find a way to value what already exists and the keys to improve and update what was already projected many years ago, trying to get the best out of what has already been built”hill.

How are the works progressing?

The Núñez club disseminated images with the work and excavations that are being carried out in the Sívori tribune sector, that are part of the initial stage that will last until February 2023. It will require an investment of US$25 million and contemplates the construction of the new ring in the sector that is currently covered by gray canvas.

The new boxes of the Monumental.  River Press.

The new boxes of the Monumental. River Press.

This phase will bring the stands closer to the pitch: sThey will make the lower stalls in San Martín and the popular low and lower ones in the Sívori and Centenario heads. Likewise, there will be 76 new boxes in the middle Sívori and Centenario and a 700-square-meter restaurant.

A new parking facility for 240 vehicles will also be added, the renovation of different areas (referee changing rooms, anti-doping sector, medical department) and the construction of the access tunnel to the field that will allow the two teams to leave the field simultaneously .

Nuevo Monumental: the pre-sale of stalls and boxes has started

After announcing the incorporation of the stadium’s naming right, which was renamed Mas Monumental, and in the middle of the start of the second stage of the works, River made another important announcement: The pre-sale of 2,434 stalls has already begun, which will be in the next lower ring of the San Martín grandstand and the new boxes that will be built in the Centenariowith estimated revenues of $1.4 billion. “In amounts, we sold 88% of the boxes and 70% of stalls”Brito assured on Radio 10.

The pre-sale of the new stalls of the San Martín.

The pre-sale of the new stalls of the San Martín.